White Knight Chronicles (series)

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This article is about the video game series. For the first installment in the series, see White Knight Chronicles.
White Knight Chronicles
Genres Role-playing
Developers Level-5, SCE Japan Studio
Publishers Sony Computer Entertainment
Platforms PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable
First release White Knight Chronicles
December 25, 2008
Latest release White Knight Chronicles: Origins
February 3, 2011

White Knight Chronicles is a fantasy role-playing video game series created by Level-5 and SCE Japan Studio that is exclusive to Sony consoles. The PlayStation 3 titles were developed by Level-5, while the latest entry for the PlayStation Portable, Origins was developed by Matrix Software with no creative input from Level-5.

The series is a trilogy consisting of the first two games and Origins, although director Yoshiaki Kusuda has stated, "Right now, we have no plans for more games in the series. We will publish more quests in the form of DLC. And you never know - if there is strong support for another sequel..."[citation needed]


Aggregate review scores
As of June 20, 2013.
Game GameRankings Metacritic
White Knight Chronicles 66%[1] 64[2]
White Knight Chronicles II 60%[3] 60[4]
White Knight Chronicles: Origins 67%[5] -

White Knight Chronicles (2008)[edit]

White Knight Chronicles II (2010)[edit]

White Knight Chronicles: Origins (2011)[edit]

Other Media[edit]

A web exclusive prequel manga called Shirokishi Monogatari: Episode 0 Dogma Senki (White Knight Chronicles Episode 0: Dogma War Chronicleis) was released in 2008. Takashi Ikeda oversaw the story for this prequel with Yūko Satō illustrating the actual manga in collaboration with Media Factory's Comic Alive editorial department. The story takes place 10,000 years before the main game's story in an era embroiled by war and chaos. It follows the story of another White Knight who predates the White Knight hero character of the game.


Origins takes place in the no-man's-land between Athwan and Yshrenia 10,000 years before the first two games.

The main games in the series take place in the kingdom of Balandor.


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