Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

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Dragon Quest:
The Adventure of Dai
DragonquestTheAdventureOfDai vol1 Cover.jpg
Cover from the first volume of the manga series Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, published by Shueisha
ドラゴンクエスト ダイの大冒険
(Doragon Kuesuto: Dai no Daibōken)
GenreAdventure,[1] fantasy[2]
Written byRiku Sanjo
Illustrated byKoji Inada
Published byShueisha
ImprintJump Comics
MagazineWeekly Shōnen Jump
Original runOctober 23, 1989December 9, 1996
Volumes37 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed byNobutaka Nishizawa
Produced by
  • Hiroshi Inoue
  • Yoshio Takami
Written byJunki Takegami
Music byKoichi Sugiyama
StudioToei Animation
Original networkTBS
Original run October 17, 1991 September 24, 1992
Episodes46 (List of episodes)
Anime film series
Directed by
  • Nobutaka Nishizawa (film 1, 3)
  • Hiroki Shibata (film 2)
Produced by
  • Rikizou Kayano
  • Tomonori Imada
Written byJunki Takegami
Music byKoichi Sugiyama
StudioToei Animation
Released July 20, 1991 July 11, 1992
Runtime31 - 40 minutes (each)
Films3 (List of films)
Anime television series
Directed byKazuya Karasawa
Written byKatsuhiko Chiba
Music byYuki Hayashi
StudioToei Animation
Original networkTV Tokyo
Original run October 2020 scheduled
Written byRiku Sanjo
Illustrated byYūsaku Shibata
Published byShueisha
ImprintJump Comics
MagazineV Jump
Original runTBAscheduled
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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai (ドラゴンクエスト ダイの大冒険, Doragon Kuesuto: Dai no Daibōken, lit. Dragon Quest: The Great Adventure of Dai) is a Japanese manga based on the video game series of the same name. It was written by Riku Sanjo and illustrated by Koji Inada and serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump from October 1989 to December 1996.

The manga was adapted into an anime series, produced by Toei Animation and broadcast on TBS from July 1991 to July 1992. It is the second anime adaptation based on the Dragon Quest franchise after Dragon Quest: Legend of the Hero Abel. A new anime adaptation has been announced, and is set to premiere in October 2020 on TV Tokyo.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is one of the Weekly Shōnen Jump's best-selling manga series of all time, with 50 million tankōbon volumes copies sold.


The story begins with a young boy named Dai remembering a story told to him by his adoptive grandfather, the monster magician Brass, about the defeat of the Demon King Hadlar by the hands of a hero known as Avan. After the defeat of the Demon King Hadlar, all of the monsters were released from his evil will and peace reigned supreme around the world once again for ten years. Some monsters and demons moved to the island of Dermline to live in peace. Dai, the young protagonist of the series, is the only human living on the island. Having been raised by Brass and with his best friend, the monster Gome, Dai grows up dreaming of becoming a hero.

The true story begins when Avan, an instructor of heroes, comes to the island to teach Dai, by request of Leona, a princess who was previously saved by the boy. Avan offers Dai a full week of training which would create a hero out of him. Just after learning the second of Avan's three secret sword techniques, Dai's training is interrupted by the return of Hadlar. Hadlar announces to Avan that he had worked for an even more powerful evil king, the Great Demon King Vearn, who has resurrected him. Weakened by the spells he used to help Dai on his training, Avan nevertheless confronts Hadlar. To protect his students and destroy Hadlar at the same time, he casts a spell called "Megante" (Sacrifice) which requires the caster's own life force to be used. The spell does not destroy the Demon King as Avan had planned, and Dai, Pop, Brass, and Gome are left to fend for themselves. Only the awakening of a hidden power within Dai, symbolized by the appearance of a strange mark on his forehead, leads them to defeat Hadlar and cause him to flee. Dai decides to leave the island with Pop to avenge Avan and defeat the Demon King and his master to bring peace back to the world.


Disciples of Avan[edit]

  • Dai (ダイ, Dai) Voiced by: Toshiko Fujita (1991), Atsumi Tanezaki (2020)[3] – Twelve years old, Dai grew up as the only human on Delmurin island. He gains some fame after defeating a group of fake heroes who had kidnapped his friend Gome. When the Demon King Hadlar is resurrected, the previous hero, Avan, comes to help train him to be the next hero. Dai possesses the ability to gain super strength and a better control of magic when the emblem of the dragon appears on his forehead (or later in the manga on his hand). This strength is because he is the son of the Dragon Knight Baran. Dai managed to learn the Earth and Wave Slashes with Avan, but had to acquire the Sky Slash on his own. Notably, Dai can infuse his weapon with magic (Raidein or Mera) to create more powerful sword techniques, such as Flaming Earth Slash. He can do the same thing with his Draconic Aura, but ordinary weapons cannot take the strain; Hyunckel's Demon Magic Sword breaks after Dai performs a crest-assisted Avan Strash. To suit this ability, Dai acquires an orichalcum sword from the legendary swordsmith Lon Berk, which can take the pressure.
  • Pop (ポップ, Poppu) Voiced by: Keiichi Nanba (1991), Toshiyuki Toyonaga (2020)[3] – The son of the weapons merchant Junk, fifteen-year-old Pop left his home in Lankarks village and decided to become an apprentice of Avan, training to become a magician. He is a specialist in fire spells, mainly those of the Mera type, but as the story progresses he learns more powerful spells such as a gravity pressure attack. He can use Megante and Hyado type spells as well. Later on in the series, Pop becomes a Sage, one of the highest class of magicians who can use both attack and healing spells. Throughout the series, Pop uses various weapons, but later on in the series he acquires a staff from Lon Berk with the same power that rivals Vearn's staff, the ability to turn magic power into attack power. In addition to this, Pop's staff can transform to any shape.
  • Maam (マァム, Maamu) Voiced by: Miina Tominaga (1991), Mikako Komatsu (2020)[3] – Sixteen years old, Maam is the daughter of Leyra and Loca, the priestess and warrior who helped Avan in the original fight against Hadlar. Maam trained under Avan and is proficient with healing spells (Hoimi), but never could successfully learn any offensive ones. Avan gave her a magical gun that shoots magic spells, which helped her compensate for her lack of expertise with any of the other schools of magic. When the gun gets destroyed she decides to change to another class, fighter, and temporarily leaves the party to train under Brokeena, known as the God of Martial Arts. Under Brokeena, Maam learns one of her ultimate techniques: the refractor fist, an attack that mimics excess use of Mahoimi, which results in the degradation of the opponent's body. Later on in the series, Maam acquires a transforming armor weapon from Lon Berk, which allows her to increase the destructive power of her techniques.
  • Hyunckel (ヒュンケル, Hyunkeru) Voiced by: Hideyuki Hori (1991), Yūki Kaji (2020)[3] – Twenty-one years old, Hyunckel's parents were killed in a monster attack, but one of the monsters took him in and raised him like a son. When Avan killed Hadlar and Hyunckel finds his adoptive father dead, he secretly holds a grudge against Avan, whom he believes killed his father. Hyunckel then becomes Avan's first pupil but, after graduating, unsuccessfully tried to kill his teacher with a technique he invented himself, Bloody Scraid. He was then taken in by Myst-Vearn who brought him up to be General of the Immortal Army, one of the six main armies under Hadlar and Vearn's control. After discovering that Hadlar had killed his adopted father instead of Avan, he joins Dai's party. Hyunckel originally used a demon magic sword that could transform into armor (Amudo), but it is broken when Dai fought Baran. Thereafter, Hyunckel has been using a spear with the same properties and created by the same person. Hyunckel can use all the basic Avan techniques also in addition to Demon Puppet Grab. Due to changing his weapon from a sword to a spear, he had to learn Avan's elemental techniques for spears.
  • Leona (レオナ, Reona) Voiced by: Aya Hisakawa (1991), Saori Hayami (2020)[3] – Fourteen years old, Leona is the princess of Papnika. She is training to be a sage and is well-versed in the magic arts. Her country comes to near destruction after the return of Hadlar by the hands of Hyunckel, whom she forgives and sentences to become a "true disciple of Avan". Her father is missing and presumed dead, leaving her in control of rebuilding her kingdom and helping in the fight against the Ultimate Demon King. She is friends with Dai, although it is hinted Dai feels something more for her. Leona is proficient in both Mera-type spells and Hyado-type spells; however she is best at healing spells such as Behoma, which she uses effectively in the fight against Baran. She was never taught by Avan; however later on in the series, she becomes an official member of Avan's disciples when she inherits the 5th mark of Avan from the Queen of Carl, Flora.

Supporting characters[edit]

  • Avan (アバン, Aban) Voiced by: Hideyuki Tanaka (1991), Takahiro Sakurai (2020)[3] - Thirty-one years old, Avan De Ziniur III was the previous hero who defeated the Demon King Hadlar. When he was younger, he befriended princess Flora, the ruler of the kingdom of Carl, and Loca, the general of Carl's army. He usually spent time goofing around while wearing thick glasses to hide his true power from everyone. When Hadlar tried to murder Flora, Avan decided not to hide anymore and protected her and the whole kingdom from the Demon King. After temporarily defeating him, he embarks on a journey with Loca where he would meet with Leyra, Maam's mother, and Matoriv, a powerful magician to finish off Hadlar for good. After their victory, he decided to become a trainer for a future generation of heroes. When Hadlar is resurrected and comes to defeat him, Avan casts the self-sacrifice spell Megante to protect Dai, Brass and Pop. It is later revealed that Avan had worn a protective talisman (given to him by Flora) that saved his life from the effects of Megante by taking the damage on his behalf. Having survived, he then chose to level up to be of more use to Dai and his other students in their fight against Vearn.
  • Gome (ゴメ, Gome) Voiced by: Yumi Touma - Gome is a one-of-a-kind creature, a Golden Metal Slime. Dai's first friend, Gome produces small miracles throughout the story that help Dai and his friends. In the end it is revealed that Gome is a wish-granting item created by God to help pure-hearted people.
  • Crocodine (クロコダイン, Kurokodain) Voiced by: Banjou Ginga - Thirty years old, Crocodine is a massive anthropomorphic crocodile who used to be the general of the Hundred Beasts Army. After having been defeated by Dai and Pop's teamwork, he is inspired by Pop's courage and joins the party. He has many beasts still under his control, despite Hadlar's influence throughout the world. He has a powerful weapon called the "Void Axe", which allows him to cast Bagi, one of the two wind spells available. He later acquires an even more powerful axe from the legendary swordsmith Lon Berk when the Void Axe is destroyed in the first fight with Vearn.

The Demon Lord's Army[edit]

The Demon King Hadlar's army is split into six different groups so as to maintain control over their vast numbers. Every group is used to conquer others with the exception of the Sorcerer Regiment, which exists more for studies and experiments to help further the Demon King's plans. This army was created by the Demon Lord Vearn to conquer the surface world of humans.

  • Hadlar (ハドラー, Hadorā) Voiced by: Takeshi Aono - 357 years old, the leader of the Great Demon King's Army. Hadlar was the previous Demon King until he was defeated by Avan. Hadlar was resurrected by the Great Demon Lord Vearn, and thus turned to serving him. Two of Hadlar's strongest spells are Ionazun and Begiragon, the highest level spell of the two respective types. After Hadlar was killed by Avan, Vearn resurrected him into a stronger body that could be revived countless times by Vearn's magic, with each revival increasing his power. This body proved to be too weak in the face of Dai and his companions, so Hadlar uses Zaboera to transform him into a hyper demon, which allows him to acquire a massive increase in power and gives him regenerative properties. When Hadlar uses this newfound power to defeat Dai, Vearn rewards him by giving him 5 Orhicalcum chess pieces, which Hadlar uses forbidden magic on to create his Orhicalcum Royal Guard warriors. Hadlar was killed when his body was too damaged to regenerate anymore after his final fight with Dai, and turned into dust.

Hundred Beast Regiment: (Animals type, Plant type, Insect type, etc.) A tribe of complete abominations, wielding unfathomable power.

Leader: Beast King Crocodine (see above)

The Undead Knights Regiment: (Skeletons, Zombies, Undead, etc.) A legion of soldiers who have transcended death.

Leader: Leader of the Undead Knights Hyunckel (see above)

Ice and Fire Demon Regiment: (Flame, Blizzard, Lava Men, Glacier Men, Bomb Rocks, etc.) Frightening destroyers who burn everything and freeze the soul.

Leader: Fire and Ice Commander Flazzard

  • Flazzard (フレイザード, Fureizādo) Voiced by Ken Yamaguchi - Flazzard was created by Hadlar using forbidden magic. His body is a combination of fire and ice and he can uses both elements to attack. Flazzard cares only for glory and winning, doing whatever to achieve it and taking no interest in fair fights. Because he was created and not born like other beings he takes to living in the moment since he feels a long life without glory is meaningless. He was killed by Myst-Vearn after failing to defeat Dai.

Sorcerer Regiment: (Mage type, Madou Savoru, Druid, Mad Hand, Devil's Eyeball, etc.) A regiment of mages proud of their immense magic power.

Leader: Ghost Bishop Zaboera

  • Zaboera (ザボエラ, Zaboera) Voiced by: Naoki Tatsuta- About 800 years old, one of the Commanders of the Great Demon King's army, Zaboera is small and highly intelligent, relying on trickery to get what he wants. He does not care for anybody and regards everyone as his tools, including his son Zamza, who he used to acquire essential information on the development of hyper demons. He has his troops fight for him since he does not like to get his hands dirty. He hides in the shadows and will claim anyone's accomplishments as his own if it helps further his plans. He can cast Zaraki, which can cause instant death to a group of opponents, and Moshasu, which can assume the form of anyone. He also has poison related arsenals. He was killed by Crocodine in one of the last battles in the series.

Super Dragon Regiment: (Dragon, Sky Dragon, Snake type, etc.) A regiment of the largest monsters, their battle power is the highest of all the six regiments.

Leader: Dragon Tamer Baran

  • Baran (バラン, Baran) Voiced by: Unshou Ishizuka - The commander of the Super Dragon Brigade, Baran is a fierce fighter with strong morals. He is the true Dragon Knight of the era and in his youth he defeated Velther. After the fight he was mortally wounded and would have died if not for the help of Soara, the princess of Alkeed who nursed him back to health. The two fell in love, but when her father the king discovered that Baran was not human he was thrown out of the castle (after being accused of being a follower of a demon) only to be followed by Soara, who announced to him that she was pregnant. Some months later, Baran and Soara lived happy and without concerns, taking care of baby Dai (whom they named Dino). When the king found the two, Baran voluntarily gave himself up to protect his wife and child. He was brought back to Alkeed and sentenced to death. When Baran was to be executed with fire spells, Soara jumped in the way to protect him and was fatally wounded. Soara's father claimed her to be a disgrace, and in a rage Baran destroyed the entire kingdom of Alkeed. He then desperately tried to search for his son but was unable to find Dai. Having lost his wife and his child by the hands of humans, whom he was tasked to protect, he decided that all humans should be exterminated. He was later reunited with Dai as enemies. Upon seeing Dai's dragon knight symbol, he realized that he is his son and wipes Dai's memories. He tried to persuade Dai to join him but Dai refused to believe he is Baran's son. Pop sacrifices himself to return Dai's memories during the second time they fight, but fails to scratch Baran with Megante. Later, Baran joins with Dai to fight against Vearn but is killed when he shields Dai from the explosion of a Black Core Crystal when fighting Hadlar. Baran has a high mastery of his crest and can transform into a Ryuumajin, the ultimate form of a Dragon Knight, which is a combination of a demon, human, and dragon. In this form, he is unable to discern between friend and foe until everything is dead. He also has Giga Break (a powerful move utilizing the ultimate electricity spell, Gigadein, and his legendary sword, the Demon Dragon Blade), Raidein type magic, and Draconic Aura. Baran's ultimate spell is Draura (Dragon Touki Cannon). This spell channels Draconic Aura into a cannon blast that can annihilate a whole country, and can only be used in his Ryuumajin form.

Shadow Regiment: (Shadow Knights, Wraiths, Wandering Armor, Smoke, etc.) Shadow attackers who attack their enemy without revealing their form, animated by a soul they received from the demon lord.

Leader: Shadow Fighter Myst-Vearn

  • Myst-Vearn (ミストバーン, Misutobān) Voiced by: Keiichi Nanba - One of the Commanders of the Great Demon King Vearn's army, Myst-Vearn was Hyunckel's evil teacher. In one of the twists near the end of the manga it is revealed that Myst-Vearn is really a ghost-like being inhabiting one half of Vearn's body while at the same time protecting it. While he has no physical fighting ability of any kind in his true form, he has the ability to possess anyone and turn them into his puppet (Shadow Puppet Grab). He is possibly one of the oldest creatures to exist. Was killed in Hyunckel's body during an attempt to possess him.

Hadlar's Guardian Knights (Shinei Kidan no Hadlar)

The personal bodyguards of Hadlar Leader of the Demon Lords army. Hadlar created them from chess pieces made of orihalcon (a substance that is resistant to magic and can only be damaged by something also made of orihalcon). They serve as replacements for the defeated leaders of the six regiments. Since they were created like Flazzard their core must be destroyed in order to defeat them, which is located in the left chest just like a human's heart.

  • Pawn Warrior Hym - Since he was created from a pawn piece he fully understands that there will always be someone better than him. He, like the rest of the knights, fight fairly and praises worthy fighters. He mostly seems to live by the concept of "an eye for an eye" since he said he would not be satisfied until he punched a hole in Hyunckel's forehead as Hyunckel had pierced a hole in his. He had his own arm cut off after it became limp since he believed it would become a distraction during a fight, and has shown that he is a bit of a hot head getting lost in the heat of battle and not wanting to stop even if it was not his prime objective. He is an expert in mera (fire) spells but only uses them to increase the power of his fists. In the final part of the story, Hym discovers he actually is the reincarnation of his master, acquiring Hadlar's silver hair and the ability to generate Touki as an organic being.
  • Knight Warrior Sigma - He has the Mirror of Shahal on his chest this object can repel enemy spells and Sigma can also use as a shield. With his horse legs he has the highest speed and jumping ability of the group, which also allows him to perform a double jump in any eight directions. He attacks using a lance. He is also very perceptive to the point of pointing out the flaw in any action someone may take against Hadlar. Sigma was killed by Pop.
  • Bishop Warrior Fenbren - He calls himself the prefect hunter this is because his body is made of eight bladed sections. He has mastered all bagi (wind) type spells. He is unlike the rest of the knights since he himself stated that he is cruel in battle. He can use his sword like arms as drills to tunnel underground to avoid attacks but he will not use it to attack from behind. He lost his eyes when Baran attacked him but afterwards he gained the ability to sense where his enemies and other objects of orihalcon are. He was cut in half by Dai while guarding the underwater door to the Demon Lord.
  • Rook Warrior Block - The physical strongest of the group, he can't fully speak so he relies on the others to speak for him the only thing he can say is "buroom". To protect his fellow knights he threw himself over them to take a powerful magic attack, his strength surpasses Crocodine's. His one technique comes from the castling move in chess which causes him to split in two revealing a more human like body underneath that can quickly switch places with the king (Hadlar), the one time he used this move was to save Hadler from Vearn then transporting Hadlar and his fellow knights to safety but not before saying his first and last words "Everyone take care of Hadlar-sama".
  • Queen Warrior Albinass - Albinass is who coordinates the group's attacks, she acts as the group's voice of reason and to remind them that they fight for Hadlar. While she is considered the only female of the group she has stated that the group members have no gender and that each is powerful in they own way. She treats every battle as a game of chess going as far as calling those fighting "pieces". She attacks using needles (called Needle Thousand) which are hard to dodge since they cover a very large area; the only flaw is that Albinass cannot or does not move when using it, making her a sitting duck for anyone lucky enough to escape her attack. She normally keeps her arms and legs sealed under her metallic cloak, when she does use them her speed and strength increase dramatically. Additionally with her arms unsealed she uses her magic in a compressed ball (called Thousand Ball) for more precise attacks in place of her normally wide range needle attack. Her loyalty to Hadlar is second to none, even to the point of being mistaken for loving devotion. Albinass was killed by Maam.
  • Kill-Vearn (キルバーン, Kirubān) Voiced by: Hideyuki Tanaka- Called the shinigami, Kill-Vearn's job is to assassinate members of the Great Demon King's Army that have betrayed Vearn. He is accompanied by his small helper Piroro. In the end it is revealed that Kill-Vearn was actually working for Vearn's rival, Velther. His job was to kill Vearn if there was a good opportunity. It is also found out that Kill-Vearn is just Piroro's mechanical puppet, and that behind Kill-Vearn's mask is a Black Core. Piroro was killed by Maam while the Kill-Vearn puppet was destroyed in the Black Core explosion triggered by Piroro.
  • Vearn (バーン, Bān) Voiced by: Kenji Utsumi- see Vearn. The Great Demon Lord Vearn is the supreme leader of the demon army and the main villain. The Great Demon Lord Vearn calls himself the god of the mazoku. Vearn hates that the gods gave humans the surface world to live while the mazoku have to live without the sun. Thus his goal is to blast away the surface using a hexagonal Black Core explosion field to both rid the world of weak humans while also giving the sun to the mazoku. Near the end of the manga, it was revealed that in order to achieve immortality, Vearn separated his body into two parts. The body he directly controls retains the intelligence and magic power, while the body that was given to Myst retained his physical strength. The second body became Myst-Vearn. Vearn used his great magic power to use the spell of Frozen Time on Myst-Vearn. As Myst is a unique case of being able to manipulate a body that is affected by that spell, Myst-Vearn's body effectively acquired immortality, while Vearn's body, while growing in intelligence and magic power, kept aging. After being defeated by Dai, Vearn decided to restore his original body and became more powerful than ever. He was defeated again with great difficulty by Dai and turned into stone. Vearn has the ability to cast almost every type of magic available, including one of his strongest types: Mera type magic (his Mera is stronger than Pop's Merazoma). Because Vearn can also cast healing spells, he is considered a Sage class, one of the highest class of magicians. Vearn also had a staff given to him by Lon Berk, which can turn magic power into physical attack power, though it eats power at an immense rate. Vearn's most powerful attacks are a phoenix-shaped Merazoma, Kaiser Phoenix, a palm heel strike with touki that can repel or reflect attacks and spells called Phoenix Wing, a touki hand chop that is as sharp and deadly as Dai's sword, called Calamity End, Calamity Wall, a wall of rushing energy created by either his legendary staff or his barehand, and finally, the Tenchi-Madou, an ultimate counter move that unleashes Kaiser Phoenix, Phoenix Wing, and Calamity End simultaneously.



Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is written by Riku Sanjo and illustrated by Koji Inada. A short story Derupa! Iruiru! (デルパ!イルイル!) was first released in the 25th and 26th issues of Weekly Shōnen Jump in 1989.[4][5] Issues 35–37 included the short story Dai Bakuhatsu!! (ダイ爆発!!!).[6][7][8] The serialization of The Adventure of Dai began that same year in the 45th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump, published on October 23.[9] It continued on for seven years before ending in the 52nd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump on December 9, 1996.[10] The manga was collected into 37 tankōbon volumes published between March 9, 1990 and June 4, 1997.[11][12] It was later released into 22 bunkobon volumes published from June 18, 2003 to March 18, 2004.[13][14]

A prequel manga series illustrated by Yūsaku Shibata, with Sanjo credited for original work, has been announced and will be serialized in Shueisha's V Jump manga magazine.[15] The series will be centered around Avan before he met and his companions.

Volume list[edit]

No.TitleJapanese release dateJapanese ISBN
01The Hero's Tutor!!
Yūsha no Kateikyōshi!! (勇者の家庭教師!!)
March 9, 1990[11]ISBN 978-4-08-871071-6
  • 01. "Derupa! Iruiru! Part 1" (デルバ!イルイル!(前編), Derupa! Iruiru! (Zenpen))
  • 02. "Derupa! Iruiru! Part 2" (デルバ!イルイル!(後編), Derupa! Iruiru! (Kōhen))
  • 03. "Dai Explodes!!! Part 1" (ダイ爆発!!!(前編), Dai Bakuhatsu!!! (Zenpen))
  • 04. "Dai Explodes!!! Part 2" (ダイ爆発!!!(中編), Dai Bakuhatsu!!! (Chūhen))
  • 05. "Dai Explodes!!! Part 3" (ダイ爆発!!!(後編), Dai Bakuhatsu!!! (Kōhen))
  • 06. "The Hero's Tutor!!" (勇者の家庭教師!!, Yūsha no Kateikyōshi!!)
  • 07. "Dai's Special Training!!!" (ダイ特訓!!!, Dai Tokkun!!!)
  • 08. "The Dragon Who Wore Glasses!" (メガネをかけた竜!, Megane o Kaketa Ryū!)
  • 09. "The Demon King Reappears...!?" (魔王の出現…!?, Maō no Shutsugen...!?)
02Battle!! Hadlar versus Avan
Taiketsu!! Hadorā Tai Aban (対決!!ハドラー対アバン)
April 10, 1990[16]ISBN 978-4-08-871072-3
  • 10. "Hadlar's Identity...!!" (ハドラーの正体…!!, Hadorā no Shōtai...!!)
  • 11. "Battle!! Hadlar versus Avan" (対決!!ハドラー対アバン, Taiketsu!! Hadorā Tai Aban)
  • 12. "Avan's Mark" (アバンのしるし, Aban no Shirushi)
  • 13. "Dai's Rage!!!" (ダイ激怒!!!, Dai Gekido!!!)
  • 14. "Explosion!! Strash" (爆発!! 最強技, Bakuhatsu!! Sutorasshu)
  • 15. "The Journey to Epic Adventure!!" (大冒険への旅立ち!!, Daibōken e no Tabidachi!!)
  • 16. "Maam of the Magic Forest" (魔の森のマァム, Ma no Mori no Māmu)
  • 17. "The Beast King!! Crocodine" (獣王!!クロコダイン, Jū Ō!! Kurokodain)
  • 18. "The Beast King's War Cry" (獣王のおたけび!!, Jū Ō no Otakebi!!)
03Gather!! The Disciples of Avan
Tsudoe!! Aban no Shito (集え!!アバンの使徒)
August 8, 1990[17]ISBN 978-4-08-871073-0
  • 19. "Gather!! The Disciples of Avan" (集え!!アバンの使徒, Tsudoe!! Aban no Shito)
  • 20. "The Miracle Magic Bullet Gun" (驚異の魔弾銃, Kyōi no Madangan)
  • 21. "Avan, Our Teacher" (アバン・我らが師, Aban - Warera ga Shi)
  • 22. "3rd Companion!!" (第3の仲間!!, Daisan no Nakama!!)
  • 23. "Romos, Crisis Draws Near" (危機迫るロモス, Kiki Semaru Romosu)
  • 24. "Attack of the Hundred Beast Army" (百獣総進撃!!, Hyakujū Sōshingeki!!)
  • 25. "Dai's Weak Point...!?" (ダイの弱点…!?, Dai no Jakuten...!?)
  • 26. "Foul Play! The Ghost Bishop" (卑劣なり! 妖魔司教, Hiretsu nari! Yōma Shikyō)
  • 27. "A Fragment of Courage!" (ひとかけらの勇気!, Hito Kakera no Yūki!)
04The Gathering of the 6 Commanders...!?
Roku Daidanchō Shūketsu...!? (6大団長集結…!?)
November 11, 1990[18]ISBN 978-4-08-871074-7
  • 28. "Pop! Risk your Life!!" (ポップ!生命をかけろ!!, Poppu! Inochi o Kakero!!)
  • 29. "The Miracle of Friendship" (奇跡呼ぶ友情, Kiseki Yobu Yūjō)
  • 30. "Dai, Crest of Anger!!" (ダイ怒りの紋章!!, Dai Ikari no Monshō!!)
  • 31. "Small Heroes" (小さな勇者たち, Chiisana Yūshatachi)
  • 32. "Aim for Papnika!" (パプニカをめざせ!, Papunika o Mezase!)
  • 33. "The Gathering of the 6 Commanders...!?" (6大団長集結…!?, Roku Daidanchō Shūketsu...!?)
  • 34. "The Mysterious Swordmaster" (謎の剛剣士, Nazo no Gōkenshi)
  • 35. "The Mystic Swordsman, Hyunckel!!" (魔剣戦士ヒュンケル!!, Maken Senshi Hyunkeru!!)
  • 36. "His Father's Enemy...Avan!?" (父の敵…アバン!?, Chichi no Kataki... Aban!?)
  • 37. "The Strongest Black Sword!!" (黒き最強剣!!, Kuroki Saikyō Ken!!)
05The Lightning Sword of Justice!!!
Seigi no Inazuma Ken!!! (正義の稲妻剣!!!)
February 8, 1991[19]ISBN 978-4-08-871075-4
  • 38. "The Absolute End...!!" (絶体絶命…!!, Zettai Zetsumei...!!)
  • 39. "The Beast King's Tears" (獣王の涙, Jū Ō no Namida)
  • 40. "This Is The Underground Demon Castle!" (これが地底魔城だ!, Kore ga Chitei Majō da!)
  • 41. "Bet It On A Lightning Strike!" (稲妻にかけろ!, Inazuma ni Kakero!)
  • 42. "Sneaking In! The Dungeon of Death" (潜入!死の迷宮, Sennyū! Shi no Danjon)
  • 43. "The Decisive Moment...!!" (決着の瞬間…!!, Ketchaku no Toki...!!)
  • 44. "Dai, To Die By The Demonic Sword...!!?" (ダイ、魔剣に死す…!!?, Dai, Maken ni Shisu...!!?)
  • 45. "Father's Soul!!" (父の魂!!, Chichi no Tamashii!!)
  • 46. "The Lightning Sword of Justice!!!" (正義の稲妻剣!!!, Seigi no Inazuma Ken!!!)
  • 47. "Farewell, Lonely Soldier" (さらば孤独の戦士, Saraba Kodoku no Senshi)
06Cruelty! Flazzard
Zankoku! Fureizādo (残酷!フレイザード)
April 10, 1991[20]ISBN 978-4-08-871076-1
  • 48. "The Flare Signal" (合図の信号弾, Aizu no Shingōdan)
  • 49. "Where's Leona...…!?" (その時、レオナは……!?, Sono toki, Reona wa...…!?)
  • 50. "Cruelty! Flazzard" (残酷!フレイザード, Zankoku! Fureizādo)
  • 51. "The Hero VS The Fire and Ice General!!" (勇者対氷炎将軍!!, Yūsha Tai Hyōen Shōgun!!)
  • 52. "Terrifying Magic Barrier!!" (恐怖の結界呪法!!, Kyōfu no Kekkai Juhō!!)
  • 53. "Frozen Beauty, Leona!" (凍れる美女・レオナ!, Kōreru Bijo - Reona!)
  • 54. "The Rumored Great Magician" (噂の大魔道士, Uwasa no Dai Madōshi)
  • 55. "Matoriv's Special Training" (マトリフの特訓, Matorifu no Tokkun)
  • 56. "Set Off For Valge Island" (バルジ島へ上陸せよ, Baruji-tō e Jōriku se yo)
07Immortal Saviour!!!
Fujimi no Kyūseishu!!! (不死身の救世主!!!)
July 10, 1991[21]ISBN 978-4-08-871077-8
  • 57. "The Demon Army Wages a Full-Scale Attack!!!" (魔王軍総攻撃!!!, Maōgun Sōkōgeki!!!)
  • 58. "A Heated Struggle to the Death!!" (超高熱の死闘!!, Chōkōnetsu no Shitō!!)
  • 59. "Immortal Saviour!!!" (不死身の救世主!!!, Fujimi no Kyūseishu!!!)
  • 60. "Warrior Revived!!" (戦士復活!!, Senshi Fukkatsu!!)
  • 61. "Clash!! Hyunckel VS Hadlar" (激突!!ヒュンケル対ハドラー, Gekitotsu!! Hyunkeru Tai Hadorā)
  • 62. "Roaring Flames, Final Touki!!" (火を吹く最終闘気!!, Hi o Fuku Saishū Tōki!!)
  • 63. "The Cross of Life and Death" (生と死の十字架, Sei to Shi no Kurusu)
  • 64. "Infiltration!! Save Leona" (突入!!レオナを救え, Totsunyū!! Reona o Sukue)
  • 65. "Flazzard's Tenacity" (フレイザードの執念, Fureizādo no Shūnen)
  • 66. "Hailstorm of Stones!!!" (嵐の弾岩!!!, Arashi no Dangan!!!)
08Now...Slice Everything...!!!
Ima... Subete o Kiru...!!! (いま…すべてを斬る…!!!)
October 9, 1991[22]ISBN 978-4-08-871078-5
  • 67. "The Final Secret of Avan-Ryuu" (アバン流最後の奥義, Aban Ryū Saigo no Ōgi)
  • 68. "The Kuuretsuzan Appears!!" (出たっ!! 空裂斬, Deta—!! Kūretsuzan)
  • 69. "Giant Flame Man!!!" (魔炎気の巨人!!!, Maenki no Kyojin!!!)
  • 70. "Now... Slice Everything...!!!" (いま…すべてを斬る…!!!, Ima... Subete o Kiru...!!!)
  • 71. "Goodbye, Magic Bullet Gun" (さよなら魔弾銃, Sayonara Madangan)
  • 72. "Victory! And Now..." (勝利!そして…, Shōri! Soshite...)
  • 73. "Maam's Decision" (マァムの決意, Māmu no Ketsui)
  • 74. "Shaking Kiganjou...!!" (揺れる鬼岩城…!!, Yureru Kiganjō…!!)
  • 75. "Until The Day We Meet Again" (また会う日まで, Mata Au Hi Made)
09Dragon Knight
Doragon no Kishi (竜の騎士)
February 10, 1992[23]ISBN 978-4-08-871079-2
  • 76. "Let's Go To The Department Store!" (デパートへ行こう!, Depāto e Ikō!)
  • 77. "Super Dragon Army, Fierce Attack!!!" (超竜軍団猛攻!!!, Chōryū Gundan Mōkō!!!)
  • 78. "Battle in Bengarna City" (ベンガーナ市街戦, Bengāna Shigaisen)
  • 79. "Defeat the Hydra!!" (巨大竜を倒せ!!, Hidora o Taose!!)
  • 80. "Roaring Dai...!!!" (吠えるダイ…!!!, Hoeru Dai...!!!)
  • 81. "Dragon Knight" (竜の騎士, Doragon no Kishi)
  • 82. "Crashing Baran!!!" (衝撃のバラン!!!, Shōgeki no Baran!!!)
  • 83. "The Dragon Tamer's True Form" (竜騎将の正体, Ryūki Shō no Shōtai)
  • 84. "The Laughing Demon Lord" (笑う大魔王, Warau Daimaō)
10The Battle Between Father and Son!!!
Chichi to Ko no Tatakai!!! (父と子の戦い!!!)
April 10, 1992[24]ISBN 978-4-08-871080-8
  • 85. "The Battle Between Father and Son!!!" (父と子の戦い!!!, Chichi to Ko no Tatakai!!!)
  • 86. "Trembling With Fear! Dragonic Aura!!" (戦慄!竜闘気!!, Senritsu! Doragonikku Ōra!!)
  • 87. "Risk Your Life...!!" (この生命かけて…!!, Kono Inochi Kakete...!!)
  • 88. "Flash of Terror" (恐怖の閃光, Kyōfu no Senkō)
  • 89. "Dai, Level 1…!!?" (ダイ・レベル1…!!?, Dai, Reberu Wan...!!?)
  • 90. "The Gathering of the Strongest Army!!" (最強軍団集合!!, Saikyō Gundan Shūgō!!)
  • 91. "The Encounter With The Dragon Rider!!!" (竜騎衆大接近!!!, Ryūki Shū Daisekkin!!!)
  • 92. "Breakdown...!!?" (決裂…!!?, Ketsuretsu...!!?)
  • 93. "Pop, In The Face of Death!!" (ポップ、決死の挑戦!!, Poppu, Kesshi no Chōsen!!)
  • 94. "Fury!! Galdandy" (狂乱!! ガルダンディー, Kyōran!! Garudandī)
11Dai, the Secret of Your Birth...!!
Dai, Shussei no Himitsu...!! (ダイ、出生の秘密…!!)
July 3, 1992[25]ISBN 978-4-08-871181-2
  • 95. "Fierce Counterattack!! Avan's Disciples" (猛反撃!! アバンの使徒, Mōhangeki!! Aban no Shito)
  • 96. "The Last Dragon Rider" (竜騎衆最後の男, Ryūki Shū Saigo no Otoko)
  • 97. "Amudo VS Amudo!!" (鎧化対鎧化!!, Amudo Tsui Amudo!!)
  • 98. "The Knife of Memories" (思い出のナイフ, Omoide no Naifu)
  • 99. "Dai, the Secret of Your Birth...!!" (ダイ、出生の秘密…!!, Dai, Shussei no Himitsu...!!)
  • 100. "From The Brink of Death" (起死回生, Kishikaisei)
  • 101. "Mutual Sacrifice...!!" (強敵に捧ぐ…!!, Tomo ni Sasagu...!!)
  • 102. "I'll Use My Body As A Shield!!" (我が身を盾に!!, Wagami o Tate ni!!)
  • 103. "The Man Who Threw Away His Heart!!" (心を捨てた男!!, Kokoro o Suteta Otoko!!)
  • 104. "The Ryuu-Majin Awakens!!!" (竜魔人目覚める!!!, Ryū Majin Mezameru!!!)
12The World's Ultimate Offense and Defense!!
Chijō Saidai no Kōbō!! (地上最大の攻防!!)
September 4, 1992[26]ISBN 978-4-08-871182-9
  • 105. "Our Dai...!!!" (おれたちのダイ…!!!, Oretachi no Dai...!!!)
  • 106. "Pop's Final Moment" (ポップの最期, Poppu no Saigo)
  • 107. "Cry!! Rage!!" (吠えろ!!怒れ!!!, Hoero!! Ikare!!!)
  • 108. "The Hero Dai's Revival!!!" (勇者ダイ復活!!!, Yūsha Dai Fukkatsu!!!)
  • 109. "The World's Ultimate Offense and Defense!!" (地上最大の攻防!!, Chijō Saidai no Kōbō!!)
  • 110. "Super Spell, Life or Death...!!?" (超呪文・生か死か…!!?, Chōjumon, Sei ka Shi ka...!!?)
  • 111. "The One Dragon Blade!!" (竜の一刀!!", Doragon no Ittō!!)
  • 112. "An Attack That Surpasses Death!!!" (死を超えた一撃!!!, Shi o Koeta Ichigeki!!!)
  • 113. "A Father's Farewell" (父との決別, Chichi to no Ketsubetsu)
13Where's the Strongest Blade?
Saikyō Ken wa Doko da...!!? (最強剣はどこだ…!!?)
November 4, 1992[27]ISBN 978-4-08-871183-6
  • 114. "The Final Notice" (最後通告, Saigo Tsūkoku)
  • 115. "Maam's Back...!!?" (帰ってきたマァム…!!?, Kaette Kita Māmu...!!?)
  • 116. "Fierce Battle!!! Ultimate Spell" (激突!!!極大呪文, Gekitotsu!!! Kyokudai Jumon)
  • 117. "Individual Missions" (それぞれの使命, Sorezore no Shimei)
  • 118. "Where's the Strongest Blade?" (最強剣はどこだ…!!?, Saikyō Ken wa Doko da...!!?)
  • 119. "The Romos Martial Arts Tournament" (ロモス武術大会, Romosu Bujutsu Taikai)
  • 120. "Reunited!! Fighter Maam" (再会!! 武闘家マァム, Saikai!! Butōka Māmu)
  • 121. "The Blade of Champions" (覇者の剣, Hasha no Tsurugi)
  • SP. "Avan, The Hero — Side Story" (【番外編】勇者アバン, (Bangaihen) Yūsha Aban)
14The Fearsome Hyper Demon
Kyōfu no Chōma Seibutsu (恐怖の超魔生物)
December 26, 1992[28]ISBN 978-4-08-871184-3
  • 123. "Disaster in the Finals!!" (決勝戦の異変!!, Kesshōsen no Ihen!!)
  • 124. "Zaboera's Son" (ザボエラの息子, Zaboera no Musuko)
  • 125. "The Fearsome Hyper Demon" (恐怖の超魔生物, Kyōfu no Chōma Seibutsu)
  • 126. "Dai is Devoured...!!!" (のみこまれたダイ…!!!, Nomikomareta Dai...!!!)
  • 127. "Will It Happen!!? Dai's Rescue" (なるか!!? 勇者救出, Naru ka!!? Dai Kyūshutsu)
  • 128. "Roar, Deadly Fist!!!" (うなれ必殺拳!!!, Unare Hissatsu Ken!!!)
  • 129. "Flashing Counterattack!!!" (閃光の大逆襲!!!, Senkō no Daigyakushū!!!)
  • 130. "The Cherished Item" (秘蔵のアイテム, Hizou no Aitemu)
  • 131. "In This Moment, Everything...!!!" (一瞬にすべてを…!!!, Isshun ni Subete o...!!!)
  • 132. "Zamza, Fade Into The Sun..." (ザムザ落日に消ゆ…, Zamuza Rakujitsu ni Kiyu...)
15Kiganjou's Disembarkation!!
Kiganjō Dai Jōriku!! (鬼岩城大上陸!!)
April 2, 1993[29]ISBN 978-4-08-871185-0
  • 133. "A New Adventure!!!" (新たなる出発!!!, Arata naru Tabidachi!!!)
  • 134. "The Minion of Shadow Moves...!!" (影の参謀動く…!!, Kage no Sanbō Ugoku...!!)
  • 135. "Holding the World Summit!!" (世界会議開催!!, Samitto Kaisai!!)
  • 136. "Hometown Lankarks" (故郷ランカークス, Furusato Rankākusu)
  • 137. "The Legendary Craftsman" (伝説の名工, Densetsu no Meikō)
  • 138. "Kiganjou's Disembarkation!!" (鬼岩城大上陸!!, Kiganjō Dai Jōriku!!)
  • 139. "Stop the Giant Demon Castle!!!" (巨大魔城をとめろ!!!, Kyodai Majō o Tomero!!!)
  • 140. "The Giant of Despair" (絶望の巨人, Zetsubō no Kyojin)
  • 141. "Shadow's Fury!!" (魔影軍団の猛威!!, Maei Gundan no Mōi!!)
16Dai's Sword
Dai no Tsurugi (ダイの剣)
June 4, 1993[30]ISBN 978-4-08-871186-7
  • 142. "The Do or Die Line of Defense" (決死の防衛線, Kesshi no Bōeisen)
  • 143. "Behold! The Avan-Ryuu Sousappou" (見よ!! アバン流槍殺法, Miyo!! Aban Ryū Sōsappō)
  • 144. "The Dark Teacher and Student Showdown!!!" (闇の師弟対決!!!, Yami no Shitei Taiketsu!!!)
  • 145. "In The Gap Between Good and Evil...!!" (生と邪のはざまで…!!, Sei to Ja no Hazama de...!!)
  • 146. "The Shadow Officer's Secret!!" (魔影参謀の秘密!!, Maei Sanbō no Himitsu!!)
  • 147. "Dai's Sword" (ダイの剣, Dai no Tsurugi)
  • 148. "Hero Sighting!!!" (勇者見参!!!, Yūsha Kenzan!!!)
  • 149. "Single Blade Dissection!!!" (一刀両断!!!, Ittō Ryōdan!!!)
  • 150. "Dark Rage" (暗黒の怒り, Ankoku no Ikari)
  • 151. "Pursuing Myst-Vearn" (追撃ミストバーン, Tsuigeki Misutobān)
17The Revived Demon!!!
Yomigaetta Majin!!! (よみがえった魔神!!!)
August 4, 1993[31]ISBN 978-4-08-871187-4
  • 152. "The Field of Death" (死の大地, Shi no Daichi)
  • 153. "The Revived Demon!!!" (よみがえった魔神!!!, Yomigaetta Majin!!!)
  • 154. "Nightmare of Hyper Demon Power" (悪夢の超魔パワー, Akumu no Chōma Pawā)
  • 155. "The Demonic Right Arm...!!!" (魔性の右腕…!!!, Mashō no Migiude...!!!)
  • 156. "Battle of the Strongest Swords!!!" (最強剣激突!!!, Saikyō Ken Gekitotsu!!!)
  • 157. "The Brave Retreat" (勇気ある撤退, Yūki aru Tettai)
  • 158. "Dai, Vanished Among The Glaciers" (氷河に消えた勇者, Hyōga ni Kieta Dai)
  • 159. "Premonitions of the Final Battle" (最終決戦の予感, Saishū Kessen no Yokan)
  • 160. "My Name is Vearn" (我が名はバーン, Waga Na wa Bān)
  • 161. "Search the North Pole!" (極北をさがせ!!, Kyokuhoku o Sagase!!)
18Bodyguards of Steel
Hagane no Shin'eitai (鋼の親衛隊)
October 4, 1993[32]ISBN 978-4-08-871188-1
  • 162. "Assault!! Ghost Division" (急襲!!妖魔士団, Kyūshū!! Yōma Shidan)
  • 163. "Bodyguards of Steel" (鋼の親衛隊, Hagane no Shin'eitai)
  • 164. "The Mobilization Begins!!" (行動開始!!, Kōdō Kaishi!!)
  • 165. "Secret of the Strongest Spell" (極大呪文の秘密!!, Kyokudai Jumon no Himitsu!!)
  • 166. "Seize!! The Strongest Power" (つかめ!!最強の力, Tsukame!! Saikyō no Chikara)
  • 167. "To The Decisive Battle's Location...!!!" (決戦の地へ…!!!, Kessen no Chi e...!!!)
  • 168. "The Dragon Rider Returns...!!" (竜騎将再び…!!, Ryūki Shō Futatabi...!!)
  • 169. "Violent Earthquake in the Kingdom of Carl" (カール王国激震!!, Kāru Ōkoku Gekishin!!)
  • 170. "The Hero of the North" (北の勇者, Kita no Yūsha)
  • "Dai's Adventure Fierce Battle Map Part II" (ダイ冒険激闘MAP PARTⅡ, Dai Bōken Gekitō Mappu Pāto Ni)
  • "The Legendary Supermetal!! The Secrets of Orihalcon!!!" (伝説の超金属!! オリハルコンの秘密!!!, Densetsu no Chōkinzoku!! Oriharukon no Himitsu!!!)
19Clash!!! Party Battle
Gekitotsu!!! Pātī Batoru (激突!!!集団戦闘)
December 2, 1993[33]ISBN 978-4-08-871189-8
  • 171. "The Orihalcon Menace!!" (超金属の驚異!!, Oriharukon no Kyōi!!)
  • 172. "Invincible!! The Shinei Kidan" (無敵!!親衛騎団, Muteki!! Shin'ei Kidan)
  • 173. "Double-Edged Sword" (両刃の剣, Moroha no Tsurugi)
  • 174. "Clash!!! Party Battle" (激突!!!集団戦闘, Gekitotsu!!! Pātī Batoru)
  • 175. "The Rules of Chess" (チェスの原則, Chesu no Gensoku)
  • 176. "Soul Blade!!!" (魂の剣!!!, Tamashii no Tsurugi!!!)
  • 177. "Ultimate New Skill Explosion!!!" (超新技爆発!!!, Chōshingi Bakuhatsu!!!)
  • 178. "Right and Wrong Teamwork" (正邪のチームワーク, Seija no Chīmuwāku)
  • 179. "Invitation to the Decisive Battle!" (決戦場への誘い!, Kessenjō e no Izanai!)
20The Desire of the Magic Spear
Chikai no Masō (誓いの魔槍)
February 4, 1994[34]ISBN 978-4-08-871190-4
  • 180. "The Assassin's Dagger!! Fenbren" (凶刃!!フェンブレン, Kyōjin!! Fenburen)
  • 181. "The Perseverance of the Little Guy" (小さき者の意地!, Chiisaki Mono no Iji!)
  • 182. "Unexpected Reinforcements" (意外なる救援, Igai naru Kyūen)
  • 183. "Outbreak of the Great Battle of True Demons!!?" (真魔大戦勃発!!?, Shinma Taisen Boppatsu!!?)
  • 184. "The Desire of the Magic Spear" (誓いの魔槍, Chikai no Masō)
  • 185. "Fight...!!!" (勝負…!!!, Shōbu...!!!)
  • 186. "Father and Son, Dragons to the Front Line!!!" (父子竜出陣!!!, Oyako Ryū Shutsujin!!!)
  • 187. "Assault!! Vearn Palace" (突撃!! 大魔宮, Totsugeki!! Bān Paresu)
  • 188. "The Ocean Floor Revenger!!" (海底の復讐者!!, Kaitei no Ribenjā!!)
  • 189. "The Opening Door!!!" (開かれし扉!!!, Hirakareshi Tobira!!!)
21Farewell, My Son...
Saraba Waga Ko yo...!! (さらば我が子よ…!!)
April 4, 1994[35]ISBN 978-4-08-871191-1
  • 190. "Acknowledgement of War" (戦火の告白, Senka no Kokuhaku)
  • 191. "Hadlar's Fearless Challenge!" (ハドラー不敵な挑戦!, Hadorā Futeki na Chōsen!)
  • 192. "Determined To Take The Lead!!" (決意の先陣!!, Ketsui no Senjin!!)
  • 193. "The Demon King, A Walking Bomb!!!" (爆弾を抱えた魔王!!!, Bakudan o Kakaeta Maō!!!)
  • 194. "Attacking Is Impossible...!?" (攻撃不能…!?, Kōgeki Funō…!?)
  • 195. "The Ultimate Clash of Dark and Light" (超激突の明暗, Chō Gekitotsu no Meian)
  • 196. "Blood Trap" (血の罠, Chi no Wana)
  • 197. "Farewell, My Son..." (さらば我が子よ…!!, Saraba Waga Ko yo...!!)
  • 198. "Ryuu-Majin Counterattack!!!" (竜魔人逆襲!!!, Ryū Majin Gyakushū!!!)
22Vearn Palace Appears!!!
Bān Paresu Shutsugen!!! (大魔宮出現!!!)
June 3, 1994[36]ISBN 978-4-08-871192-8
  • 199. "Horrible Magic Power!!!" (戦慄の魔法力!!!, Senritsu no Mahōryoku!!!)
  • 200. "Massive Explosion!!!" (大爆発!!!, Daibakuhatsu!!!)
  • 201. "Vearn Palace Appears!!!" (大魔宮出現!!!, Bān Paresu Shutsugen!!!)
  • 202. "The Phoenix in the Sky" (天かける不死鳥, Amakakeru Fushichō)
  • 203. "The Death of Baran" (父・バランの死, Chichi, Baran no Shi)
  • 204. "Surpassing Death...!!!" (屍を越えて…!!!, Shikabane o Koete...!!!)
  • 205. "Vearn's Reward" (大魔王からの褒美, Bān kara no Hōbi)
  • 206. "The Difference in Levels...!!!" (次元の違い…!!!, Jigen no Chigai...!!!)
  • 207. "Battle of Despair!!!" (絶望のバトル!!!, Zetsubō no Batoru!!!)
  • "The Secrets of Vearn Palace (大魔宮の秘密, Bān Paresu no Himitsu)
23Prelude to World Annihilation!!!
Sekai Hametsu e no Jokyoku!!! (世界破滅への序曲!!!)
August 4, 1994[37]ISBN 978-4-08-871193-5
  • 208. "The Sun In My Hand...!!" (太陽を我が手に…!!, Taiyō o Waga Te ni...!!)
  • 209. "Dai, The Persistent Hero!!!" (不屈の勇者・ダイ!!!, Fukutsu no Yūsha, Dai!!!)
  • 210. "Fearsome Trump Card!!" (恐怖の切り札!!, Kyōfu no Kirifuda!!)
  • 211. "Broken Sword...!!!" (折れたる剣…!!!, Oretaru Tsurugi...!!!)
  • 212. "Impossible!!? Unexpected Savior" (まさか!!? の救援者, Masaka!!? no Kyūensha)
  • 213. "Unlikely Underdog" (思わぬ伏兵!!!, Omowanu Fukuhei!!!)
  • 214. "Prelude to World Annihilation!!!" (世界破滅への序曲!!!, Sekai Hametsu e no Jokyoku!!!)
  • 215. "Survivors...!!?" (生存者は…!!?, Seizonsha wa...!!?)
  • 216. "The Queen of Carl" (カールの女王, Kāru no Joō)
24The Fifth Symbol...!!!
Itsutsume no Shirushi...!!! (五つめのしるし…!!!)
October 4, 1994[38]ISBN 978-4-08-871194-2
  • 217. "The Last Hope" (最後の希望, Saigo no Kibō)
  • 218. "The Trap of the Execution Sentence!!!" (処刑宣告の罠!!!, Shokei Senkoku no Wana!!!)
  • 219. "Dai, Withdraws From the Front Line...!!?" (ダイ戦線離脱…!!?, Dai Sensen Ridatsu...!!?)
  • 220. "Get Up, Heroes!!!" (起てよ勇者!!!, Tate yo Yūsha!!!)
  • 221. "The Fifth Symbol...!!!" (五つめのしるし…!!!, Itsutsume no Shirushi...!!!)
  • 222. "Evil-Dispelling Cave" (破邪の洞窟, Haja no Dōkutsu)
  • 223. "Challenge of 30 Hours!!!" (30時間の挑戦!!!, Sanjujikan no Chōsen!!!)
  • 224. "Progress Towards a Hope!!!" (希望への前進!!!, Kibō e no Zenshin!!!)
  • 225. "Holy Inheritance" (聖なる継承, Seinaru Keishō)
  • 226. "Pop's Suffering" (ポップの苦悩, Poppu no Kunō)
25Now!! Minakatoru
Iza!! Minakatōru (いざ!! 大破邪呪文)
December 2, 1994[39]ISBN 978-4-08-871195-9
  • 227. "Behold! The New Equipment" (見参! 最新装備, Kenzan! Saishin Sōbi)
  • 228. "The Night Before the Battle" (決戦前夜の葛藤, Kessen Zen'ya no Kattō)
  • 229. "Sleep, Hero" (勇者よ眠れ, Yūsha yo Nemure)
  • 230. "The Evil Wine Glass...!!!" (邪悪の杯…!!!, Jaaku no Sakazuki...!!!)
  • 231. "Rebirth of the Magic Sword Knight...!!?" (魔剣戦士復活…!!?, Maken Senshi Fukkatsu...!!?)
  • 232. "The Battle of Light and Dark!!!" (光と闇の戦い!!!, Hikari to Yami no Batoru!!!)
  • 233. "Gather!! The Five Disciples" (結集!! 5人の使徒, Kesshū!! Gonin no Shito)
  • 234. "The Secret of Lon Berk" (ロン・ベルクの秘密, Ron Beruku no Himitsu)
  • 235. "Now!! Minakatoru" (いざ!! 大破邪呪文, Iza!! Minakatōru)
  • 236. "The Light of Five Colors" (五色の光, Goshiki no Hikari)
26Tearful Attack
Namida no Tekijin Totsunyū!!! (涙の敵陣突入!!!)
March 3, 1995[40]ISBN 978-4-08-871196-6
  • 237. "The Makai Army Blockade!!!" (魔界軍団包囲網!!!, Makai Gundan Hōi Mō!!!)
  • 238. "Minakatoru Crisis...!!!" (大破邪呪文の危機…!!!, Minakatōru no Kiki...!!!)
  • 239. "Deadly Poisoned Fang" (殺意の毒牙, Satsui no Dokuga)
  • 240. "Her Name Is …!!" (その人の名は…!!, Sono Hito no Na wa...!!)
  • 241. "Tearful Attack!!!" (涙の敵陣突入!!!, Namida no Tekijin Totsunyū!!!)
  • 242. "Hadlar's Last Challenge" (バドラー最後の挑戦, Badorā Saigo no Chōsen)
  • 243. "Queen!! The Secret Decision" (女王!! 秘めたる決意, Kuīn!! Himetaru Ketsui)
  • 244. "Swing Your Fist, Maam!!!" (マァムよ拳をふるえ!!!, Māmu yo Kobushi o Furue!!!)
  • 245. "Ultimate Clash of Love!!!" (愛の超激突!!!, Ai no Chō Gekitotsu!!!)
  • 246. "A Comeback!! The Queen's Blind Spot" (逆転!! 女王の死角, Gyakuten!! Kuīn no Shikaku)
27The Duel of True Dragons!!!
Shinryū no Tatakai!!! (真竜の闘い!!!)
May 11, 1995[41]ISBN 978-4-08-871197-3
  • 247. "Let Go of Your Feelings...!!" (想いよ走れ…!!, Omoi yo Hashire...!!)
  • 248. "Formidable Knight, Sigma!!" (脅威の騎士・シグマ!!, Kyōi no Naito, Shiguma!!)
  • 249. "Victory or Destruction!!?" (勝利か!!? 消滅か!!?, Shōri ka!!? Shōmetsu ka!!?)
  • 250. "Marm's Response" (マァムの返事, Māmu no Henji)
  • 251. "The Duel of True Dragons!!!" (真竜の闘い!!!, Shinryū no Tatakai!!!)
  • 252. "Here it Comes!! The Ultimate Special Attack" (出たぞ!! 超必殺技, Deta zo!! Chō Hissatsu Waza)
  • 253. "Burning Life...!!!" (燃えつきる生命…!!!, Moe Tsukiru Inochi...!!!)
  • 254. "The Final Blow!!!" (最後の一太刀!!!, Saigo no Hitotachi!!!)
  • 255. "The End of the Battle...!?" (大死闘決着…!?, Dai Shitō Ketchaku...!?)
28Resurrection!!! The Great Hero
Fukkatsu!!! Dai Yūsha (復活!!! 大勇者)
July 4, 1995[42]ISBN 978-4-08-871198-0
  • 256. "Shinigami!! Kill Trap" (死神!! 殺しの罠, Shinigami!! Kiru Torappu)
  • 257. "Hope within the Flame!!!" (炎の中の希望!!!, Honō no Naka no Kibō!!!)
  • 258. "Will It Work Miraculous Escape!?" (なるか!? 奇蹟の脱出, Naru ka!? Kiseki no Dasshutsu)
  • 259. "Pop, Death by Fire...!!!" (ポップ・炎に死す…!!!, Poppu, Honō ni Shisu...!!!)
  • 260. "Resurrection!!! The Great Hero" (復活!!! 大勇者, Fukkatsu!!! Dai Yūsha)
  • 261. "The Mystery of Avan's Return...!!!" (アバン復活の謎…!!!, Aban Fukkatsu no Nazo...!!!)
  • 262. "Showdown with the Shinigami!!" (死神との対決!!, Shinigami to no Taiketsu!!)
  • 263. "Rebellous Hyunkel!!!" (反逆児ヒュンケル!!!, Hangyakuji Hyunkeru!!!)
  • 264. "Revelations" (明かされた空白, Akasareta Kūhaku)
  • 265. "Shine!!! The Secret of Anti-Evil" (輝け!!! 破邪の秘法, Kagayake!!! Haja no Hihō)
29Arrival of the Super Weapon!!!
Chōheiki Shōrai!!! (超兵器招来!!!)
September 4, 1995[43]ISBN 978-4-08-871199-7
  • 266. "Vearn Palace Trembles...!!!" (ゆれる大魔宮…!!!, Yureru Bān Paresu...!!!)
  • 267. "Justice Marches On!!" (正義の快進撃!!, Seigi no Kaishingeki!!)
  • 268. "The Confirmation...!!?" (究極の結論…!!?, Kyūkyoku no Ketsuron...!!?)
  • 269. "Zaboera's Ultimate Transformation!!!" (ザボエル最強変身!!!, Zaboeru Saikyō Henshin!!!)
  • 270. "The Other Hero" (もうひとりの勇者, Mō Hitori no Yūsha)
  • 271. "Arrival of the Super Weapon!!!" (超兵器招来!!!, Chōheiki Shōrai!!!)
  • 272. "Unfinished Ultimate Sword" (未完の究極剣, Mikan no Kyūkyoku Ken)
  • 273. "Final Confrontation" (最後の対峙, Saigo no Taiji)
  • 274. "Return from Hell" (地獄からの生還者, Jigoku kara no Seikansha)
  • 275. "Silver-Haired Beast, Hym!!!" (銀髪鬼ヒム!!!, Ginpatsuki Himu!!!)
30Farewell! To Warring Days
Saraba! Tatakai no Hibi yo (さらば! 闘いの日々よ)
November 2, 1995[44]ISBN 978-4-08-871200-0
  • 276. "Pawn's Promotion" (兵士の昇格, Bōn no Puromōshon)
  • 277. "Clash!! Fists of Two Men" (激突!! 男の拳, Gekitotsu!! Otoko no Kobushi)
  • 278. "In The End" (死闘の果てに!, Shitō no Hate ni!)
  • 279. "Burning the Last Energy!!" (最後の闘志燃ゆ!!, Saigo no Tōshi Moyu!!)
  • 280. "Checkmate!!!" (王手ッ!!!, Chekkumeito—!!!)
  • 281. "The Arrival of a Super Warrior!!!" (超戦士推参!!!, Chō Senshi Suisan!!!)
  • 282. "Farewell! To Warring Days" (さらば! 闘いの日々よ, Saraba! Tatakai no Hibi yo)
  • 283. "Battle in White Garden!!" (白い宮庭の決闘, Howaito Gāden no Kettō!!)
  • 284. "Erasure of Avan Complete" (アバン抹殺完了, Aban Massatsu Kanryō)
  • 285. "The Successor of Justice!!" (正義の後継者, Seigi no Kōkeisha!!)
31Number 2 Awakens!!!
Dai 2 no Kakusei!!! (第2の覚醒!!!)
January 10, 1996[45]ISBN 978-4-08-872201-6
  • 286. "Resolution for Victory...!!!" (勝利への誓い…!!!, Shōri e no Chikai...!!!)
  • 287. "Standing Firm!! Myst-Vearn" (不動!! ミストバーン, Fudō!! Misutobān)
  • 288. "New Ties" (新たなる絆, Arata naru Kizuna)
  • 289. "The Will of Father Baran" (父・バランの遺言, Chichi, Baran no Yuigon)
  • 290. "Unexpected Challenge...!?" (予期せぬ難関…!?, Yokisenu Nankan...!?)
  • 291. "The Heart of the Palace" (魔宮の心臓, Makyū no Shinzō)
  • 292. "Rise! Fated Knight" (起て! 宿命の騎士, Tate! Shukumei no Kishi)
  • 293. "Number 2 Awakens!!!" (第2の覚醒!!!, Dai 2 no Kakusei!!!)
  • 294. "Roar!!! Double Dragon Crest" (吠えろ!!! 双竜紋, Hoero!!! Sōryūmon)
  • 295. "Summit of Vearn Palace!!!" (大魔宮の頂上!!!, Bān Paresu no Chōjō!!!)
32The Final Battle of Myst
Misuto Saishū Kessen (ミスト最終決戦)
March 4, 1996[46]ISBN 978-4-08-872202-3
  • 296. "Terrifying Hesitation...!" (恐怖と迷い…!, Kyōfu to Mayoi...!)
  • 297. "Genetic Battle Memory!!" (闘いの遺伝子!!, Tatakai no Idenshi!!)
  • 298. "Victory for Whom" (誰がための勝利, Tagatame no Shōri)
  • 299. "Blood-Stained Conclusion...!!!" (血塗られた決着…!!!, Chinurareta Ketchaku...!!!)
  • 300. "A Worrisome Advantage" (不安な優勢, Fuan na Yūsei)
  • 301. "The Final Battle of Myst" (ミスト最終決戦, Misuto Saishū Kessen)
  • 302. "Silver's Fury!!" (白銀の猛威!!, Hakugin no Mōi!!)
  • 303. "Dark Veil" (闇の衣, Yami no Koromo)
  • 304. "Gamble for Victory!!!" (勝負を賭けた攻撃!!!, Shōbu o Kaketa Kōgeki!!!)
  • 305. "Be Gone, Demon Lord...!!" (大魔王消ゆ…!!, Daimaō Kiyu...!!)
33Myst and Kill
Misuto to Kiru (影と死神)
July 4, 1996[47]ISBN 978-4-08-872203-0
  • 306. "I am the Strongest!!!" (私が最強だ!!!, Watashi ga Saikyō da!!!)
  • 307. "Secret of Immortality!!!" (不死身の秘密!!!, Fujimi no Himitsu!!!)
  • 308. "Frozen Time...!" (凍れる時間…!, Kōreru Toki...!)
  • 309. "Great Forerunners" (大いなる先駆者たち, Ōinaru Senkushatachi)
  • 310. "Direct Hit!! Medoroa" (直撃!! 極大消滅呪文, Chokugeki!! Medorōa)
  • 311. "Terrifying Truth...!!!" (戦慄の事実…!!!, Senritsu no Jijitsu...!!!)
  • 312. "Myst and Kill" (影と死神, Misuto to Kiru)
  • 313. "The Battle that Surpasses Death" (死を越えた決着戦, Shi o Koeta Ketchakusen)
  • 314. "Passing Judgement...!" (裁きは下った…!, Jajji wa Kudatta...!)
34Advent of the True Demon Lord!!!
Shin Daimaō Kōrin!!! (真・大魔王降臨!!!)
October 3, 1996[48]ISBN 978-4-08-872204-7
  • 315. "Vearn's Greatest Mystery" (バーン最大の謎, Bān Saidai no Nazo)
  • 316. "Advent of the True Demon Lord!!!" (真・大魔王降臨!!!, Shin Daimaō Kōrin!!!)
  • 317. "Dark Marm!" (黒いマァム!, Kuroi Māmu!)
  • 318. "The Fated Demise" (宿命の終焉, Shukumei no Shūen)
  • 319. "Support the Hero!" (勇者の下へ!, Yūsha no Moto e!)
  • 320. "Facade Fighting!!!" (正面激突!!!, Shōmen Gekitotsu!!!)
  • 321. "The Motionless Stance" (不動の構え, Fudō no Kamae)
  • 322. "Invitation to Makai" (魔界への誘い, Makai e no Izanai)
  • 323. "Eyes That Won't Shut!!" (閉じない瞳!!, Tojinai Hitomi!!)
35Strike with Your Life!!!
Inochi de Butsukare!!! (生命でぶつかれ!!!)
February 2, 1997[49]ISBN 978-4-08-872205-4
  • 324. "Seize Victory!!!" (勝機をつかめ!!!, Shōki o Tsukame!!!)
  • 325. "The Tenchimatou's Blind Spot...!!?" (天地魔闘の死角…!!?, Tenchi Matō no Shikaku...!!?)
  • 326. "Strike with Your Life!!!" (生命でぶつかれ!!!, Inochi de Butsukare!!!)
  • 327. "Last Attack!!!" (ラストアタック!!!, Rasuto Atakku!!!)
  • 328. "Strengthened by Bonds...!" (絆にかけて…!, Kizuna ni Kakete...!)
  • 329. "With All Your Might!!!" (渾身!!!, Konshin!!!)
  • 330. "One Moment!!!" (一瞬!!!, Isshun!!!)
  • 331. "The Last Great Twist" (最大最後の逆転, Saidai Saigo no Gyakuten)
  • 332. "Annihilation of the Surface" (地上消滅, Chijō Shōmetsu)
36Flash of Light
Senkō no Yō ni (閃光のように)
April 4, 1997[50]ISBN 978-4-08-872206-1
  • 333. "The Voice that Echoes in the Darkness" (響く闇からの声, Hibiku Yami kara no Koe)
  • 334. "Stand Up...!!!" (起って…!!!, Tatte...!!!)
  • 335. "Flash of Light" (閃光のように, Senkō no Yō ni)
  • 336. "Miracle Inside the Hitomi" (瞳の中の奇蹟, Hitomi no Naka no Kiseki)
  • 337. "The Tear of God" (神の涙, Kami no Namida)
  • 338. "The Last Wish" (最後の願い, Saigo no Negai)
  • 339. "One Hearts As One...!!" (心をひとつに…!!, Kokoro o Hitotsu ni...!!)
  • 340. "When the World Shines" (世界が輝く時, Sekai ga Kagayaku Toki)
  • 341. "Dai's Decision" (ダイの決断, Dai no Ketsudan)
37Farewell!!! Beloved Surface
Saraba!!! Ai suru Chijō yo (さらば!!!愛する地上よ)
June 4, 1997[12]ISBN 978-4-08-872207-8
  • 342. "Boiling Dragon Blood!!!" (たぎる竜の血!!!, Tagiru Doragon no Chi!!!)
  • 343. "Roar!!!" (咆哮!!!, Hōkō!!!)
  • 344. "Escape from Vearn Palace" (大魔宮 脱出せよ, Bān Paresu Dasshutsu se yo)
  • 345. "Death Battle Above the Clouds" (死闘・天空へ, Shitō, Tenkū e)
  • 346. "With This, Victory Will Be Mine" (この腕で勝利を, Kono Ude de Shōri o)
  • 347. "Farewell! My Friends" (さらば! 我が友, Saraba! Waga Tomo)
  • 348. "Farewell!! Demon Lord" (さらば!! 大魔王, Saraba!! Daimaō)
  • 349. "Farewell!!! Beloved Surface" (さらば!!! 愛する地上よ, Saraba!!! Ai suru Chijō yo)


First series (1991)[edit]

Produced by Toei Animation and Nippon Animation, the anime adaptation of Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibōken premiered in Japan on TBS on October 17, 1991 where it ran for 46 episodes until its conclusion on September 24, 1992. Despite no official Japanese DVD release, the show reran in 2007 on Toei's channel with a new master.[51] The series uses two pieces of theme music, both composed by Koichi Sugiyama and performed by Jirou Dan. "Hurry, Heroes!!" (勇者よ急げ!!, Yūsha yo Isoge!!) is used for the opening theme, while "This Road is My Journey" (この道わが旅, Kono Michi Waga Tabi), which was the original ending theme for Dragon Quest II, is used for the episodes' ending theme.[52]

On January 6, 2020, the whole series was released in Japan for distribution on several video on demand (VOD) services, the first time the series has become officially available after the VHS release of the 1990s. In March 2020 it was announced that the 1991 anime will be getting a Blu-ray Box for the first time, and will be released on July 3, 2020. The set will contain all 46 episodes, and the 3 Jump Festa short anime films, (including the first film never released on home video until now) which have been scanned from their original 35 mm negatives with high resolution and recorded with high-quality full HD remastered images.[53][54]

Episode list[edit]
# Title Original Airdate[55]
1"I'm the Small Hero, Dai!!"
Transcription: "Ore wa Chiisana Yūsha Dai!!" (Japanese: オレは小さな勇者ダイ‼)
October 17, 1991 (1991-10-17)
2"I Won't Let you Die, Princess Leona"
Transcription: "Shinasete Tamaru ka Reona Hime" (Japanese: 死なせてたまるかレオナ姫)
October 24, 1991 (1991-10-24)
3"Feel Anger, Dai! Shine, Dragon Crest!!"
Transcription: "Ikare Dai! Kagayake Doragon no Monshō!!" (Japanese: 怒れダイ!輝け竜の紋章!!)
October 31, 1991 (1991-10-31)
4"The Hero's Tutor, Avan Appears"
Transcription: "Yūsha no Katei Kyōshi Aban Tōjō" (Japanese: 勇者の家庭教師 アバン登場)
November 7, 1991 (1991-11-07)
5"Avan Style Extreme Hero Training!!"
Transcription: "Aban-ryū Yūsha no Chō-tokkun!!" (Japanese: アバン流·勇者の超特訓‼)
November 14, 1991 (1991-11-14)
6"The Demon Lord Hadlar, Appears! Land the Special Move, Kaihazan"
Transcription: "Maō Hadorā Shutsugen! Kimero Hissatsu Waza Kaihazan!!" (Japanese: 魔王ハドラー出現!キメろ必殺技海波斬‼)
November 21, 1991 (1991-11-21)
7"The Temporary License is My Proof of Graduating; Decisive Battle!! Hadlar VS Avan"
Transcription: "Sotsugyō no Akashi wa Karimen, Kessen!! Hadorā Tai Aban" (Japanese: 卒業の証は仮免、決戦‼ ハドラー対アバン)
November 28, 1991 (1991-11-28)
8"Avan Falls to Megante!? Strike, Strash!!"
Transcription: "Aban Megante ni Chiru!? Ute, Sutrasshu!!" (Japanese: アバン自己犠牲呪文に散る!? 撃て·最高技‼)
December 5, 1991 (1991-12-05)
9"Goodbye Dermline island! Journeying on a Great Adventure!!"
Transcription: "Saraba Derumurin-tō! Daibōken e no Tabidachi!!" (Japanese: さらばデルムリン島!大冒険への旅立ち‼)
December 12, 1991 (1991-12-12)
10"Wandering in the Monster's Forest! The King of Beasts, Crocodine Appears"
Transcription: "Samayoeru Ma no Mori! Jūō Kurokodain Tōjō" (Japanese: さまよえる魔の森!獣王クロコダイン登場)
December 19, 1991 (1991-12-19)
11"The Howling Void Axe! Repel it with an Avan Sword Style Technique"
Transcription: "Unaru Shinkū no Ono! Mukaeute Aban-ryū Tōsappō" (Japanese: うなる真空の斧!むかえ撃てアバン流刀殺法)
January 9, 1992 (1992-01-09)
12"The One We Call Our Teacher Avan, the Memories Left with the Magic Bullet Gun."
Transcription: "Warera ga Shi Aban, Madan Gan ni Nokosareta Omoide" (Japanese: 我らが師アバン、魔弾銃に残された思い出)
January 16, 1992 (1992-01-16)
13"The Ghost Bishop Zaboera's Trap: Eh!? The Fake Hero's party"
Transcription: "Yōma Shikyō Zaboera no Wana: O! Nise Yūsha Go-ikkō-sama" (Japanese: 妖魔司教ザボエラの罠 あ!?ニセ勇者御一行様)
January 23, 1992 (1992-01-23)
14"The Hundred Beast Army's Blitz Attack!! Rescue Romos Kingdom From its Crisis!"
Transcription: "Hyakujū Madan Sō-shingeki!! Romosu Ōkoku no Kiki o Sukue!" (Japanese: 百獣魔団総進撃‼ ロモス王国の危機を救え!)
January 30, 1992 (1992-01-30)
15"Why? Brass Attacks Dai!! The Cowerdly Ghost Bishop"
Transcription: "Naze? Dai o Osou Burasu!! Hiretsu nari Yōma Shikyō" (Japanese: なぜ?ダイを襲うブラス‼ 卑劣なり妖魔司教)
February 6, 1992 (1992-02-06)
16"Muster Your Courage, Pop! A Fragment of Courage!!"
Transcription: "Furuiokose Poppu! Hito Kakera no Yūki o!!" (Japanese: ふるい起こせポップ!ひとかけらの勇気を‼)
February 13, 1992 (1992-02-13)
17"The Evil-crushing Spell that Brings Forth a Miracle!! Now it's Time for Friendship..."
Transcription: "Kiseki o Yobu Haja Jumon!! Yūjō yo Ima Koko ni..." (Japanese: 奇跡を呼ぶ破邪呪文‼友情よいまここに...)
February 20, 1992 (1992-02-20)
18"A Direct Hit from the Crest of Anger!! The Roaring King of Beasts, Crocodine"
Transcription: "Ikari no Monshō ga Chokugeki!! Hoeru Jūō Kurokodain" (Japanese: 怒りの紋章が直撃‼ ほえる獣王クロコダイン)
February 27, 1992 (1992-02-27)
19"Cross the Ocean, Dai! The 6 Commanders of the Demon Lord's Army Gather"
Transcription: "Umi o Watare Dai! Maōgun Roku-dai Gundanchō Shūketsu" (Japanese: 海を渡れダイ!魔王軍6大軍団長集結)
March 5, 1992 (1992-03-05)
20"A Frightening Enemy Appears!? The Demonic Swordsman, Hyunckel!"
Transcription: "Osorubeki Teki Arawaru!? Maken Senshi Hyunkeru!" (Japanese: 恐るべき敵あらわる!? 魔剣戦士ヒュンケル!)
March 12, 1992 (1992-03-12)
21"Father's Enemy is Avan!? The Ultimate Black Sword of Hatred!!"
Transcription: "Chichi no Teki wa Aban!? Nikushimi no Kuroki Saikyō Ken!!" (Japanese: 父の敵は·アバン!? 憎しみの黒き最強剣‼)
March 19, 1992 (1992-03-19)
22"The Fighting Spirits of Darkness! The Demon Puppet Grab attacks Dai!!"
Transcription: "Ankoku Tōki! "Tōma Kugutsushō" ga Dai o Osou!!" (Japanese: 暗黒闘気!”闘魔傀儡掌”がダイを襲う‼)
March 26, 1992 (1992-03-26)
23"Maam's Crisis! Work Together to Summon Lightning!!"
Transcription: "Māmu no Kiki! Chikara o Awasete Inazuma o Yobe!!" (Japanese: マァムの危機!力を合わせて稲妻を呼べ‼)
April 16, 1992 (1992-04-16)
24"Rescue Maam! Infiltrate the Underground Demon Castle, The Maze of Death!!"
Transcription: "Māmu o Sukue! Chitei Majō Sennyū, Shi no Meikyū!!" (Japanese: マァムを救え!地底魔城潜入·死の迷宮‼)
April 23, 1992 (1992-04-23)
25"Thank you for... The memories... A Father's True Voice!!"
Transcription: "Omoide o... Arigatō... Shinjitsu no Chichi no Koe!!" (Japanese: 思い出を...ありがとう... 真実の父の声‼)
April 30, 1992 (1992-04-30)
26"Farewell Lonely Soldier Hyunckel!! Settle it with the Magic Sword"
Transcription: "Saraba Kodoku no Senshi Hyunkeru!! Ketchaku no Mahō Ken" (Japanese: さらば孤独の戦士ヒュンケル‼ 決着の魔法剣)
May 7, 1992 (1992-05-07)
27"The Ally From the Sky!! Dai, Hurry to Leona"
Transcription: "Sora kara Kita Mikata!! Dai yo Isoge Reona no Moto e" (Japanese: 空から来た味方‼ ダイよ急げレオナのもとへ)
May 14, 1992 (1992-05-14)
28"I'll Protect Leona!! Showdown!! The Hero versus the Commander of Ice and Fire"
Transcription: "Reona wa Ore ga Mamoru!! Taiketsu!! Yūsha Tai Hyōen Shōgun" (Japanese: レオナはオレが守る‼ 対決‼勇者対氷炎将軍)
May 21, 1992 (1992-05-21)
29"The Ice and Fire Barrier!! Ah! Leona Becomes the Frozen Girl..."
Transcription: "Hyōen Kekkai!! Ā! Reona ga Kōreru Bijo ni..." (Japanese: 氷炎結界!!ああ! レオナが凍れる美女に…)
May 28, 1992 (1992-05-28)
30"Avan's Close Friend!? The Great Mage Matoriv's Great Training!!"
Transcription: "Aban no Shin'yū!? Dai-madōshi Matorifu no Dai-tokkun!!" (Japanese: アバンの親友!? 大魔導士マトリフの大特訓‼)
June 4, 1992 (1992-06-04)
31"The Rescue Mission for Leona! Landing on Valge Island"
Transcription: "Reona Kyūshutsu Sakusen no Hajimari da! Baruji-tō Jōriku!!" (Japanese: レオナ救出作戦の始まりだ! バルジ島上陸‼)
June 11, 1992 (1992-06-11)
32"The Old Enemy Hadlar!! Pop, Stand and Face Him With Courage!!"
Transcription: "Shukuteki Hadorā!! Poppu yo Yūki de Tachimukae!!" (Japanese: 宿敵ハドラー‼ポップよ勇気で立ち向かえ‼)
June 18, 1992 (1992-06-18)
33"The Soldier Has Returned!! Clash! Hyunckel vs. Hadlar"
Transcription: "Senshi wa Fukkatsu Shita!! Gekitotsu Hyunkeru Tai Hadorā" (Japanese: 戦士は復活した‼激突ヒュンケル対ハドラー)
June 25, 1992 (1992-06-25)
34"The Radiance of Life! The Final Fighting Spirit Grand Cross"
Transcription: "Inochi no Kagayaki! Saishū Tōki Gurando Kurusu!!" (Japanese: いのちの輝き! 最終闘気·グランドクルス‼)
July 2, 1992 (1992-07-02)
35"Flazzard's Tenacity Towards Victory! The Stormy Scattering Rock Bullet"
Transcription: "Fureizādo Shōri e no Shūnen! Arashi no Dangan Bakkazan" (Japanese: フレイザード勝利への執念! 嵐の弾岩爆花散)
July 9, 1992 (1992-07-09)
36"Here it is! The Avan Style Final Secret Technique, Kuuretsuzan!!"
Transcription: "Deta! Aban-ryū Saigo no Ōgi Kūretsuzan!!" (Japanese: でたっ! アバン流最後の奥義·空裂斬‼)
July 16, 1992 (1992-07-16)
37"Avan Strash!! Now... Slice everything..."
Transcription: "Aban Sutorasshu!! Ima... Subete o Kiru..." (Japanese: アバンストラッシュ‼ いま...すべてを斬る...)
July 23, 1992 (1992-07-23)
38"The path of the disciples of Avan.. And Marm's decision"
Transcription: "Aban no Shito no Michi... Soshite Māmu no Ketsui" (Japanese: アバンの使徒の道...そしてマァムの決意)
July 30, 1992 (1992-07-30)
39"The wonderful comrade Marm, until we meet again..."
Transcription: "Subarashiki Nakama Māmu yo, Mata Au Hi made..." (Japanese: すばらしき仲間マァムよ、また会う日まで...)
August 6, 1992 (1992-08-06)
40"Shopping at Bengarna!! Lets go to the Department store."
Transcription: "Bengāna e Kaimono da!! Depāto e Ikō!" (Japanese: ベンガーナへ買い物だ‼ デパートへ行こう!)
August 13, 1992 (1992-08-13)
41"The super dragon army lands! Protect the town of Bengarna!!"
Transcription: "Chōryū Gundan Jōriku! Bengāna no Machi o Mamore!!" (Japanese: 超竜軍団上陸!ベンガーナの街を守れ‼)
August 20, 1992 (1992-08-20)
42"The Mystic Kingdom of Teran... The sleeping legend of the Dragon Knight!"
Transcription: "Shinpi no Kuni Teran Ōkoku... Densetsu ni Nemuru Ryū no Kishi!" (Japanese: 神秘の国テラン王国... 伝説に眠る竜の騎士!)
August 27, 1992 (1992-08-27)
43"The Dragon Commander Baran tells... The Dragon Knight's mission!"
Transcription: "Ryūkishō Baran wa Kataru... Ryū no Kishi no Shimei!" (Japanese: 竜騎将バランは語る...竜の騎士の使命!)
September 3, 1992 (1992-09-03)
44"The bond between parent and child is a sad fate! The fight between father and child!!"
Transcription: "Oyako no Kizuna wa Kanashiki Sadame! Chichi to Ko no Tatakai!!" (Japanese: 親子の絆は悲しき運命! 父と子の闘い‼)
September 10, 1992 (1992-09-10)
45"The strongest secret is the Dragon Fighting Spirit!? Protect our Dai!"
Transcription: "Saikyō no Himitsu wa Ryū Tōki!? Oretachi no Dai o Mamore!" (Japanese: 最強の秘密は竜闘気!? オレ達のダイを守れ!)
September 17, 1992 (1992-09-17)
46"Stand up, Dai! The hero's path never ends!"
Transcription: "Dai yo Tachiagare! Yūsha no Michi wa Eien ni!" (Japanese: ダイよ立ち上がれ!勇者のみちは永遠に!)
September 24, 1992 (1992-09-24)

Second series (2020)[edit]

It was announced during Jump Festa 2020 that there will be a new anime adaptation that will premiere in fall 2020. The anime will be produced by Toei Animation and will be a hybrid of 2D and CG animation.[56] The series will premiere on TV Tokyo in October 2020.[57]


Three theatrical movies were produced based on the first TV series, all which premiered at the Toei Anime Fair film festival.

# Title Release date
1"The Great Adventure of Dai"
Transcription: "Gurēto Adobenchā" (Japanese: グレート アドベンチャー)
July 20, 1991 (1991-07-20)[58]
2"Avan's Discilpes"
Transcription: "Aban no Shito" (Japanese: アバンの使徒)
March 7, 1992 (1992-03-07)[59]
3"Six Great Generals"
Transcription: "Shinsei Roku Daishōgun" (Japanese: 新生6大将軍)
July 11, 1992 (1992-07-11)[60]

Video games[edit]

During Jump Festa '20, a video game based on the series has been announced.[61]

Dai appears as a playable character in the 2019 video game Jump Force, marking the first appearance of a Dragon Quest character in a Weekly Shōnen Jump crossover game.[62]

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai - Tamashii no Kizuna, a smartphone RPG for iOS/Android is in development, and will release in Japan in 2021.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai - Xross Blade an all-new arcade game with collectible trading cards will release on Japanese arcades this year in 2020.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai - Infinity Strash, an action RPG for an unannounced console, and a 2021 release.[63]


Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is one of the Weekly Shōnen Jump's best-selling manga series of all time,[64] with 50 million tankōbon volumes copies sold.[65] The series also had a total estimated circulation of approximately 2 billion copies in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine between 1989 and 1996.[a]



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