Saheki (crater)

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Saheki Crater Alluvial Fan.JPG
Alluvial fan in Saheki Crater, as seen by HiRISE
Planet Mars
Coordinates 21°45′S 286°58′W / 21.75°S 286.97°W / -21.75; -286.97Coordinates: 21°45′S 286°58′W / 21.75°S 286.97°W / -21.75; -286.97
Diameter 82.44 km
Eponym Tsuneo Saheki, a Japanese amateur astronomer (1916–1996)

Saheki is a crater on Mars, located in the Iapygia quadrangle at 21.75° S and 286.97° W. It measures approximately 82 kilometers in diameter and was named after Tsuneo Saheki, a Japanese amateur astronomer (1916–1996). The naming was adopted by IAU's Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature in 2006.[1]

The crater contains a number of alluvial fans, which are preserved in inverted relief.[2]

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