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Coordinates: 55°42′46″N 37°42′48″E / 55.71271°N 37.71337°E / 55.71271; 37.71337

JSC Renault Russia
FormerlyAvtoframos (1998-2014)
Founded1998; 23 years ago (1998)[1]
HeadquartersMoscow, Russia
Revenue$2.16 billion[2] (2017)
-$55.1 million[2] (2017)
$53.5 million[2] (2017)
Total assets$756 million[2] (2017)
Total equity$329 million[2] (2017)
Number of employees
4453 (2016)

Renault Russia (Russian: Рено Россия, tr. Reno Rossiya, IPA: [rʲɪˈno rɐˈsʲijə]), known until 2014 as Avtoframos (Russian: Автофрамос, tr. Avtoframos),[3] is a Russian automotive company established in 1998, currently a wholly owned subsidiary of Renault.[1]


In July 1998, the then Deputy Mayor of Moscow, Valery Shantsev, and a representative from Renault signed an agreement to create an automotive joint venture,[4] based on an old OAO Moskvitch facility.[5] Renault and the city of Moscow owned equally the new company.[6] The car assembly started in April 1999.[4] By 2005, the plant was at full production and in 2010 its capacity was doubled to 160,000 cars per year.[5]

In October 2004, Renault purchased a 26% of the Moscow's share in the partnership[6] and in 2006 increased its participation to 94.1%. At the end 2012, the French automaker purchased the remaining stake of Avtoframos.[5][7][8]

In July 2014, Renault announced the renaming of its Russian subsidiary, changing its name from Avtoframos to Renault Russia in order to strengthen the company's relationship with the Renault-badged, Russian-made cars within the clients.[3]


First series Renault Logan

From the end of 2002 to 2004 the plant produced the Renault Symbol, the three-box version of the Renault Clio.[9][10]

Since 2005, the plant assembles the Renault Logan. The total production in 2007 was 69,000 cars, with an increase to 73,000 cars in 2008.[11]

In 2009, the plant started producing the Renault Sandero hatchback, which was followed by the Renault Duster in 2011.[12][13][14][needs update]

In 2013, the company produced 195,112 vehicles, which were Duster, Mégane, Fluence, Logan and Sandero.[15]


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