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Towns and villages in Hungary

Hungary has 3152 localities as of July 1, 2009. 328 towns (Hungarian term: város, plural: városok; the terminology doesn't distinguish between cities and towns – the term town is used in official translations) and 2824 villages (Hungarian: község, plural: községek). The number of towns can change, since villages can be elevated to town status by act of the President. The Capital Budapest has a special status and is not included in any county while 23 of the towns are so-called urban counties (megyei jogú város – town with county rights). All county seats except Budapest are urban counties.

Four of the cities (Budapest, Miskolc, Győr, Pécs) have agglomerations, and the Hungarian Statistical Office distinguishes seventeen other areas in earlier stages of agglomeration development.[1]

The largest city is the capital, Budapest, the smallest town is Pálháza with 1038 inhabitants (2010). The largest village is Solymár (population: 10,123 as of 2010) There are more than 100 villages with fewer than 100 inhabitants while the smallest villages have fewer than 20 inhabitants.

Largest cities in Hungary[edit]

Over 100,000 (big cities)[edit]

Name Population (1949) Top population Population (2013) Metropolitan area Status
Coa Hungary Town Budapest big.svg Budapest 1,590,316 2,059,226 (1980) 1,735,711Increase 2,503,105 (2009) Capital city
Coa Hungary Town Debrecen.svg Debrecen 115,399 212,235 (1990) 204,333Decrease 237,888 (2005) Regional centre, county seat, urban county
HUN Miskolc COA.jpg Miskolc 109,841 208,103 (1980) 162,905Decrease 216,470 (2005) Regional centre, county seat, urban county
Szeged COA.png Szeged 104,867 169,930 (1990) 161,837Decrease 201,307 (2005) Regional centre, county seat, urban county
Pecs, COA.jpg Pécs 89,470 170,039 (1990) 147,719Decrease 179,215 (2005) Regional centre, county seat, urban county
HUN Győr COA.jpg Győr 69,583 131,564 (2012) 128,567Decrease 182,776 (2005) Regional centre, county seat, urban county
HUN Nyíregyháza COA.jpg Nyíregyháza 56,334 119,852 (2011) 118,185Decrease - County seat, urban county
Coa Hungary Town Kecskemét.svg Kecskemét 61,730 111,863 111,863Increase - County seat, urban county

50,000–100,000 (medium-sized cities)[edit]

Name Population (1949) Top population Population (2012) Metropolitan area Status
HUN Székesfehérvár COA.jpg Székesfehérvár 42,260 108,958 (1990) 99,247Decrease (2013) - Regional centre, county seat, urban county
HUN Szombathely COA.jpg Szombathely 47,589 85,617(1990) 79,348Decrease - County seat, urban county
HUN Szolnok Címer.svg Szolnok 37,520 78,328 (1990) 74,341Decrease - County seat, urban county
Tatabánya címere új.jpg Tatabánya 40,221 75,921 (1980) 70,003Decrease - County seat, urban county
Kaposvár címere.png Kaposvár 37,945 72,377 (1980) 67,686Decrease - County seat, urban county
HUN Érd COA.jpg Érd 16,444 65,277 (2012) 65,277Increase Budapest Urban county
HUN Veszprém COA.jpg Veszprém 20,682 64,024 (2012) 64,024Increase - County seat, urban county
HUN Békéscsaba COA.jpg Békéscsaba 44,053 68,044 (1980) 63,752Decrease - County seat, urban county
HUN Zalaegerszeg COA.jpg Zalaegerszeg 21,668 62,121 (1990) 61,390Increase - County seat, urban county
Coa Hungary Town Sopron.svg Sopron 36,506 61,849 (2012) 61,849Increase - Urban county
EgerCoatOfArms.jpg Eger 32,352 61,892 (1990) 56,166Decrease - County seat, urban county
Blason de Nagykanizsa.jpg Nagykanizsa 33,158 54,052 (1990) 50,101Decrease - Urban county

30,000–50,000 (towns)[edit]

Name Population Metropolitan area Status County
HUN Dunaújváros COA.jpg Dunaújváros 48,010Decrease - Urban county Fejér
HUN Hódmezővásárhely COA.jpg Hódmezővásárhely 46,522Decrease - Urban county Csongrád
HUN Dunakeszi COA.jpg Dunakeszi 40,334Increase Budapest Pest
Coa Hungary Town Cegléd.svg Cegléd 37,778Increase - Pest
HUN Baja COA.jpg Baja 37,330Decrease - Bács-Kiskun
Salgótarján - Coat of arms.jpg Salgótarján 36,467Decrease - County seat, urban county Nógrád
HUN Szigetszentmiklós COA.jpg Szigetszentmiklós 34,877Increase Budapest Pest
HUN Vác COA.jpg Vác 34,810Increase Budapest Pest
HUN Gödöllő COA.jpg Gödöllő 34,172Increase Budapest Pest
Coa Hungary Town Ózd.svg Ózd 33,750Decrease - Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén
HUN Szekszárd COA.png Szekszárd 33,311Decrease - County seat, urban county Tolna
HUN Mosonmagyaróvár COA.jpg Mosonmagyaróvár 32,720Increase - Győr-Moson-Sopron
Coa Hungary Town Gyöngyös.svg Gyöngyös 32,385Decrease - Heves
HUN Pápa COA.jpg Pápa 32,052Decrease - Veszprém
HUN Gyula COA.jpg Gyula 31,679Increase - Békés
Coa Hungary Town Hajdúböszörmény.svg Hajdúböszörmény 31,306Decrease - Hajdú-Bihar
Esztergom címere.jpg Esztergom 30,434Increase - Komárom-Esztergom
Coa Hungary Town Kiskunfélegyháza.svg Kiskunfélegyháza 30,305Decrease - Bács-Kiskun

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