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Coordinates: 57°09′22″N 2°08′06″W / 57.156°N 2.135°W / 57.156; -2.135 The College of Life Sciences and Medicine is one of three academic colleges at the University of Aberdeen. It consists of four schools plus the graduate school. The current head of the college is Professor Michael Greaves, a haematologist.[1]


School of Biological Sciences[edit]

The School of Biological Sciences is based in the Zoology Building at the King's College Campus in Old Aberdeen and the head of the School is currently Professor Elizabeth (Liz) Baggs.[2]

School of Medical Sciences[edit]

The School of Medical Sciences was formed in Autumn 2003 by merging the former Departments of Biomedical Sciences, Molecular & Cell Biology and Biomedical Physics & Bioengineering.

The school is based in the Institute of Medical Sciences at the Foresterhill Site, however first and second year teaching primarily takes place at King's College with Anatomy courses being taught at the Suttie Centre next to the IMS. The current Head of the school is Professor Colin D McCaig.[2]

School of Medicine and Dentistry[edit]

The School of Medicine in Aberdeen was founded in 1497, the first medical school in the English-speaking world. It is based at Foresterhill in the Polwarth Building, with teaching taking place in the Suttie Centre for Teaching & Learing. The Head of School is Professor David Reid.[2]

School of Psychology[edit]

The school of Psychology is based at King's College in the William Guild Building. The head of the school is Professor Neil Macrae.[2]

Graduate School[edit]

The Graduate School of the College of Life Sciences and Medicine is based in the Polwarth Building at Foresterhill.


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