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A Sudan Airways Airbus A300B4-600R at Dubai International Airport in 2008.

Following is a list of destinations served by Sudan Airways, as of June 2016.[1] Terminated destinations are also shown.

Country City Airport Notes Refs
Bahrain Manama Bahrain International Airport Terminated [2]
Central African Republic Bangui Bangui M'Poko International Airport Terminated [3]
Chad N'Djamena N'Djamena International Airport [1]
Comoros Moroni Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport Terminated [3]
Egypt Aswan Aswan International Airport Terminated [4]
Egypt Cairo Cairo International Airport [1]
Eritrea Asmara Asmara International Airport [1]
Ethiopia Addis Ababa Bole International Airport [1]
France Paris Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminated [3]
Germany Frankfurt Frankfurt am Main Airport Terminated [2]
Greece Athens Ellinikon International Airport Terminated [2]
Italy Rome Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport Terminated [2]
Jordan Amman Queen Alia International Airport Terminated [5]
Kenya Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Terminated [2]
Lebanon Beirut Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport Terminated [2]
Libya Tripoli Tripoli International Airport Terminated [3]
Niger Niamey Diori Hamani International Airport Terminated [3]
Nigeria Kano Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport [1]
Nigeria Lagos Murtala Muhammed International Airport Terminated [3]
Oman Muscat Muscat International Airport Terminated [3]
Qatar Doha Doha International Airport Terminated [5]
Saudi Arabia Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport [1]
Saudi Arabia Riyadh King Khalid International Airport [1]
Somalia Mogadishu Aden Adde International Airport Terminated [6]
South Sudan Juba Juba Airport [1]
South Sudan Malakal Malakal Airport Terminated [5]
South Sudan Waw Wau Airport Terminated [5]
Sudan Al Dabbah El Debba Airport Terminated [7]
Sudan Atbarah Atbara Airport Terminated [8]
Sudan Dinder Galegu Airport Terminated [8]
Sudan Dongola Dongola Airport Terminated [9]
Sudan El-Fasher El Fasher Airport [1]
Sudan El-Obeid El Obeid Airport [1]
Sudan Er Roseires Roseires Airport Terminated [8]
Sudan Gedaref Gedaref Airport Terminated [8]
Sudan Geneina Geneina Airport [1]
Sudan Kasala Kassala Airport Terminated [5]
Sudan Khartoum Khartoum International Airport Hub [1]
Sudan Khashm El Girba Khashm El Girba Airport Terminated [6]
Sudan Kosti Rabak Airport Terminated [8]
Sudan Merowe Merowe Airport Terminated [7]
Sudan Wad Medani Wad Medani Airport Terminated [8]
Sudan Nyala Nyala Airport [1]
Sudan Port Sudan Port Sudan New International Airport [1]
Sudan Wadi Halfa Wadi Halfa Airport Terminated [7]
Syria Damascus Damascus International Airport Terminated [7]
Turkey Istanbul Istanbul Atatürk Airport Terminated [3]
Uganda Entebbe Entebbe International Airport Terminated [2]
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi International Airport [1]
United Arab Emirates Al Ain Al Ain International Airport Terminated [3]
United Arab Emirates Dubai Dubai International Airport Terminated [5]
United Arab Emirates Sharjah Sharjah International Airport Terminated [5]
United Kingdom London Gatwick Airport Terminated [10]
United Kingdom London Heathrow Airport Terminated [10][11]
Yemen Aden Aden International Airport Terminated [8]
Yemen Sana'a Sana'a International Airport Terminated [3]


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