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Lake Texoma
Map of Texoma Region
Map of Texoma Region
Country United States
State Oklahoma
Largest citySherman
 • Total14,961 km2 (5,776 sq mi)
 • Land14,396 km2 (5,558 sq mi)
 • Water565 km2 (218 sq mi)  3.8%
 • Total319,455
 • Density21/km2 (55/sq mi)

Texoma is an interstate region in the United States, split between Oklahoma and Texas. The name is a portmanteau of Texas and Oklahoma. Businesses use the term in their names to describe their intended service area. This includes 8 counties with a population estimate of 319,455.



Texoma is usually defined as the area on either side of the state border along the Red River valley, in particular the area around Lake Texoma.[1] The surrounding area is alternatively referred to as Texomaland. The Wichita FallsLawton and ParisHugo areas are often included in Texoma or Texomaland due to their proximity to the Red River and the Texas/Oklahoma border.

Texoma mainly comprises the area and cities surrounding Lake Texoma, which includes eight counties. Much of the population is concentrated in the Sherman–Denison Metropolitan Statistical Area and three Micropolitan Statistical Areas. The area around Bonham is also populous.

Most of the region is also part of the DallasFort Worth Combined Statistical Area.[2]

A portion of Texoma south of Lake Texoma has been designated an American Viticultural Area, the Texoma AVA. The Texas part of Texoma is served by the Texoma Council of Governments.[3]

Notable cities

City 2010 Census County
Sherman, Texas 38,521 Grayson County, Texas
Ardmore, Oklahoma 24,283 Carter County, Oklahoma
Denison, Texas 22,816 Grayson County, Texas
Gainesville, Texas 16,002 Cooke County, Texas
Durant, Oklahoma 15,856 Bryan County, Oklahoma
Bonham, Texas 10,127 Fannin County, Texas

Other cities and towns

in Oklahoma
in Texas

Counties and statistical areas

County map of North Texas and Southern Oklahoma, with the Texoma region marked in light blue.

The Texoma region consists of eight counties, five of which are in Oklahoma and three of which are in Texas.

Some of the counties are included in Texoma's one metropolitan area and three micropolitan areas. In each case, the metro- or micropolitan area corresponds to a single county.

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