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This article is about the television channel which became Veronica in 2003. For the rebranded Veronica originally launched by HMG, see RTL 7.
Not to be confused with Radio Veronica (Sky Radio) or Radio Veronica.
Veronica logo
Launched 1 May 1995; 21 years ago (1995-05-01)
Owned by SBS Broadcasting B.V.
Picture format 576i (SDTV) 16:9
1080i (HDTV) 16:9
Audience share 3.0% (2012, [1])
Country Netherlands
Broadcast area Netherlands
Headquarters Amsterdam, Netherlands
Formerly called TV10 Gold (1995-1996)
TV10 (1996-1998)
Fox (1998-1999)
Fox 8 (1999-2000)
Fox (2000-2001)
V8 (2001-2003)
Sister channel(s) SBS 6
Net 5
Digitenne Channel 9 (SD)
CanalDigitaal Channel 8 (HD)
Ziggo Channel 8 (HD)
Channel 932 (SD)
CAIW Channel 8
Kabel Noord Channel 9
KPN Channel 9
Tele2 Channel 9
Streaming media
Ziggo GO

Veronica is a Dutch commercial television channel currently owned by SBS Broadcasting B.V., a joint venture between Sanoma Media Netherlands (67%) and Talpa Holding (33%). The channel was launched as TV10 Gold on 1 May 1995, then became TV10, Fox, Fox 8 and V8, before becoming Veronica on 20 September 2003. The channel is dedicated to young adults and the male audience.[2]

Veronica is time-sharing with Disney XD: Disney XD broadcasts on daytime and Veronica on night time, the practice that began when Saban International bought TV10 in January 1997, and launched Fox Kids slot on the channel.

It is not to be confused with the Veronica Association (Dutch: Vereniging Veronica). SBS licensed the trademark name Veronica from the Association and also owns the Association's former magazines Veronica Magazine and Totaal TV (formerly TVSatellite).


TV10 Gold and TV10 (1995-1998)[edit]

In 1995 Dutch media company Arcade launched two television channels in the Netherlands: The Music Factory, a competing music channel for MTV, and TV10 Gold which launched on 1 May 1995. TV10 Gold turns out to be a TV channel with reruns of classic TV series such as Dynasty, Fantasy Island, James Herriot, Hill Street Blues, Are You Being Served?, The Monkees, The Onedin Line, Sanford and Son, Bergerac and Colditz.[3]

In 1996 TV10 Gold became part of Dutch second largest media corporation Wegener Arcade. On 1 January 1996 Arcade merged with publishing company Wegener.[4] In the first quarter of 1996 TV10 Gold changed into just TV10 to modernize its image. British sitcoms such as 'Allo 'Allo! and You Rang, M'Lord? remained part of the programming. Even as the American TV series M*A*S*H.[5]

In January 1997 Saban International bought TV10 and partnered with Holland Media Groep. Fox/Saban's Fox Kids is introduced in the Netherlands, time-sharing with TV10.[6] Within the year the partnership ended and Holland Media Groep's shares of TV10 were bought by Fox.

Fox and Fox 8 (1998-2001)[edit]

On 19 December 1998, TV10 was rebranded into Fox.[7] Rupert Murdoch's Fox International Channels wanted to expand in Europe and through its cooperation with Saban it could make its first try-outs in the Netherlands with TV10.[8] Popular TV series like Sex and the City, Dawson's Creek, Malcolm in the Middle and Charmed premiered on the channel.[9] Fox became Fox 8 in September 1999, but it rebranded back to Fox in September 2000. However, Fox couldn't get rid of TV10's image as an old-fashioned rerun channel.

In 2001 SBS Broadcasting B.V., then the Dutch branch of the SBS Broadcasting Group, bought the channel from the News Corporation.[10]

21st Century Fox (the legal successor of the original News Corporation) later launched the second incarnation of Fox on 19 August 2013 through Eredivisie Media & Marketing CV, in which Fox International Channels Benelux has a 51% share.

V8 (2001-2003)[edit]

The logo of V8

SBS, having bought the channel from News Corporation, renamed it into V8 on 1 May 2001 in anticipation of Veronica.[11] Earlier in 2000 Veronica Association announced that it would leave the Holland Media Groep and wanted to start a channel of its own.[12] SBS and Veronica could not get an agreement and it would take more than two years before both parties closed a deal.

V8 was devoted to young adults. The channel mainly broadcast action series, action films and erotic programmes late at night.[13]

Veronica (2003-)[edit]

Eventually, Veronica Association closed a deal with SBS, and V8 was rebranded as Veronica on 20 September 2003.[14][15]

The German ProSiebenSat.1 Media took over SBS Broadcasting Group (including its Dutch activities) on 27 June 2007.[16] In 2011, all of SBS's activities in the Netherlands (through SBS Broadcasting B.V.), including the three TV stations (SBS 6, NET 5 and Veronica), the two TV guides (Veronica Magazine and Totaal TV), production, design and text activities were sold to a joint venture between Sanoma Media Netherlands (67%) and Talpa Media Holding (33%).[17]

Disney XD[edit]

The daytime slot for children broadcast on Veronica began its life as Fox Kids when Saban bought TV10. The slot since rebranded to Jetix and then Disney XD. After the Disney XD rebrand, Disney began rolling out the 24-hour version of the channel on some providers.

Shows aired on Veronica[18][edit]


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