Cults of Unreason

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Cults of Unreason
Cults of Unreason 1974.jpg
1974 ed. Book cover
Author Dr. Christopher Riche Evans
Cover artist Paul Agule (jacket design)
Country United States
Language English
Subject cults, pseudoscience
Genre non-fiction
Publisher Harrap,
Farrar, Straus and Giroux,
Delacorte Press
Publication date
1973, 1974, 1975
Media type Paperback
Pages 257 (UK:259)
ISBN ISBN 0-374-13324-7 ,
ISBN 978-0-374-13324-5 ,
ISBN 0-440-54402-5 ,
ISBN 978-0-440-54402-9
UK 0245-518703
OCLC 863421
LC Class BF1999 .E83 1974
Followed by Landscapes of the Night – how and why we dream

Cults of Unreason is a non-fiction book on Scientology, pseudoscience, and cults, written by Christopher Riche Evans, Ph.D. The book was first published in the UK in 1973 by Harrap and in the United States in 1974 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, and then again in paperback in 1975, by Delacorte Press. The book was also published in German, by Rowohlt, in 1976.[1]


The book examines the background, founders and followers of a number of contemporary belief systems. Much of the book discusses the history of Scientology, including the early period and development of Dianetics. The book also describes the E-meter, various front groups, operating thetan, and the lifestyles of members whilst living at Scientology's then headquarters at Saint Hill Manor.

Evans also reviews what he calls "UFO cults", the Aetherians, the Atlanteans, biofeedback, yoga, theosophy, and The Fourth Way. He identifies a common theme of incorporating technological advances within a theological framework and contends that the allure of such cults is that they offer a sense of community and comfort in the face of a world dominated by science.[2]


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1975 ed. Book cover, Delacorte Press