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CampusJ Jewish Collegiate News was a website covering Jewish news on college and university campuses with a network of student journalists. CampusJ was launched in February 2005 by editor and publisher Steven I. Weiss of Canonist.[1] The last posting was dated May 20, 2007. By 2008, the site appeared defunct, and many of the sections had no new content for months.

Student writing staff[edit]

CampusJ's staff of student reporters covered the Jewish news on thirty or more campuses, including American University, George Washington University, McGill, Northwestern, Rutgers and Washington University, by reporting for campus-specific school homepages (blogs).


A portion of CampusJ's content was syndicated by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.[2]

Big stories[edit]

In the spring of 2005, CampusJ broke the story that The New York Times had negotiated a deal with Columbia University administrators to exclude student response in an article on academic bias in exchange for exclusive access to a report.[3]

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