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Jojit Ballesteros training the audience at the Pangasinan Wikipedia Outreach Activity on 16 November 2012.
Jojit Ballesteros training the audience at the Pangasinan Wikipedia Outreach Activity on 16 November 2012.
Jojit Ballesteros training the audience at the Pangasinan Wikipedia Outreach Activity on 16 November 2012.
Group Photo the audience at the Pangasinan Wikipedia Outreach Activity on 16 November 2012.
Wikimedia PH Team tour of Pangasinan Capitol
Wikimedia PH Team with Pangasinan local team
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The First Filipino Wikipedians meet-up in Pangasinan and Pangasinan Wikipedia Outreach Activity was held at the 2nd Floor Malong Building, Provincial Capitol Complex, Lingayen, Pangasinan last 16 November, 2012 from 9:30 am until 5:00 pm.

This event was an open event for Wikipedians, information officers, educators, mass communication and IT students.



Provincial Government

  • Vanj Padilla
  • JR Padilla


  • Jared Soriano
  • Students from Pangasinan State University

Description of actual activities[edit]

Wikimedia Philippines, through a Wikimedia Foundation grant, has sponsored this event and has attracted hundreds of local participants on this event. In attendance are students, predominantly female, educators and some employees from the local government.


8:00 am. Ingress.   The event team prepared the materials while the Provincial Government made fine tuning and calibration with the equipment (Projector, Video Camera, Air conditioning unit, Microphone). There were 52 participants present in this event. 40 reserved and 12 walk-ins/ referrals.

9:30 am.   Event started with a welcome statement from Ms. Vanj Padilla, New Media Services Head of the Office of the Provincial Governor

9:40 am.   Jojit Ballesteros introduced Wikipedia to the audience.

11:20 am.   Butch Bustria discussed WikiProject Pangasinan. He discussed the state of the Pangasinan Wikipedia, the benefits of crowdsource development in creating information about Pangasinan and the development of the encyclopedia in Pangasinan Language.

11:40 am   Vanj Padilla took initiative of bringing the participants to an impromptu photowalk of the Lingayen Capitol Complex for the workshop in the afternoon.

12:30 pm   Lunch Break. There was a discussion with Pangasinan Educators about the Pangasinan Orthography and collaboration to other related projects like Wiktionary, Wikisource and Wikibooks.

1:10 pm   Jojit Ballesteros discussed Wikipedia Editing

3:00 pm   Afternoon Break. Snacks and Drinks were served.

3:15 pm   Workshop started.

Participants started creating accounts for Wikimedia Commons, English Wikipedia, Pangasinan Wikipedia and Tagalog Wikipedia. Since it is not on a shared network and most participants brought their own Wireless Internet USB modem, there were no problems in terms of account creation were concerned.

They started uploading the photos they took earlier and some photos they took while they are in their home municipalities. They edit articles on some towns in Pangasinan and mostly edited the Lingayen, Pangasinan article in English Wikipedia. Some edit in Tagalog Wikipedia and in Pangasinan Wikipedia.

4:40 pm   Closing remarks and hand-over of certificates and Wikimedia Philippines materials. Butch Bustria gave a digital wall clock as token of appreciation to the provincial government.

5:00 pm   Engress.

5:10 pm   JR Padilla, one of the staff members of the Office of the Governor toured the event team to an exclusive access to the Provincial Capitol. The Governor's office as well as the session hall of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (Provincial Council) were toured. On top of the Provincial Capitol building, the Urduja House (Governor's Mansion) as well as the Malong (Civic) and Kalantiaw (Finance) Buildings were seen.

5:40 pm   The event team briefly rest at the Presidents Hotel and discussed the concluded event and the opportunities for Pangasinan Wikipedia

6:30 pm   The provincial government fetched the event team at the hotel and brought to a restaurant in Binmaley, Pangasinan. Served were fresh catch from the fishpens and the Binmaley River.

Here they discussed the future of the revitalization program. Other discussions include WikiNews for the local elections in Ilocos Region, having a Pangasinan Wikipedia Community and a Community for the Cordillera Administrative Region.

9:30 pm   The event team were brought back to the hotel. Butch Bustria took a tricycle ride to his relatives.


What lessons were learned that could help others succeed in similar projects?

The event became the first standalone WMPH organized event outside the Metro Manila. The lessons learned in event planning and execution will be used in future events that will be organized in other parts of the Philippines.


What impact did the project have on WMF mission goals of Increased Reach, Increased Quality, Increased Credibility, Increased and Diversified Participation?

This event brought unexpected positive impact on the revitalization program as well as the intended reach of the foundation.

  1. The event was attended and hosted by predominantly female participants.
  2. It brought interest to the Pangasinan government to bring similar outreach projects to other municipalities in the province. The trainers will come from the participants of this outreach activity
  3. There are various plans to bring the digitized content to Wikipedia to be able to be seen at a wider readership base and update Pangasinan people residing overseas.

Did it met the target?[edit]

The project's specific goal is to

  • Introduce to target audience Wikipedia and its benefits to the promotion of Pangasinan and Pangasinan Language
  • Engage the target audience in hands-on editing
  • Solicit suggestions to further improve the project.

The project's specific measurements of success are:

  • Sign up at least 30 participants on this event
  • Create at least 5 user accounts
  • Post at least 5 edits to any existing Wikipedia article
  • Submit at least 2 pictures in Commons in relation to this event.

Here are the results:

  • It achieved its goal of telling the audience about Wikipedia and its benefits to the promotion of Pangasinan and Pangasinan Language
  • The target was achieved when all of the participants engaged in the workshop activity. Most students brought their own laptops and usb modems. About 5 laptops are lent by the Provincial Government. No account creation error experienced during the event.
  • We were able to obtain valuable suggestions like improving the municipal articles, uploading more free images, create wikisource and wikibooks in Pangasinan language, restructure the Pangasinan Wikipedia, having Admin User:Bluemask of Tagalog Wikipedia a steward until a parmanent Pangasinan Wikipedia administrator is promoted, WikiNews on local/regional events and the train the trainer program.
  • There are a total of 40 pre-registered participants who came in to the event and 12 more as walk-ins who registered in this event, exceeding expectations to 22. A similar event for the second day at a the private university was cancelled. Many students from a public university came in the November 15 event.
  • There are more than 20 accounts created in the English Wikipedia and 20 edits made in the Lingayen Wikipedia article.
  • Though the event images is yet to be uploaded by Jojit_fb, students uploaded images from the impromptu Wiki Takes Lingayen Capitol Complex event to Wikimedia Commons. There are more than 20 images were uploaded and posted in the Lingayen, Pangasinan English Wikipedia article.

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