Shandong Bin Ao Aircraft Industries

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Shandong Bin Ao Aircraft Industries
Industry Aircraft Manufacturer
Headquarters China
Total assets $42,000,000

Shandong Bin Ao Aircraft Industries Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 山东滨奥飞机制造有限公司) is located in the Dagao Town, Zhanhua County, Binzhou City, Shandong province, China.


The company was founded in 2008. It is a joint venture with a total investment amount of 42,000,000 USD from Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH, Binzhou Dagao General Aviation City Co., Ltd., Sociedade de Investimento e Fomento Predial Long Win Linitada and Binzhou Ding Yi Investment Management Co., Ltd.[1][2][3]

On the 26th of November, 2006, the joint venture will be issued a quality certification by EASA; it will sell 200 aircraft every year to the market of Europe and America.

There are almost 100 technicians coming from every part of the country, including 7 persons with high title, 11 persons with master's degree and 63 persons with bachelor's degree, in the company now. Most technicians and workers will be sent to Austria for technical training. At present, 23 engineering technicians are under a 4-month training program in the Austria.[4][5]

The factory building is designed by Binzhou Planning and Design Institute and China Space Civil & Building Engineering Design & Research Institute. The total construction area is 28,700 m2. It can be divided into 4 zones by function as follows: zone A is Composite Production Area, zone B is Painting Area, zone C is Assembly Area, and zone D is for inspection, exhibition and sales.[6][7]

The joint venture manufactures mainly DA40 Diamond Aircraft with a yearly production scale of 500 aircraft. DA40 Aircraft is made of composite material, and can be used for a very long time; its fuel consumption is low (27 liter per 100 km); its take-off distance is short(it can take off after taxiing for about 360 meters); it provides high safety performance with wider side surfaces of the wing, and it has good gliding performance, too.[8][9]


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