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Avdiivka Flag
Coat of arms
Avdiivka is located in Ukraine
Avdiivka is located in Donetsk Oblast
Coordinates: 48°08′43″N 37°44′42″E / 48.14528°N 37.74500°E / 48.14528; 37.74500Coordinates: 48°08′43″N 37°44′42″E / 48.14528°N 37.74500°E / 48.14528; 37.74500
Country Ukraine
Oblast Donetsk Oblast
Founded 1778
 • Total 29 km2 (11 sq mi)
Population (2013)
 • Total 35,128
 • Density 1,200/km2 (3,100/sq mi)
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Area code(s) +380 6236
Website avdeevka.dn.ua

Avdiivka (Ukrainian: Авдіївка Ukrainian pronunciation: [ɑu̯ˈɟijiu̯kɑ], Russian: Авдеевка) is a city of oblast significance in Donetsk Oblast (province) of Ukraine. The city is located in center of the region just north from the city of Donetsk. Avdiivka is best known for its big Avdiivka Coke Plant. Population: 35,128 (2013 est.)[1].

Starting Mid-April 2014 separatists captured several towns in Donetsk Oblast;[2][3] including Avdiivka. On 21 July 2014, Ukrainian forces reportedly secured the city from separatists who rejected the violent ousting of the elected Ukrainian President.[4][5] This claim was repeated the next day.[6] Ukrainian forces kept control of Avdiivka, which became a frontline city, used by Ukrainian forces as a launchpad for shelling of separatist strongholds in Donetsk, and frequently targeted by separatist forces.[7]


Native language as of the Ukrainian Census of 2001:[8]



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