D'Orbigny meteorite

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D'Orbigny meteorite
D'Orbigny meteorite, fragment.jpg
A fragment of the D'Orbigny meteorite
Type Stony
Class Achondrite[1]
Group Angrite[1]
Country Argentina[1]
Region Buenos Aires[1]
Coordinates 37°40′S 61°39′W / 37.667°S 61.650°W / -37.667; -61.650Coordinates: 37°40′S 61°39′W / 37.667°S 61.650°W / -37.667; -61.650[2]
Observed fall No
Found date 1979-09[1]
TKW 16.55 kilograms (36.5 lb)[1]

D'Orbigny meteorite was found near Buenos Aires, Argentina in September 1979. It is the largest angrite found to date.[3]


D'Orbigny was found by a farm worker who hit it while plowing a corn field.[2] Not realising its significance he gave it to the landowner who stored it for about twenty years until reading an article on meteorites prompted him to have it analysed.[3]

As of January 2012 fragments of the meteorite were on sale for US$500/g.[4]



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