Order of battle for Operation Olive Branch

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This is the order of battle for the Turkish military operation in Afrin, codenamed "Operation Olive Branch" by Turkey. The Pro-Turkish forces, including the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army, are opposed by the armed forces of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, including the Syrian Democratic Forces, Afrin Region regional defense forces, and foreign fighters.[1][2]

Turkey and allied forces[edit]

Turkish soldiers on Barsaya mountain


A Turkish commando during the operation.

MHP logo Turkey.png Grey Wolves (claimed by SOHR)[10]

Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army fighters praying, 25 January 2018

Olive Branch Operations Room (Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army)

Turkish-backed Syrian fighters with an armoured personnel carrier (ACV-15).
Although their number is relatively small, several Kurds who are opposed to the PYD have joined the pro-Turkish forces, such as the former Azadî Battalion.[12][11][21][22]
23rd Division fighters during the operation

Southern Front (non-TFSA units):

Democratic Federation of Northern Syria and allied forces[edit]

People's Protection Units (YPG) fighters in Afrin Region during the operation

Syrian Democratic Forces

A defensive position of the SDF on Mount Barsa (Barṣāyā) after its capture by Turkish-led troops

Afrin Region forces

International Freedom Battalion[45]

YPG sniper during the operation

Sinjar Alliance

Syria Pro-government forces ("Popular Forces")[53]


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