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This article is about the video game series. For the first installment in the series, see White Knight Chronicles.
White Knight Chronicles
Genres Role-playing game
Developers Level-5, SCE Japan Studio
Publishers Sony Computer Entertainment
Platforms PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable
First release White Knight Chronicles
December 25, 2008
Latest release White Knight Chronicles: Origins
February 3, 2011

White Knight Chronicles is a fantasy role-playing video game series created by Level-5 and SCE Japan Studio that is exclusive to Sony consoles. The PlayStation 3 titles were developed by Level-5, while the latest entry for the PlayStation Portable, Origins was developed by Matrix Software with no creative input from Level-5.

The series is a trilogy consisting of the first two games and Origins, although director Yoshiaki Kusuda has stated, "Right now, we have no plans for more games in the series. We will publish more quests in the form of DLC. And you never know - if there is strong support for another sequel..."[citation needed]


Aggregate review scores
As of June 20, 2013.
Game GameRankings Metacritic
White Knight Chronicles 66.40%[2] 64[1]
White Knight Chronicles II 60.47%[4] 60[3]
White Knight Chronicles: Origins 67.00%[5] -

White Knight Chronicles (2008)[edit]

White Knight Chronicles II (2010)[edit]

White Knight Chronicles: Origins (2011)[edit]

Other Media[edit]

A web exclusive prequel manga called Shirokishi Monogatari: Episode 0 Dogma Senki (White Knight Chronicles Episode 0: Dogma War Chronicleis) was released in 2008. Takashi Ikeda oversaw the story for this prequel with Yūko Satō illustrating the actual manga in collaboration with Media Factory's Comic Alive editorial department. The story takes place 10,000 years before the main game's story in an era embroiled by war and chaos. It follows the story of another White Knight who predates the White Knight hero character of the game.


Origins takes place in the no-man's-land between Athwan and Yshrenia 10,000 years before the first two games.

The main games in the series take place in the kingdom of Balandor.


Recurring characters in the games


Leonard (レナード Renādo?)
Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa (Japanese), Daniel Taylor (English)
Leader of the team of Knights, subject to Cisna and Yulie's affections, pactmaker of Wizel the White Knight. He was found in ancient ruins when he was an infant. He works as a wine clerk and as Queen Cisna's bodyguard
Yulie (ユウリ Yūri?)
Voiced by: Satsuki Yukino (Japanese), Dannah Feinglass (English)
A girl who is Leonard's childhood friend. She is pactmaker to the Moon Princess. Hints in the story indicates that she harbors romantic feelings for Leonard. She also works at the wine shop Leonard works at.
Eldore (エルドア Erudoa?)
Voiced by: Masane Tsukayama (Japanese), Charles Shaughnessy (English)
The group's adviser, is a skilled warrior and servant to the queen of the long-perished kingdom of Athwan. During the Dogma War 10,000 years prior, he served the queen, after her death Eldore leapt forward through time at the expense of his youth, seeking out her reincarnation.
Caesar (シーザー Shīzā?)
Voiced by: Daisuke Hirakawa (Japanese), Vince Corazza (English)
The adopted son of the mayor of Greede, the walking city, Caesar is the pactmaker of the Dragon Knight and a ladies man. In addition to this power, he also gained "dragonsight," which allow him to see a person's true self. He was found as an infant in ruins uncovered 17 years prior. After his adopted father's death, he becomes new mayor of Greede. Harbors romantic feelings for Kara.
Princess/Queen Cisna (シズナ姫 Shizuna Hime?)
Voiced by: Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese), Kari Wahlgren (English)
The princess that was kidnapped during her coming-of-age banquet. She is the reincarnation of a queen from the Dogma War 10,000 years prior. Later becomes Queen of Balandor, subject of Leonard's affections.
Kara (カーラ Kāra?)
Voiced by: Rina Yamada (Japanese), Catherine Cavadini (English)
A dancer from the desert village of Albana who was the pactmaker of the Black Knight. She is one of many warriors to don the armor of Dregias. She was found as an infant in ruins uncovered 17 years prior, along with her older brothers Grazel and the other pactmakers. She was killed by Shapur, but she was revived.
Farian Princess, daughter of the late Archduke of Faria
Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya (Japanese), Natalie Lander (English)
Farian general, protecting Miu, he joins Leonard.
Voiced by: Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese), Troy Baker (English)
Avatar (アバター Abatā?)
A character that the player can customize and accompany the main cast throughout the game. He or She is also the character used by the player for online multiplayer.
King Valtos (ヴァルトス Varutosu?)
Voiced by: Michio Hazama (Japanese), Bob Joles (English)
The king of Balandor and father of Cisna, he was killed during his daughter's coming-of-age banquet.


Grazel (グラーゼル Gurāzeru?)
Voiced by: Yūya Uchida (Japanese), Crispin Freeman (English)
The main antagonist of the original White Knight Chronicles, leader of the Magi army, pactmaker of the Sun King and older brother of Kara. He wants to control all the Knights to become the ruler of the world. He is killed by Madoras
  • Shapur: Grazel's assassin, new pactmaker of Divinas the Black Knight, killed by Madoras
Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai (Japanese), Joe Smith (English)
  • Clyde Ledom: High Priest of the Magi
  • Madoras: Emperor of the former Yshrenia Empire, Leonard's doppelganger, main antagonist of the series


Ten thousand years ago, in the time known as the Dogma Age, the Yshrenian and Athwani empires erupted into a vicious and brutal war. The two were the largest and the most powerful kingdoms in the land, nearly equals in prestige and resources.

Their battles rages across the face of the world, turning verdants forests and peaceful hamlets into charred and burned charnel houses. The casualties quickly mounted on both sides, resulting in a situation were one side or the other had to gain an advantage, give in, or risk mutual destruction.

Yshrenian scholars and scientists introduced the knights, giant machines created solely for the purpose of war. These beings, when bonded with a human soul, could utilize immense power on the battlefield, able to lay waste to an entire army singlehandedly.

The Athwani military soon began to fall under the overwhelming power of the Knights. Their forces became so much cannon fodder beneath the gigantic blades of these giants, causing a severe drop in morale and efficiency.

The scholars of Athwan, desperate to turn the tide of battle, developed sealing magic intended to completely removed the Knights from the field of battle and leave both armies on an even plane. They cast their spell, and though many valuable lives were lost in the process, the knights were sealed away.

The Yshrenian army, having become reliant on the power of the Knights, courageously rushed into battle against the Athwani army, but their spirit was broken. They had lost their strongest advantage and had no real hope of victory.

The Athwani kingdom did not escape unscathed, however. Years spent in a costly and violent war, ended with the death of their best and brightest, left the country in a state of discontent. Strife ripped throughout the land, eventually resulting in the death of the Queen.

The Knights remain sealed away to this day, long forgotten and unused.

Wisel, the White Knight (白騎士 Shirokishi?)
A seven meter tall warrior from a time when such creatures nearly destroyed all of mankind. Wields a sword and shield. Leonard is the pactmaker of this knight.
Dinivas, the Black Knight aka "Ebonwings" (黒騎士 Kurokishi?)
A warrior similar to the White Knight in both powers and abilities. Wields a sword and can fly. Kara was the true pactmaker of this knight. Setti later confirms the Black Knight's name as Divinas but "Ebonwings" is its nickname because of its spell or its wings.
Larvayne, the Dragon Knight (竜騎士 Ryuukishi?)
A warrior similar to the White and Black Knights in both powers and abilities. Wields a spear and can fly. Caesar is the pactmaker of this knight.
Adolmaea, the Sun King (太陽王 Taiyou-Ou?)
A warrior similar to the White, Black and Dragon Knight in both powers and abilities. Much taller than the others and wields a twin sword. Grazel is the pactmaker of this knight.
Luthia, the Moon Maiden (月姫 Tsukihime?)
Didn't appear in the game, showed in the first trailer of the game and in pictures of the sequel. Wields a bow and can heal comrades, Yulie is the pactmaker of this knight.


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