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This is a comprehensive discography of the record label, Tooth & Nail Records,[1] and its imprints, BEC Recordings,[2] Solid State Records,[3] and Uprok Records.


Artist Album Release date Format Imprint Editions/notes
Various Noize, Vol. 1 1994 Compilation T&N Free with new subscription to "This Prophecy"
Various The Winter of Our Discontent 1994 Compilation T&N
Focused Bow 1994-02-23 Album T&N
Starflyer 59 Starflyer 59 (Silver) 1994-03-03 Album T&N Special Edition
Upside Down Room Upside Down Room EP 1994-03-03 Album T&N
The Crucified The Crucified 1994-03-29 Album T&N Reissue
Plankeye Spill 1994-04-15 Album T&N
Unashamed Silence 1994-06-07 Album T&N
Sometime Sunday Stone 1994-05-20 Album T&N
Various Helpless Amongst Friends 1994-06-07 Compilation T&N
The Blamed 21 1994-07-04 Album T&N
Everdown Straining 1994-07-04 Album T&N
Wish for Eden Pet the Fish 1994-07-26 Album T&N
Blenderhead Prime Candidate For Burnout 1994-09-16 Album T&N
MxPx Pokinatcha 1994-10-04 Album T&N
Driver Eight Watermelon 1994-10-26 Album T&N
Havalina Rail Co. Havalina Rail Co. 1994-10-26 Album T&N
Joy Electric Melody 1994-11-18 Album T&N
Starflyer 59 She's the Queen 1994-11-04 EP T&N
Ninety Pound Wuss Ninety Pound Wuss 1994-11-18 Album T&N
Various Tooth & Nail Video Compilation, Vol. 1 1995 VHS T&N
Various Tooth & Nail Video Compilation, Vol. 2 1995 VHS T&N
The Blamed Frail 1995-01-25 Album T&N
Luxury Amazing & Thank You 1995-01-27 Album T&N
Plankeye The Spark 1995-03-10 Album T&N
Sometime Sunday Drain 1995-04-21 Album T&N
Sal Paradise Furthur 1995-03-24 Album T&N
Value Pac Value Pac 1995-03-24 Album T&N
Various Tooth & Nail Sampler, Vol. 1 1995-05-29 Compilation T&N
Danielson A Prayer for Every Hour 1995-06-07 Album T&N
Don't Know Coodli P. Ramaswami Memorial Cheesecake 1995-06-07 EP T&N
Morella's Forest Hang Out 1995-06-07 EP T&N
Morella's Forest Super Deluxe 1995-06-07 Album T&N
Overcome Blessed are the Persecuted 1995-06-07 Album T&N
Strongarm Atonement 1995-06-07 Album T&N
Various @rt©ore Volume One 1995-06-07 Compilation T&N
Various Helpless Amongst Friends Vol. 2 1995-06-07 Compilation T&N
Blenderhead Muchacho Vivo 1995-06-23 Album T&N
Chatterbox Despite 1995-06-23 Album T&N
Focused The Hope That Lies Within 1995-06-23 Album T&N
Joe Christmas North to the Future 1995-06-23 Album T&N
Starflyer 59 Starflyer 59 (Gold) 1995-06-27 Album T&N
MxPx Teenage Politics 1995-07-04 Album T&N
Puller Sugarless 1995-07-12 Album T&N
Mike Knott Strip Cycle 1995-07-24 Album T&N
MxPx On the Cover 1995-08-08 EP T&N
Joe Christmas Upstairs Overlooking 1995-08-25 Album T&N
Klank Still Suffering 1995-08-25 Album T&N
Starflyer 59 Le Vainqueur 1995-09-13 EP T&N Reissued as part of Starflyer 59 (Gold) Extended Edition
Bloodshed Bloodshed EP 1995-10-06 EP T&N
Crux Failure To Yield 1995-10-06 Album T&N
Focal Point Suffering of the Masses 1995-10-06 Album T&N
Joy Electric 5 Stars For Failure 1995-11-?? EP T&N
Everdown Sicken 1995-12-28 Album T&N
Plankeye Commonwealth 1996-04-13 Album T&N
The O.C. Supertones Adventures of the O.C. Supertones 1996-04-24 Album T&N
Roadside Monument Beside This Brief Hexagonal 1996-04-24 Album T&N
Joy Electric We Are the Music Makers 1996-05-?? Album T&N
Unashamed Reflection 1996-05-10 Album T&N
Various Tooth & Nail Sampler, Vol. 2 1996-05-31 Compilation T&N
Everdown Straining 1996-06-07 Album T&N
Stavesacre Friction 1996-06-07 Album T&N
Various @rt©ore Volume Two 1996-06-07 Compilation T&N
Various I'm Your Biggest Fan Vol. 1 1996-06-07 Compilation T&N
Luxury The Latest & The Greatest 1996-06-23 Album T&N
Havalina Rail Co. The Diamond in the Fish 1996-06-07 Album T&N
Bloodshed The Soft Spoken Words of Fallbrook 1996-08-30 EP T&N
Ghoti Hook Sumo Surprise 1996-08-30 Album T&N
Various Tooth & Nail Sampler, Vol. 3 1996-08-30 Compilation T&N
MxPx Move to Bremerton 1996-09-03 EP T&N
Velour 100 Fall Sounds 1996-09-16 Album T&N
Joy Electric Old Wives Tales 1996-10-?? EP T&N
Morella's Forest Ultraphonic Hiss 1996-10-08 Album T&N
Rob Walker Strobe 1996-10-12 Album T&N
MxPx Life in General 1996-11-19 Album T&N
MxPx Small Town Minds 1997 EP T&N
Various BEC Recordings Sampler Volume One 1997 Compilation BEC
Various Tooth & Nail Video Compilation, Vol. 3 1997 VHS T&N
Klank Downside 1997-01-21 Maxi-Single T&N
Slick Shoes Slick Shoes EP 1997-01-21 EP T&N
Danielson Tell Another Joke at the Ol' Choppin' Block 1997-01-30 Album T&N
Velour 100 Songs From The Rainwater 1997-02-25 EP T&N
Starflyer 59 Americana 1997-03-11 Album T&N Original, 12"
Roadside Monument/Frodus Roadside Monument / Frodus 1997-03-16 Split EP T&N
Overcome When Beauty Dies 1997-03-18 Album SSR
Strongarm The Advent of a Miracle 1997-03-25 Album SSR Original, Reissue
Zao The Splinter Shards the Birth of Separation 1997-04-01 Album SSR
Pedro the Lion Whole EP 1997-04-08 EP T&N
Upside Down Room Drag Baby Drag 1997-04-22 Album T&N
Delta Haymax Delta Haymax 1997-06-03 EP T&N
Living Sacrifice Reborn 1997-06-03 Album SSR
The O.C. Supertones Supertones Strike Back 1997-06-03 Album BEC
Crux Cakewalk 1997-06-17 Album T&N
Roadside Monument Eight Hours Away from Being a Man 1997-06-24 Album T&N
Slick Shoes Rusty 1997-06-24 Album T&N
Innermeans Innermeans 1997-07-29 EP SSR
Value Pac Jalapeño 1997-07-29 Album BEC
Training for Utopia The Falling Cycle 1997-07-29 EP SSR
Various Songs From the Penalty Box 1997-08-26 Compilation T&N
Velour 100 Of Color Bright 1997-10-07 Album T&N
Stavesacre Absolutes 1997-11-04 Album T&N
Fold Zandura Ultraforever 1997-10-21 Album BEC
The Cootees Let's Play House 1997-10-21 Album T&N
Plankeye The One & Only 1997-10-21 Album T&N
Various Tooth & Nail Rock Sampler Volume 1 1997-10-21 Compilation T&N
Ghoti Hook Banana Man 1997-11-04 Album T&N
Warlord Warlord 1997-11-11 EP SSR
Joy Electric Robot Rock 1997-11-18 Album BEC
Ninety Pound Wuss Where Meager Die of Self Interest 1997-11-25 Album T&N
The Huntingtons High School Rock 1997-12-?? Album T&N
Blindside Blindside 1997-12-23 Album SSR Licensed from Day-Glo
Various Tooth & Nail 4th Anniversary Box Set 1997-12-23 Compilation T&N
Various Dominate '98 1998 VHS T&N
Various The T&N Files: Tooth & Nail Video Compilation Vol. 4 1998 VHS T&N
Danielson Famile Tri-Danielson!!! (Alpha) 1998-01-22 Album T&N
Pep Squad No Doy! 1998-02-24 Album BEC
Training for Utopia Plastic Soul Impalement 1998-03-03 Album SSR 2 alternative covers
Frodus Conglomerate International 1998-03-10 Album T&N
Bon Voyage Bon Voyage 1998-03-24 Album BEC
The Dingees Armageddon Massive 1998-03-24 Album BEC
Various This is Solid State Vol. 1 1998-04-06 Compilation SSR
Outer Circle Outer Circle 1998-04-13 Album T&N
Zao Where Blood & Fire Bring Rest 1998-05-19 Album SSR
Craig's Brother Homecoming 1998-05-19 Album T&N
Joy Electric The Land of Misfits 1998-06-?? EP BEC
MxPx Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo 1998-06-16 Album T&N Licensed from A&M
Project 86 Project 86 1998-06-16 Album BEC
Various Tooth & Nail Rock Sampler Volume 2 1998-06-17 Compilation T&N
Slick Shoes Burn Out 1998-07-07 Album T&N
Embodyment Embrace The Eternal 1998-07-14 Album SSR
Various Songs From the Penalty Box Vol. 2 1998-07-28 Compilation T&N
Puller Closer Than You Think 1998-07-30 Album T&N
Training for Utopia/Zao Split EP 1998-08-18 EP SSR
Morella's Forest From Dayton With Love 1998-09-08 Album T&N
Roadside Monument I Am the Day of Current Taste 1998-09-08 Album T&N
Ghoti Hook Songs We Didn't Write 1998-09-09 Album T&N
House of Wires You Are Obsolete 1998-09-09 Album T&N
Starflyer 59 The Fashion Focus 1998-10-06 Album T&N
Various Happy Christmas 1998-10-06 Compilation BEC
Flight 180 Crackerjack 1998-10-20 Album BEC
The O.C. Supertones The Supertones at the Movies 1998-10-20 DVD BEC
One-Eighty Crackerjack 1998-11-03 Album BEC
MxPx Let It Happen 1998-11-05 Compilation T&N
Royal My Dear 1998-11-05 Album T&N Licensed from Soulscape Records
Selfmindead Selfmindead 1998-11-17 Album SSR
Extol Burial 1998-12-22 Album SSR
Various Moms Like Us Too 1999-01-01 Compilation BEC
Danielson Famile Tri-Danielson!!! 1999-01-14 Album T&N
The Huntingtons Live: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 1999-01-14 Live T&N
Pep Squad Yreka Bakery 1999-01-14 Album BEC, T&N
The O.C. Supertones Chase the Sun 1999-02-23 Album BEC
Starflyer 59 Fell in Love at 22 1999-02-23 EP T&N
Fanmail Here Comes Fanmail EP 1999-02-25 EP T&N
Goodnight Star Goodnight Star 1999-02-25 Album T&N
The Huntingtons File Under Ramones 1999-02-25 Tribute album T&N
Joy Electric Children of the Lord 1999-03-23 Single BEC
The Juliana Theory Understand This Is a Dream 1999-03-23 Album T&N
Joy Electric CHRISTIANsongs 1999-04-20 Album BEC
Spitfire The Dead Next Door 1999-04-20 Album SSR
Stretch Arm Strong Rituals of Life 1999-04-20 Album SSR
Various Swing Praise 1999-04-20 Compilation BEC
Various Swing Praise, Vol. II 1999-04-20 Compilation BEC
The Deluxtone Rockets The Deluxtone Rockets 1999-04-22 Album T&N
Ninety Pound Wuss Shorthand Operation 1999-04-22 Album T&N
P.O.D. The Warriors EP 1999-05-04 EP T&N
MxPx At the Show 1999-05-06 Live T&N
Dogwood More Than Conquerors 1999-05-18 Album T&N
Living Sacrifice Living Sacrifice 1999-05-27 Album SSR Reissue
Plankeye Relocation 1999-06-08 Album BEC
Fanmail The Latest Craze 1999-06-17 Album T&N
The Dingees Sundown to Midnight 1999-06-29 Album BEC
Various New Musiq Vol. 1 1999-07-?? Compilation PM
Twothirtyeight Matter Has a Breaking Point 1999-07-04 EP T&N
Living Sacrifice Nonexistent 1999-07-13 Album SSR Reissue
Warlord Rock The Foe Hammer 1999-07-13 Album SSR
Various Songs From the Penalty Box Vol. 3 1999-07-20 Compilation T&N
Living Sacrifice Inhabit 1999-07-29 Album SSR Reissue
Zao Liberate Te Ex Inferis 1999-08-10 Album SSR
The Huntingtons Get Lost 1999-08-12 Album T&N
Norway The Essence of Norway 1999-08-29 Album T&N
The Undecided The Undecided 1999-08-30 Album T&N
Flight 180 Line Up 1999-09-14 Album BEC
For Love Not Lisa The Lost Elephant 1999-09-16 Compilation T&N
Various Happy Christmas Vol. 2 1999-10-19 Compilation BEC
House of Wires Monogamy 1999-10-21 Album T&N
Various Any Given Day 1999-10-26 Compilation BEC
Various Tooth & Nail Television: Video Compilation Vol. 5 1999-10-26 VHS T&N
Extol Mesmerized 1999-11-02 EP SSR
Training for Utopia Throwing A Wrench into the American Music Machine 1999-11-02 Album SSR
Starflyer 59 Everybody Makes Mistakes 1999-11-04 Album T&N
Stavesacre Speakeasy 1999-11-04 Album T&N
Hangnail Hangnail 1999-11-16 Album BEC
Sarah Masen The Holding 1999-11-16 Album BEC Reissue
Furthermore, Fluorescent Jellyfish 1999-11-18 Album T&N
Lost Dogs Gift Horse 1999-11-30 Album BEC


Artist Album Release Date Format Imprint Editions/Notes
3rd Root A Sign of Things to Come 2000 Album SSR
3rd Root Spirit of Life 2000 EP SSR
Born Blind One For All 2000 Album SSR
Embodyment The Narrow Scope of Things 2000 Album SSR
Lengsel Solace 2000 Album SSR
Society's Finest The Journey...So Far 2000 Album SSR
Various Cheapskates: Harder Side 2000 Compilation T&N
Various Cheapskates: Softer Side 2000 Compilation BEC
Various Free·Bee 2000 Compilation T&N
Various Solid State Records: 2001 Tour Sampler 2000 Compilation SSR
Various Tooth and Nail Video Collection, Vol. 6 2000 VHS T&N
Selfmindead At The Barricades We Fall 2000-01-11 Album SSR
The Huntingtons Plastic Surgery 2000-01-20 Album T&N
Blindside A Thought Crushed My Mind 2000-01-25 Album SSR
Sup the Chemist Dust 2000-01-25 Album UpR
Ultrabeat Trip to a Planet Called Heaven 2000-01-25 Album BEC
Project 86 Drawing Black Lines 2000-02-15 Album BEC
Element 101 Future Plans Undecided 2000-02-17 Album T&N
The Deadlines The Death & Life of... 2000-03-20 Album T&N
Off the Record Remember When... 2000-03-20 Album T&N
MG! The Visionary Transparemcee 2000-03-28 Album UpRok
AP2 Suspension of Disbelief 2000-03-30 Album T&N
Slick Shoes Wake Up Screaming 2000-05-11 Album T&N
MxPx The Ever Passing Moment 2000-05-16 Album T&N
Shorthanded Forever Yours 2000-06-08 Album T&N
Joy Electric Unelectric 2000-06-20 Album BEC
Extol Undeceived 2000-06-20 Album SSR Licensed from Century Media
Hangnail Hangnail 2000-06-27 Album T&N
Ghoti Hook Two Years to Never 2000-07-06 Album T&N
Fanmail Fanmail 2000 2000-08-03 Album T&N
Extol Synergy 2000-08-12 Album SSR Licensed from Century Media
Squad Five-O Bombs Over Broadway 2000-08-15 Album T&N Cover was changed after 9/11
Various Latin Praise 2000-08-15 Compilation BEC
Various Tooth & Nail Videography (1993-1999) 2000-08-15 DVD T&N
The Company The Company 2000-08-29 Album BEC
The Juliana Theory Emotion is Dead 2000-08-29 Album T&N
Fine China When the World Sings 2000-09-14 Album T&N
Ill Harmonics An Octave Above the Original 2000-09-26 Album Uprock
Dogwood Building a Better Me 2000-09-28 Album T&N
The O.C. Supertones Loud and Clear 2000-10-10 Album BEC
Various Songs From the Penalty Box Vol. 4 2000-10-10 Compilation T&N
Calibretto 13 Enter the Danger Brigade 2000-10-12 Album T&N
Ace Troubleshooter Ace Troubleshooter 2000-10-24 Album BEC
Living Sacrifice The Hammering Process 2000-10-26 Album SSR
Various Sinner's Prayer 2000-11-07 Compilation BEC
Blenderhead Figureheads on the Forefront of Pop Culture 2000-11-23 Album T&N
Embodyment Hold Your Breath 2001 Album SSR
Eso-Charis Eso-Charis 2001 Album SSR Reissue
Flight 180 Girls & Boys 2001 Album BEC
No Innocent Victim Tipping the Scales 2001 Album SSR Licensed from Victory Records
Luti-Kriss Throwing Myself 2001 Album SSR
Soapbox A Divided Man 2001 Album SSR
Stretch Arm Strong A Revolution Transmission 2001 Album SSR
Various Safety First - 2001 Sampler 2001 Compilation T&N
Various New Musiq Vol. 2 2001-01-02 Compilation PM
Soul Embraced This Is My Blood 2002-01-08 Album SSR
The Dingees The Crucial Conspiracy 2001-01-11 Album T&N
Ninety Pound Wuss Hierarchy of Snakes (Live) 2001-01-11 Live T&N Not Sold in Stores
Puller What's Mine at Twilight 2001-01-11 Album T&N
Starflyer 59 Easy Come Easy Go 2001-01-21 Compilation T&N
Ultrabeat Beyond the Stars 2001-01-23 Album BEC
Element 101 Stereo Girl 2001-02-01 Album T&N
Various This is Solid State Vol. 2 2001-02-13 Compilation SSR
Craig's Brother Lost at Sea 2001-02-27 Album T&N Unpromoted and undistributed
Flight 180 Girls and Boys 2001-02-27 Album BEC
Zao (Self Titled) 2001-02-27 Album SSR
Beloved The Running 2001-02-28 EP SSR Reissue
The Deluxtone Rockets Green Room Blues 2001-03-15 Album T&N
Further Seems Forever The Moon is Down 2001-03-15 Album T&N
Various Any Given Day Vol. 2: Earth to Heaven 2001-03-27 Compilation BEC
Various Cheapskates Vol. 2 2001-03-31 Compilation BEC
Plankeye Strange Exchange 2001-04-10 Album BEC
Cadet Cadet 2001-04-24 Album BEC
All Wound Up Hero 2001-05-08 Album T&N
Various Start Right Here: Remembering the Life of Keith Green 2001-05-08 Tribute album BEC
Hangnail Facing Changes 2001-05-22 Album BEC
Mars Ill Raw Material 2001-06-05 Album UpRok Reissue
Starflyer 59 Leave Here a Stranger 2001-06-05 Album T&N
Peace 586 586 2001-06-19 Album BEC
Hangnail The Acoustic EP 2001-07-03 EP BEC
Calibretto 13 From the Secret Files of the Danger Brigade 2001-07-04 EP T&N Not sold in stores
Side Walk Slam Past Remains 2001-07-05 Album T&N
The Undecided More to See 2001-07-19 Album T&N
Hopesfall No Wings to Speak of 2001-08-08 EP T&N Acquired from Takehold Records
Crash Rickshaw Crash Rickshaw 2001-08-16 Album T&N
Joy Electric The White Songbook 2001-08-28 Album BEC
Joy Electric The White Songbook: Unmixed/ Unmastered songs from the full length album 2001-08-28 Single T&N
Dogwood Matt Aragon 2001-09-13 Album T&N
Lost Dogs Real Men Cry 2001-09-25 Album BEC
The Huntingtons Songs in the Key of You 2001-10-11 Album T&N
The Juliana Theory Music from Another Room 2001-10-23 EP T&N
Various Happy Christmas Vol. 3 2001-10-23 Christmas Compilation BEC
Stavesacre Collective 2001-10-25 Compilation T&N
.rod laver In a Perfect World 2001-11-06 Album BEC
Tunnel Rats Tunnel Vision 2001-11-06 Album UpRok
The Deadlines Fashion Over Function 2001-11-08 Album T&N
Deepspace5 The Night We Called It a Day 2001-11-20 Album UpRok
Various UpRok Sampler 2001-11-20 Compilation UpRok
Few Left Standing Regeneration of Self 2002 Album SSR Acquired from Takehold Records
Few Left Standing Wormwood 2002 Album SSR Acquired from Takehold Records
Still Breathing September 2002 Album SSR
Various I'm Your Biggest Fan Vol. 2 2002 Compilation T&N
Various What on Earth?! 2002 Compilation T&N
Various Any Given Day Vol. 3: Old Soul for New Voices 2002-01-29 Compilation BEC
Underoath The Changing of Times 2002-02-26 Album SSR, T&N Acquired from Takehold Records
Various Tooth & Nail Video Compilation, Vol. 7 2002-02-26 DVD T&N
Various This is Solid State Vol. 3 2002-02-26 Compilation, DVD SSR
Calibretto 13 Adventures in Tokyo 2002-02-28 Album T&N
Two Thirty Eight Regulate the Chemicals 2002-03-14 Album T&N Reissue, Acquired from Takehold Records
The O.C. Supertones Live! Volume One 2002-03-26 Live T&N
Various E-Praise 2002-03-26 Compilation BEC
Slick Shoes Slick Shoes 2002-03-28 Album T&N
The Blamed Give Us Barrabbas 2002-04-25 Album T&N
Side Walk Slam Give Back 2002-05-03 T&N
Havalina Space, Love, & Bullfighting 2002-05-09 Album T&N
MxPx Ten Years and Running 2002-05-09 Compilation T&N
Joy Electric The Art and Craft of Popular Music 2002-06-?? Compilation BEC
Dead Poetic Four Wall Blackmail 2002-06-04 Album SSR, T&N
Ace Troubleshooter The Madness of the Crowds 2002-06-18 Album T&N
mewithoutYou [A→B] Life 2002-06-18 Album T&N
Various Cheapskates Vol. 3 2002-06-18 Compilation BEC
Starflyer 59 Can't Stop Eating 2002-06-26 EP T&N
Various Songs From the Penalty Box Vol. 5 2002-07-02 Compilation T&N
Zao Parade of Chaos 2002-07-10 Album SSR
Plankeye Wings to Fly 2002-07-18 Album BEC, T&N
Norma Jean Bless The Martyr & Kiss The Child 2002-08-13 Album SSR
Bleach Again, for the First Time 2002-08-15 Album T&N
Element 101 More Than Motion 2002-08-29 Album T&N
Mortal Nu-En-Jin 2002-09-12 Album T&N
Living Sacrifice Conceived in Fire 2002-09-12 Album SSR
Project 86 Truthless Heroes 2002-09-12 Album T&N
Poor Old Lu The Waiting Room 2002-09-24 Album T&N
Two Thirty Eight You Should Be Living 2002-09-26 Album T&N
Bon Voyage The Right Amount 2002-10-10 Album T&N
Demon Hunter Demon Hunter 2002-10-22 Album SSR
Various 80's Tribute Volume One 2002-11-05 Compilation T&N
Halo Friendlies Get Real 2002-11-07 Album T&N
The O.C. Supertones Hi-Fi Revival 2002-11-07 Album T&N
Too Bad Eugene Moonlighting 2002-11-19 Album T&N
Various UpRok Mixtape Vol. 1 2002-11-19 Compilation UpRok
Norma Jean/mewithoutYou Norma Jean / mewithoutyou 2002-12-14 Split EP SSR
Various BEC Recordings/Uprok Records Summer Sampler 2003 2003 Compilation BEC, UpRok
Various Here & Now 2003 Compilation BEC
Various Solid State: Spring/Summer Sampler 2003 2003 Compilation SSR
Dogwood Seismic 2003-01-16 Album T&N
Furthermore, She and I 2003-01-16 Album T&N
Further Seems Forever How to Start a Fire 2003-02-11 Album T&N
Holland Photographs & Tidalwaves 2003-02-11 Album T&N
Zao All Else Failed 2003-02-19 Album SSR Reissue, Re-recording
Mae Destination: Beautiful 2003-02-25 Album T&N
Soul Embraced Immune 2003-02-25 Album SSR
Ghoti Hook Rest in Peace: Live 2003-02-27 Live T&N
Ghoti Hook Retrospective 2003-02-27 Compilation T&N
Squad Five-O Squad Five-O 2003-03-12 Album T&N
Brave Saint Saturn The Light of Things Hoped For 2003-03-13 Album T&N
Joy Electric The Tick Tock Treasury 2003-03-13 Album T&N
Fine China You Make Me Hate Music 2003-03-14 Album T&N
Various X-2003 2003-04-01 Compilation BEC
Slow Coming Day Farewell to the Familiar 2003-04-22 Album T&N
Anberlin Blueprints for the Black Market 2003-05-06 Album T&N
Lucerin Blue Tales of the Knife 2003-05-08 Album T&N
Starflyer 59 Old 2003-05-08 Album T&N
The Agony Scene The Agony Scene 2003-06-10 Album SSR
Beloved Failure On 2003-06-24 Album SSR
Watashi Wa The Love of Life 2003-06-24 Album T&N
Figure Four Suffering the Loss 2003-07-08 Album SSR
Grand Incredible G.I.gantic 2003-07-08 Album T&N
Hangnail Transparent 2003-07-10 Album T&N
FM Static What Are You Waiting For? 2003-07-22 Album T&N
Various The Nail, Vol. 8 2003-07-22 DVD T&N
The Juliana Theory Live 10.13.2001 2003-08-05 Live T&N
Stretch Arm Strong Engage 2003-08-19 Album SSR
Various Cheapskates Vol. 4 2003-08-19 Compilation BEC
Spoken A Moment of Imperfect Clarity 2003-09-02 Album T&N
Side Walk Slam ...And We Drive 2003-09-16 Album T&N
Thousand Foot Krutch Phenomenon 2003-09-18 Album T&N
Various UpRok Mixtape Vol. 2 2003-09-30 Compilation UpRok
Joy Electric The Magic of Christmas 2003-10-09 Album T&N
Bleach Astronomy 2003-10-21 Album T&N
Fighting Jacks The Dying Art of Life 2003-10-21 Album T&N
Various Air One Sampler Vol. 3 2003-10-21 Compilation BEC
Various This is Solid State Vol. 4 2003-10-21 Compilation, DVD SSR
Two Thirty Eight [El Libro De Recuerdos 2003-11-06 Double Reprint T&N
Slick Shoes The Biggest and the Best 2003-11-06 Compilation T&N
Various The Nail, Vol. 1 2003-11-18 Compilation T&N
Various 10th Anniversary Box Set 2003-12-02 Compilation T&N
Zao Legendary 2003-12-17 Compilation SSR
Various BEC Music 2004 Compilation BEC
.rod laver Rudolph Wayne Vs. The Man 2004-01-01 Album UpRok
Emery The Weak's End 2004-01-27 Album T&N
Aaron Sprinkle Lackluster 2004-02-10 Album T&N
Starflyer 59 I Am the Portuguese Blues 2004-02-24 Album T&N
Various The Classics: Hard 2004-02-24 Compilation T&N
Various The Classics: Rock 2004-02-24 Compilation T&N
Haste The Day Burning Bridges 2004-03-09 Album SSR
Ace Troubleshooter It's Never Enough 2004-03-23 Album T&N
Officer Negative The Death Campaign Project 2004-03-23 Album SSR
Various Empty Me, Volume One 2004-03-23 Compilation BEC
Dead Poetic New Medicines 2004-04-06 Album SSR
Various X 2004 2004-04-06 Compilation, DVD BEC
Dogwood Reverse, Then Forward Again 2004-04-20 Compilation T&N
Training for Utopia Technical Difficulties 2004-04-20 Compilation SSR
Demon Hunter Summer of Darkness 2004-05-04 Album SSR
The River Bends And Flows into the Sea 2004-05-18 Album T&N
Joy Electric Hello, Mannequin 2004-06-01 Album T&N
Project 86 Songs to Burn Your Bridges By 2004-06-01 Album T&N Reissue
The O.C. Supertones Revenge of The O.C. Supertones 2004-06-14 Album T&N
Underoath They're Only Chasing Safety 2004-06-15 Album SSR, T&N Original
Hawk Nelson Letters to the President 2004-07-13 Album T&N
Various The Nail, Vol. 2 2004-07-13 Compilation T&N
Further Seems Forever Hide Nothing 2004-08-24 Album T&N
Thousand Foot Krutch Set It Off 2004-09-07 Album T&N Reissue
mewithoutYou Catch for Us the Foxes 2004-10-05 Album T&N
Showbread No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical 2004-10-19 Album SSR
Various This is Solid State Vol. 5 2004-10-19 Compilation, DVD SSR
He Is Legend I Am Hollywood 2004-11-02 Album SSR
The Chariot Everything Is Alive, Everything Is Breathing, Nothing Is Dead, and Nothing Is Bleeding 2004-11-16 Album SSR
Far-Less Turn to the Bright EP 2004-11-16 EP T&N
Mae Destination: B-Sides 2004-11-16 B-Sides T&N
Beloved Kiss It Goodbye: The Final Show 2005 DVD SSR
The Huntingtons Growing Up Is No Fun: The Standards '95–'05 2005 Compilation T&N
Various Tooth and Nail vs. Solid State 2005 Compilation T&N, SSR
Anberlin Never Take Friendship Personal 2005-02-01 Album T&N
The O.C. Supertones Unite 2005-02-01 Album T&N
Bleach Farewell Old Friends 2005-03-01 Album T&N
Norma Jean O God, the Aftermath 2005-03-01 Album SSR Original, Deluxe
The O.C. Supertones Faith of a Child 2005-03-01 Album T&N
Living Sacrifice In Memoriam 2005-03-29 Compilation SSR
Mae The Everglow 2005-03-29 Album T&N
Starflyer 59 Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice 2005-04-12 Album T&N
Discover America Psychology 2005-04-26 Album T&N
Extol The Blueprint Dives 2005-05-03 Album SSR Licensed from Century Media
Waking Ashland Composure) 2005-05-10 Album T&N
Various The Nail: Tooth & Nail Video, Vol. 9 2005-06-07 DVD T&N
Various This is Solid State: The DVD 2005-06-07 DVD SSR
Various X 2005 2005-06-07 Compilation, DVD BEC
As Cities Burn Son, I Loved You at Your Darkest 2005-06-21 Album SSR
Haste The Day When Everything Falls 2005-06-28 Album SSR
Starflyer 59 Starflyer 59 (Gold) 2005-06-28 Album T&N Extended
Starflyer 59 Starflyer 59 (Silver) 2005-06-28 Album T&N Extended, remastered edition including the She's the Queen EP
Terminal How the Lonely Keep 2005-06-28 Album T&N
Number One Gun Promises for the Imperfect 2005-07-19 Album T&N
Thousand Foot Krutch The Art of Breaking 2005-07-19 Album T&N
Emery The Question 2005-08-02 Album T&N Original
Joy Electric The Ministry of Archers 2005-08-29 Album T&N
Becoming the Archetype Terminate Damnation 2005-08-30 Album SSR
Spoken Last Chance to Breathe 2005-08-30 Album T&N
Project 86 ...And the Rest Will Follow 2005-09-27 Album T&N
Project 86 Subject to Change: The Making of "...And The Rest Will Follow" 2005-09-27 DVD T&N
Hawk Nelson Letters to the President 2005-10-04 Album T&N Deluxe
Underoath They're Only Chasing Safety 2005-10-04 Album T&N Deluxe
Various Tooth & Nail vs. Solid State: The Videos 2005-10-16 DVD T&N
Bleach Audio/Visual 2005-10-25 Compilation, DVD T&N
Demon Hunter The Triptych 2005-10-25 Album SSR Original, Deluxe
Various Happy Christmas Vol. 4 2005-10-25 Compilation BEC
August Burns Red Thrill Seeker 2005-11-08 Album SSR
Various You Can't Handle the Tooth Vol. 1 2005-11-22 Compilation T&N
The Chariot Unsung EP 2005-12-06 EP SSR
Various One Dark Summer 2006 Compilation SSR
Various The Nail, Vol. 3 2006 DVD T&N
Sullivan Hey, I'm a Ghost 2006-01-24 Album T&N
Watashi Wa Eager Seas 2006-01-24 Album T&N
Far-Less Everyone is Out to Get Us 2006-02-07 Album T&N
The Juliana Theory A Small Noise 2006-02-07 Compilation T&N
The Fold This Too Shall Pass 2006-02-21 Album T&N
The Lonely Hearts Paper Tapes 2006-03-07 Album T&N
Further Seems Forever Hope This Finds You Well 2006-03-21 Compilation T&N
Hawk Nelson Smile, It's the End of the World 2006-04-04 Album T&N
Various X 2006 2006-04-04 Compilation BEC
Mae The Everglow 2006-04-18 Album T&N Deluxe
Run Kid Run This Is Who We Are 2006-05-16 Album T&N
The Classic Crime Albatross 2006-05-23 Album T&N
Various Livin' It 2006-06-01 DVD T&N
Fair The Best Worst-Case Scenario 2006-06-06 Album T&N
Underoath Define the Great Line 2006-06-20 Album SSR, T&N Original, Deluxe
FM Static Critically Ashamed 2006-08-01 Album T&N
Showbread Age of Reptiles 2006-08-01 Album T&N
Destroy the Runner Saints 2006-09-12 Album SSR
Norma Jean Redeemer 2006-09-12 Album SSR
Starflyer 59 My Island 2006-09-12 Album T&N
mewithoutYou Brother, Sister 2006-09-26 Album T&N
He Is Legend Suck Out the Poison 2006-10-03 Album SSR
Jonezetta Popularity 2006-10-03 Album T&N
Twelve Gauge Valentine Shock Value 2006-10-03 Album SSR
Various X 2007 2006-10-03 Compilation BEC
Dead Poetic Vices 2006-10-31 Album T&N
Various Dominate Volume One 2006-11-20 DVD T&N
Emery The Question 2006-11-21 Album T&N Deluxe
Inhale Exhale The Lost. The Sick. The Sacred. 2006-11-21 Album SSR
MxPx Let It Happen 2006-11-21 Album T&N Deluxe
Anberlin Godspeed EP 2006-12-26 EP T&N
The Brothers Martin The Brothers Martin 2007-01-23 Album T&N
Anberlin Cities 2007-02-20 Album T&N Original, Deluxe
Life in Your Way Waking Giants 2007-03-06 Album SSR
Haste The Day Pressure the Hinges 2007-03-20 Album SSR
Joy Electric The Otherly Opus 2007-03-20 Album T&N
Various This is Solid State Vol. 6 2007-03-20 Compilation SSR
The Almost Southern Weather 2007-04-03 Album T&N original, iTunes
The Chariot The Fiancée 2007-04-03 Album SSR
The Fold Secrets Keep You Sick 2007-05-02 Album T&N
Becoming the Archetype The Physics of Fire 2007-05-08 Album SSR
Neon Horse Neon Horse 2007-05-08 Album T&N
Sullivan Cover Your Eyes 2007-06-05 Album T&N
August Burns Red Messengers 2007-06-19 Album SSR
Project 86 Rival Factions 2007-06-19 Album T&N
Ruth Secondhand Dreaming 2007-06-26 Album T&N
MxPx Secret Weapon 2007-07-17 Album T&N Original, Deluxe
Underoath 777 2007-07-17 DVD SSR, T&N
Starflyer 59 Ghosts of the Future 2007-07-30 Box Set T&N, BT 10x vinyl 7"
The Send Cosmos 2007-07-31 Album T&N
Surrogate Love is for the Rich 2007-08-08 Album T&N
As Cities Burn Come Now, Sleep 2007-08-14 Album T&N
Cry of the Afflicted The Unveiling 2007-08-14 Album SSR
Thousand Foot Krutch The Flame in All of Us 2007-09-18 Album T&N Original, Deluxe
Spoken Spoken 2007-09-25 Album T&N
Emery I'm Only a Man 2007-10-02 Album T&N Original, Deluxe
Various X 2008 2007-10-02 Compilation, DVD BEC
Far-Less A Toast to Bad Taste 2007-10-23 Album T&N
The Classic Crime Acoustic EP: Seattle Sessions 2007-11-06 EP T&N
A Dream Too Late Intermission to the Moon 2007-11-06 Album T&N
Anberlin Lost Songs 2007-11-20 B-Sides T&N
Dead Poetic The Finest 2007-11-20 Compilation T&N
Various Buried Alive!: A Solid State Records DVD Sampler 2007-11-20 DVD SSR
Various Tooth & Nail/Solid State Records 2008 Fuel Sampler 2008 Compilation T&N Free Digital Sampler
Number One Gun The North Pole Project 2008-01-15 Album T&N
Various Dominate Volume Two 2008-01-15 DVD T&N
Ivoryline There Came a Lion 2008-02-05 Album T&N
Secret & Whisper Great White Whale 2008-02-12 Album T&N
Children 18:3 Children 18:3 2008-02-26 Album T&N
The O.C. Supertones The Ultimate Collection 2008-03-11 Compilation T&N
Various Tooth & Nail Records: The Ultimate Collection 2008-03-11 Compilation T&N
Search the City A Fire So Big the Heavens Can See It 2008-04-01 Album T&N
Run Kid Run Love at the Core 2008-04-29 Album T&N
Soul Embraced Dead Alive 2008-04-29 Album SSR
Showbread Anorexia 2008-05-13 Album T&N
Showbread Nervosa 2008-05-13 Album T&N
Since October This Is My Heart 2008-05-27 Album T&N
Joy Electric My Grandfather, The Cubist 2008-05-27 Album T&N
Underoath Survive, Kaleidoscope 2008-05-27 Live SSR, T&N
Bon Voyage Lies 2008-06-24 Album T&N
Capital Lights This Is an Outrage! 2008-07-08 Album T&N
The Classic Crime The Silver Cord 2008-07-22 Album T&N
Haste the Day Dreamer 2008-8-14 Album SSR
Family Force 5 Dance or Die 2008-08-19 Album T&N
The Fold Stargazer EP 2008-08-26 EP T&N
Underoath Lost in the Sound of Separation 2008-09-02 Album SSR, T&N
Jonezetta Cruel to Be Young 2008-09-16 Album T&N
Trenches 2008-09-16 Album SSR
The Becoming Vol. 1 2008-09-30 Album T&N
Copeland You Are My Sunshine 2008-10-14 Album T&N Original, Deluxe
Emery While Broken Hearts Prevail 2008-10-28 EP T&N
Ruth Anorak 2008-10-28 Album T&N
Starflyer 59 Dial M 2008-10-28 Album T&N
Various X Christmas 2008-10-28 Compilation BEC
Corey Crowder Gold and the Sand 2008-11-11 Album T&N
Becoming the Archetype Dichotomy 2008-11-24 Album SSR
The Almost No Gift to Bring EP 2008-11-25 EP T&N
Various Tooth & Nail/Solid State Records 2009 Fuel Sampler 2009 Compilation T&N Free Digital Sampler
Copeland You Are My Sunshine (LP Edition) 2009-01-27 Vinyl T&N
And Then There Were None Who Speaks for Planet Earth? 2009-02-24 Album T&N
Copeland The Grey Man EP 2009-02-24 EP T&N
The Drawing Room The Drawing Room 2009-03-24 Album T&N
Mxpx On the Cover II 2009-03-24 Album T&N
Various Dominate, Vol. 3 2009-03-24 DVD T&N
FM static Dear Diary 2009-04-07 Album T&N
Starflyer 59 Minor Keys EP 2009-04-07 EP T&N
Various X 2009 2009-04-09 Compilation, DVD BEC
As Cities Burn Hell or High Water 2009-04-21 Album T&N
Family Force 5 Dance or Die with a Vengeance 2009-05-19 Remixes T&N
mewithoutYou It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All a Dream! It's Alright 2009-05-19 Album T&N
Various Songs From the Penalty Box Vol. 6 2009-05-19 Compilation T&N
Various Songs From the Penalty Box Vol. 7 2009-05-19 Compilation SSR
Emery ...In Shallow Seas We Sail 2009-06-02 Album T&N
The Crucified The Complete Collection 2009-06-30 Box Set, DVD T&N
Project 86 Picket Fence Cartel 2009-07-14 Album T&N
Surrogate Popular Mechanics 2009-07-14 Album T&N
Neon Horse Haunted Horse: Songs of Love, Defiance and Delusion 2009-07-28 Album T&N
Starflyer 59 Ghosts of the Past 2009-07-28 Compilation T&N
Showbread The Fear of God 2009-08-11 Album T&N
Ruth The Covers EP 2009-08-25 EP T&N
Oh, Sleeper Son of the Morning 2009-8-25 Album SSR
Thousand Foot Krutch Welcome to the Masquerade 2009-09-08 Album T&N
Queens Club Nightmarer EP 2009-09-18 EP T&N
The Letter Black Breaking the Silence 2009-09-22 EP T&N
Mae (m)orning 2009-09-22 Album T&N
Hawk Nelson Live Life Loud 2009-09-22 Album T&N
The Almost Monster EP 2009-10-06 EP T&N
Family Force 5 Family Force 5 Christmas Pageant 2009-10-06 Album T&N
Gwen Stacy A Dialogue 2009-10-20 Album SSR
Becoming the Archetype Necrotizing Fasciitis 2009-10-23 Non-Album Digital Single SSR
The Almost Monster Monster 2009-11-03 Album T&N
Joy Electric Favorites at Play 2009-11-03 Album T&N
Anberlin Blueprints for City Friendships: The Anberlin Anthology 2009-11-17 Box Set T&N Contains Anberlin's first three albums
The Crucified The Pillars of Humanity 2009-11-17 Album T&N Reissue


Artist Album Release Date Format Imprint Editions/Notes
Various Tooth & Nail/Solid State Records 2010 Fuel Sampler 2010 Compilation T&N Free Digital Sampler
Living Sacrifice The Infinite Order 2010-01-26 Album SSR
Number One Gun To the Secrets and Knowledge 2010-01-26 Album T&N
Fair Disappearing World 2010-02-09 Album T&N
Haste the Day Dreamer 2010-03-02 Album SSR Digital Edition Re-Release
Adie Just You and Me 2010-03-09 Album BEC
Demon Hunter The World Is a Thorn 2010-03-09 Album SSR Regular, Deluxe
Poema Sing It Now 2010-03-23 EP T&N
Queens Club Young Giant 2010-03-23 EP T&N
Mae (a)fternoon 2010-03-30 Album T&N
Manafest The Chase 2010-03-30 Album BEC
Emery Are You Listening? 2010-04-06 Box Set T&N contains Emery's first three albums
The Classic Crime Vagabonds 2010-04-06 Album T&N
Secret & Whisper Teenage Fantasy 2010-04-06 Album T&N
Various X 2010 2010-04-06 Compilation BEC
Jaymes Reunion Everything You've Been Looking For 2010-04-20 Album BEC
Sent By Ravens Our Graceful Words 2010-04-20 Album T&N
Write This Down Write This Down 2010-04-20 Album T&N
The Letter Black Hanging on by a Thread 2010-05-04 Album T&N
The O.C. Supertones ReUnite 2010-05-18 Compilation BEC
To Speak of Wolves Myself < Letting Go 2010-05-18 Album SSR
Hawk Nelson Hawkology 2010-06-08 Box Set BEC Contains Hawk Nelson's 1st three albums
MyChildren MyBride Lost Boy 2010-06-08 Album SSR
Rapture Ruckus Rapture Ruckus 2010-06-08 EP BEC
Since October Life, Scars, Apologies 2010-06-08 Album T&N
Children 18:3 Rain's 'a Comin' 2010-06-29 Album T&N
Haste the Day Attack of the Wolf King 2010-06-29 Album SSR Regular, Deluxe
Kutless Kutless: The Beginning 2010-07-13 Box Set BEC Contains Kutless's 1st three albums
Ivoryline Vessels 2010-07-27 Album T&N
The Museum Let Love Win 2010-07-27 Album BEC
Starflyer 59 The Changing of the Guard 2010-08-10 Album T&N
Jeremy Camp We Cry Out: The Worship Project 2010-08-24 Album BEC
The Showdown Blood in the Gears 2010-08-24 Album SSR
Josh White Achor 2010-09-22 Album BEC
August Burns Red Home 2010-09-28 CD/DVD SSR
Bebo Norman Ocean 2010-09-28 Album BEC
Various Happy Christmas Vol. 5 2010-09-28 Compilation T&N
Various O Come All Ye Faithful 2010-09-28 Compilation BEC
The Almost Monster Monster [Deluxe Edition] 2010-10-25 Album T&N
The Almost Monster Monster EP 2010-10-25 EP T&N
Various Rock of Ages 2010-10-26 Album BEC
Underoath Ø (Disambiguation) 2010-11-09 Album T&N, SSR
Poema Once a Year: A Poema Christmas EP 2010-11-16 EP T&N
August Burns Red Little Drummer Boy 2010-11-22 Single SSR
Haste the Day Concerning the Way It Was 2010-11-22 Box Set SSR Contains Haste the Day's 1st three albums
Norma Jean Birds and Microscopes and Bottles of Elixirs and Raw Steak and a Bunch of Songs 2010-11-22 Box Set SSR Contains Norma Jean's 1st three albums
As They Sleep Dynasty 2010-11-23 Album SSR
Rocky Loves Emily American Dream 2010-11-23 Album T&N
FM Static 3 Out of 4 Ain't Bad 2010-11-23 Box Set T&N Contains FM Static's 1st three albums
I Am Empire Kings 2011-01-25 Album T&N
Hawk Nelson Crazy Love 2011-02-08 Album T&N, BEC Packaged with The Light Sides
The Famine The Architects of Guilt 2011-02-15 Album SSR
Aaron Gillespie Anthem Song 2011-03-08 Album T&N, BEC
Demon Hunter Death, A Destination 2011-03-08 Box Set SSR Contains Demon Hunter's 1st three albums
Mae (e)vening 2011-03-08 CD/DVD T&N
Ryan Stevenson Yesterday, Today, Forever 2011-03-22 Album BEC
The Letter Black Hanging on by a Thread Sessions, Vol. 1 2011-03-22 EP T&N
Becoming the Archetype Celestial Completion 2011-03-29 Album SSR
Emery We Do What We Want 2011-03-29 Album T&N, SSR
FM Static My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go! 2011-04-05 Album T&N
Various X 2011 2011-04-05 Album BEC
Hyland Weights & Measures 2011-05-03 Album T&N
August Burns Red Leveler 2011-06-21 Album SSR
Sainthood Reps Monoculture 2011-08-09 Album T&N
Icon for Hire Scripted 2011-08-23 Album T&N
Oh, Sleeper Children of Fire 2011-09-06 Album SSR
Family Force 5 III 2011-10-18 Album T&N
Run Kid Run Patterns 2011-11-15 Album T&N
Blessed by a Broken Heart Feel The Power 2012-01-24 Album T&N
Nine Lashes World We View 2012-02-14 Album T&N
Sent by Ravens Mean What You Say 2012-02-28 Album T&N
MyChildren MyBride MyChildren MyBride 2012-03-13 Album SSR
Demon Hunter True Defiance 2012-04-10 Album SSR
Demon Hunter True Defiance 2012-04-10 Album SSR Deluxe Edition
Becoming the Archetype Celestial Completion 2012-04-17 Album SSR
Rocky Loves Emily Secrets Don't Make Friends 2012-04-24 Album T&N
Haste the Day Best of the Best 2012-04-24 Compilation SSR
To Speak of Wolves Find Your Worth, Come Home 2012-05-22 Album SSR
Write This Down Lost Weekend 2012-06-05 Album T&N
Children 18:3 On The Run 2012-06-19 Album T&N
The Overseer We Search, We Dig 2012-06-19 Album SSR
Wolves at the Gate Captors 2012-07-03 Album SSR
Becoming the Archetype I Am 2012-09-18 Album SSR
August Burns Red August Burns Red Presents: Sleddin' Hill 2012-10-09 Album SSR
Underoath Anthology: 1999-2013 2012-11-06 Compilation SSR
Wolves at the Gate The King 2012-12-04 Single SSR
My Heart to Fear Lost Between Brilliance and Insanity 2012-12-04 EP SSR
Fit For a King Creation/Destruction 2013-03-12 Album
The Almost Fear Inside Our Bones 2013-06-11 Album T&N
August Burns Red Rescue & Restore 2013-06-25 Album SSR
My Heart to Fear Algorithm 2013-07-09 Album SSR
The Ongoing Concept Saloon 2013-07-23 Album SSR
Underoath Act of Depression 2013-08-20 Album T&N, SSR Re-Issue
Underoath Cries of the Past 2013-08-20 Album T&N, SSR Re-Issue
Icon for Hire Icon for Hire 2013-09-03 Album T&N
Love & Death Between Here & Lost 2013-09-17 Album T&N Expanded Edition
Aaron Sprinkle Water & Guns 2013-09-30 Album BEC
Wolves at the Gate Back to School 2013-09-30 EP SSR
Thousand Foot Krutch Made in Canada: The 1998-2010 Collection 2013-10-15 Compilation T&N Compilation featuring bast songs and one exclusive to the CD
The Letter Black Rebuild 2013-11-11 Album T&N
Living Sacrifice Ghost Thief 2013-11-11 Album T&N
Fit for a King Descendants 2013-11-25 Album SSR
August Burns Red Foreign & Familiar 2013-12-03 DVD SSR
Number One Gun This is All We Know 2014-01-14 Album T&N
The Overseer Rest and Let Go 2014-03-04 Album SSR
Demon Hunter Extremist 2014-03-18 Album SSR
New Empire In a Breath 2014-04-29 Album T&N
Midnight Alive Forever 2014-05-06 Album T&N
Artifex Pereo Time in Place 2014-05-27 Album T&N
Wolves at the Gate VxV 2014-06-10 Album SSR
Forevermore Telos 2014-07-22 Album SSR
Anberlin Lowborn 2014-07-22 Album T&N
Various Artists No New Kinda Story 2014-08-25 DVD T&N
Fit for a King Slave to Nothing 2014-10-14 Album SSR
Kings Kaleidoscope Becoming Who We Are 2014-10-28 Album T&N
Silent Planet The Night God Slept 2014-11-10 Album SSR
Copeland Ixora 2014-11-24 Album T&N
Various Artists Midnight Clear 2014-11-24 Compilation SSR Holiday Compilation released on Solid State
Hearts Like Lions These Hands 2014-12-02 EP T&N
We Are the City Violent 2015-03-24 Album T&N
Various Artists Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack 2015-04-21 Compilation SSR Compilation for the video game Killing Floor 2
Children 18:3 Come In 2015-04-21 Album T&N
Anberlin Never Take Friendship Personal - Live in New York City 2015-05-05 Live Album T&N
Wolves at the Gate Reprise 2015-05-12 EP SSR
XXI Memories 2015-05-18 Single T&N
Haste the Day Coward 2015-05-19 Album SSR
The Ongoing Concept Handmade 2015-06-16 Album SSR
Kings Kaleidoscope Live In Focus 2015-06-29 EP T&N
Anberlin Cities - Live In New York 2015-07-24 Album T&N
XXI Inside Out 2015-09-18 Album T&N
Demon Hunter Extremist 2015-10-30 Album SSR Deluxe Edition
We are the City Above Club 2015-11-13 Album T&N
Anchor & Braille Songs for the Late Night Drive Home 2016-02-05 Album T&N
Tyson Motsenbocker Letters to Lost Loves 2016-03-04 Album T&N
Starflyer 59 Slow 2016-06-17 Album T&N
Silent Planet Everything Was Sound 2016-07-01 Album SRR
Forevermore Integral 2016-07-22 Album SRR
Aaron Gillespie Out of the Badlands 2016-08-19 Album T&N
Artifex Pereo Passengers 2016-09-09 Album T&N
Norma Jean Polar Similar 2016-09-09 Album SRR
Fit for a King Deathgrip 2016-10-07 Album SRR
Disciple Long Live the Rebels 2016-10-14 Album T&N
Civilian You Wouldn't Believe What Privilege Cost 2016-10-21 Album T&N
Wolves at the Gate Types & Shadows 2016-11-04 Album SRR


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