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Miss Pakistan World
MottoCelebrate the woman in you!
TypeBeauty Pageant
Miss Earth
Official language
English, Urdu
Sonia Ahmed
WebsiteMiss Pakistan Official website

Miss Pakistan World is a beauty pageant for Pakistan.[1] Till date it is the only original Pakistani beauty pageant that is internationally recognized in the world. The contestants of the Miss Pakistan World pageant are Pakistani girls who reside all over the world, as well as the participation is opened for Pakistani girls from Pakistan, as well as dual nationality holders. Miss Pakistan World has been running since 2002 and has expanded to launching Mrs. Pakistan World as well as Mr. Pakistan World.


Founding Pakistan's Pageant Industry[edit]

Founded in 2002 by Pakistani-Canadian entrepreneur Sonia Ahmed, and in its first year called "Miss Canada Pakistan[2]", the contest is held in Canada because beauty pageants are highly controversial in Pakistan and if it were held there, security for contestants would be too problematic.[3] According to Ahmed, "Pakistan's slow changing movement to liberate its women forbids such events from taking place on its soil."[4] The name of the pageant was changed to Miss Pakistan World, when contestants from around the world started applying for the title. It is the only pageant existing for single Pakistani women in the world.[citation needed] The first Miss Pakistan World to be crowned was Zehra Sheerazi on 1 February 2003 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Sheerazi went on to represent Pakistan in Pakistan's first ever debut in international pageants, World Miss University. The winners[5] went on to represent Pakistan in international pageants as well as the contestants came from diverse backgrounds to participate.[6]

In 2007, Ahmed went on to create Mrs. Pakistan World and in 2011 Mr. Pakistan World all male model competition was launched. Mr. Pakistan World and Miss Pakistan World take place together on stage and both winners are announced together.[citation needed]

In 2014, Sonia Ahmed, President of Miss Pakistan World, shifted the entire pageant and its team to base itself in New Jersey, US for the year 2014.[7] This was the first time the pageant was held out[8] of its home base in Canada. This not only attracted new local contestants from the US[9] but also got more contestants attracted from different parts of the world. In 2015 & 2016 the pageant was back in Toronto,[10] Canada.


Despite being called "Miss Pakistan World"[11] the pageant sends its delegates to the Miss Earth. Zehra Sheerazi was the first Miss Pakistan World to enter into an international beauty pageant, World Miss University 2003 in Korea. The first girl of mixed race, Anzhelika Tahir[12][13] was crowned Miss Pakistan World on 31 October 2015. The pageant also sends its runners-up to various international pageants around the world: Miss Tourism Queen International, Miss Earth, World Miss University, Miss Supertalent, Miss Eco International, Bikini of the Universe, Beauty of the World and many others.

Color keys
  •      A year wherein the Pakistan earned a crown(s)
  •      A year wherein the Pakistan placed as a runner-up(s)
  •      A year wherein the Pakistan placed in the top 5, top 10, top 15, or as a semifinalist(s)
Year Representative Province Host City Host Country Placement at International Pageants
2017/2018 Diya Ali[14] Punjab Toronto  Canada Sent to Miss Eco International[15] Miss Earth Miss Asia Pacific World[16]
2016/2017 Ramina Ashfaque Sindh Toronto  Canada sent to Miss Earth 2017
2015 Anzhelika Tahir [17][18][19] Punjab Toronto  Canada Sent to Miss Earth World Miss University, World Super Model 2016, Miss Supertalent 2016 & Miss Supranational 2018
2014 Aatka Feroz Punjab New Jersey, United States  United States Sent to Miss Earth 2015 withdrew & did not compete in international beauty pageants.
2013 Shanzay Hayat[20][21][22] Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mississauga  Canada Sent to Miss Grand International Miss Earth Miss Asia Pacific World
2012 Zanib Naveed[23] Punjab Silver Medal in Trivia Challenge in Miss Earth
2011 Sanober Hussain[24] Punjab Miss Friendship
2010 Annie Rupani[25] Sindh Miss Diversity
2009 Ayesha Gilani[26] Punjab Unplaced in Miss Earth & Beauty of the World, Miss Tourism Queen International
2008 Natasha Paracha[27] Punjab Withdrew from Miss Earth and was replaced by Nosheen Idrees and did not compete in international pageants
2007 Mahleej Sarkari[28] Baluchistan Miss Tourism Queen International
2006 Sehr Mahmood[29] Sindh Unplaced in the Miss Earth, Miss Elegant position won in Queen of the World
2005 Naomi Zaman Punjab Debut in Miss Earth & winner of Miss Dance Queen in Miss Tourism Queen International
2004 Batool Cheema Punjab Sent to Queen of the World 2009 and Miss Friendship 2009
2003 Zehra Sheerazi Sindh Ottawa Sent to World Miss University 2013

Representatives to Miss Earth[edit]

The first representative to Miss Earth was Naomi Zaman in 2005 and since then there have been two years where Pakistan did not participate, 2007 & 2013. However, the winner of 2013 Shanzay Hayat represented Pakistan in the Miss Earth 2014 pageant held in Manila, Philippines on 29 November 2014. In 2008 Natasha Paracha, Miss Pakistan World 2008 was replaced by runner up Nosheen Idrees.

Color keys
  •      A year wherein the Pakistan earned a crown(s)
  •      A year wherein the Pakistan placed as a runner-up(s)
  •      A year wherein the Pakistan placed in the top 5, top 10, top 15, or as a semifinalist(s)
Year Representative City, Province Ranking Special Awards
2017 Ramina Ashfaque Sindh Unplaced Unplaced
2016 Anzhelika Tahir[30][31][32][33] Punjab Unplaced 1st, gold medalist(s) Talent Competition
2014 Shanzay Hayat[34] Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Unplaced 1st, gold medalist(s) Talent Competition
2012 Zanib Naveed[35] Punjab Unplaced 2nd, silver medalist(s) Trivia Challenge
Award for press favorite
2011 Sanober Hussain[36] Punjab Unplaced Miss Friendship
2009 Ayesha Gilani[37][38] Punjab Unplaced Top 15 Talent Finals
2008 Nosheen Idrees[38][39] Punjab Unplaced None
2006 Sehr Mahmood[38][40][41] Sindh Unplaced None
2005 Naomi Zaman[38] Punjab Unplaced None


The pageant has been criticised by Pakistani feminist Amna Buttar of the Asian-American Network Against Abuse of Human Rights, who wrote in an email to the New York Times:

"In Pakistan, we are trying to get basic rights for women: right to marry, right to divorce, equal opportunity for job and education, and issues like Miss Pakistan create problems for this movement. An average Pakistani young woman does not want to wear a bikini[42] in public, and for her it is important to have equal opportunity and all focus should be on that, and not on a pageant where only the elite can participate."[3]

Sonia Ahmed President of Miss Pakistan World defended the event as a movement to express one's rights and freedom to do as one wishes.

In 2008, Miss Pakistan World landed in yet another controversy[43] and that was pertaining to the President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf[44]. The current Miss Pakistan World[45] had expressed her desire[46] to date the President and confessed that she was in love[47] with the President[48].

In 2010 the pageant also fell into some controversy when it was held in the month of Ramadan as well as when the floods affected Pakistan 3 weeks prior to the event.[49][50][51][52] In 2005, one of the runners-up of the Miss Pakistan World pageant was in the news for participating in an international pageant called Miss Bikini of the Universe.[53] Most contestants[54] who participated from around the world[55][56] were highlighted during the pageant[57] as well.[58][59] At a time when Pervez Musharraf was facing criticism from various political parties in Pakistan, one Miss Pakistan World confessed that she loved the president.[60] During the Mumbai Attacks, Miss Pakistan World[61] winners spoke about the incident and gave statements regarding the India Pakistan tension. During a CNN interview, Miss Pakistan World Natasha Paracha[62] used the word "condone" instead of "condemn" and it rolled on to become a huge controversy which dismayed many Indians.


In 2007 Mrs. Pakistan World,[63] for married women, was created as a spin-off. Both the Miss Pakistan World and the Mrs. Pakistan World pageant were created on the basis of issues faced by women in Pakistan.The pageant is running successfully since 2007.

In 2011 Mr. Pakistan World, for single males of Pakistani descent.[64] The pageant has been running since 2011 and has been incorporated with the Miss Pakistan World pageant on stage.

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