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Patna Municipal Corporation

Patna Nagar Nigam

Patna Municipal Corporation logo.png
Sita Sahu BJP Supported [1]
Anupam Kumar Suman, IRS[2]
Admin HQ
(Head Office) Buddha marg, Patna - 800 001
(Commissioner) Block C, Maurya Lok, Patna - 800001.

The Patna Municipal Corporation or Patna Nagar Nigam, abbreviated PMC, is the civic body that governs Patna, the capital of Bihar in India. Patna Municipal Corporation consists of democratically elected members, is headed by a mayor and administers the city's infrastructure, public services and supplies. Members from the state's leading various political parties hold elected offices in the corporation.[3]


PMC came into existence on the 15 August 1952 under the Patna Municipal Corporation Act, 1951 by a Special Act, brought by the Government of Bihar in 1951. Prior to that, 88-year-old Patna City Municipality and 35-year-old Patna Bankipore joint water works committee were the principal civic bodies of Patna.[4] The first election of the PMC councilors were held in March 1954, but they came in office on 1 February 1955.[5]


Patna Municipal Corporation is the local urban governing body of the city of Patna. The municipal corporation consists of democratically elected members, is headed by a mayor and administers the city's infrastructure and public services. This civic administrative body administers an area of 109.218 km2 (not including recently added 22 (A,B,C) wards)[6]

The mayor is usually chosen through indirect election by the councillors from among themselves for a term of two and half years. The municipal commissioner is the chief executive officer and head of the executive arm of the municipal corporation. All executive powers are vested in the municipal commissioner, who is generally an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer appointed by the state government. Although the municipal corporation is the legislative body that lays down policies for the governance of the city, it is the commissioner who is responsible for the execution of the policies. The commissioner is appointed for a fixed term as defined by state statute. The powers of the commissioner are those provided by statute and those delegated by the corporation or the Standing Committee.[7]

The city is divided into 75 administrative wards, which accommodates a population of 1.7 million as per 2011 Census.[citation needed] Each ward elects a councillor to the PMC. By means of the standing committees, the corporation undertakes urban planning[8] and maintains roads, government-aided schools, hospitals, and municipal markets. As Patna's apex body, the corporation discharges its functions through the mayor-in-council, which comprises a mayor, a deputy mayor, and other elected members of the PMC. The functions of the PMC include water supply, drainage and sewerage, sanitation, solid waste management, street lighting, and building regulation. It also deals with issue of birth registration and death registration.[9] The corporation handles 44 parks in the city. As the city is expanding fast, the corporation is getting challenges in providing the optimal service to the areas.[10] However, the working of corporation is often hampered by the strikes by the various unions. Municipal commissioner is the executive head of the corporation, who is assisted by a large number of officers, belonging to different departments in the corporation.

The corporation is broadly divided into eight circles/wings:

  • Head Office
  • Planning & Development Wing
  • Water Supply Section
  • Kankarbagh Circle
  • New Capital Circle
  • Bankipur Circle
  • Patna City Circle
  • Patliputra Circle


The Patna Municipal Corporation is divided into 75 wards, which is managed through 5 circles.[11][12] 21 wards of Patna Municipal Corporation fall under Digha (Vidhan Sabha constituency).[13] In 2016, six gram panchayats- Nakta Diara, Badalpura, Sabazpura, Digha, Kurji (including Patliputra colony) and Mainpura- were included in the PMC's jurisdiction[14]. Each circle is administered by an executive officer who is deputed by the state government.

Circle Total no. of wards Wards[15] Notable areas
New Capital 16 3, 4, 9-19, 21, 28, 37[11] Bailey Road area, Boring Road area, , Khajpura area, Kurji area, Indrapuri Area, Rajiv Nagar area, Station area and Gandhi Maidan Marg
Kankarbagh 11 29-35, 44-46, 55 New ByPass road area, Kankarbagh road area, Chirayatard railways bridge area, Bhootnath Road area and Saidpur area.
Bankipore Circle 12 36, 38-43, 47-51 Ashok Rajpath area, Saidpur main drain area, Bakerganj area, Gandhi Ghat area and Bari path area.
Patna City 20 52-54, 56-72 Gaighat, Dundi Bazar area, Mahatma Gandhi Setu road area, New Bypass road area, Patna Ghat area and Maal Godam
Patliputra 16 1,2, 5-8, 20, 22, 22A, 22B, 22C[12], 23-27[11] Patliputra colony, Digha, Kurji and Mainpura


PMC has nine departments:

  • Engineering Dept
  • Revenue Dept
  • Urban Planning Dept[16]
  • Water Supply Dept
  • Education Dept[17]
  • Health & Sanitation Dept
  • Finance & Accounts Dept
  • Legal Dept
  • Estate Dept[18]

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