Brosseau, Alberta

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Brosseau is located in Alberta
Location of Brosseau Alberta

Brosseau is a hamlet in central Alberta, Canada within the County of Two Hills No. 21.[1] It is located on Highway 36, 50 kilometres (31 mi) southwest of St. Paul.

Before Brosseau existed, a previous settlement had been created on the same site. Founded by Father Lacombe as Saint-Paul-des-Cris, it was a Catholic mission to the Cree which was established in 1865 and abandoned in 1874 due to Cree reluctance to adopt an agricultural lifestyle and several crop failures. Lacombe would try again nearby in 1896 with a new settlement called St. Paul-des-Métis, which also struggled until it was opened to white Francophones in 1909.[2]

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Coordinates: 53°47′30″N 111°41′13″W / 53.79167°N 111.68694°W / 53.79167; -111.68694 (Brosseau)