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Garib rath Express
12113 Garib Rath Express at Nagpur.jpg
Main Operation(s) India 2005 -
Fleet size 26
Parent company Indian Railways

The Garib Rath[1] (literally: "Poor people's chariot") is a no-frills air-conditioned train started by the Indian Railways in 2005 to provide subsidized price air-conditioned long-distance travel to passengers who could not afford standard fares of air-conditioned class in regular-fare trains. As the fares are less than two-thirds of the fares for air-conditioned classes in other trains, the distance between each seat or berth is less, the seats and berths are narrower and each coach has more seats and berths than in air-conditioned coaches in other trains.

Only seating and three-tier (78 seats) accommodation is provided in Garib Rath. The passengers are not provided with free bedding or food. It is significantly faster and has higher priority than super-fast express trains. The maximum speed of Garib Rath trains is 130Kmph which is at par with Rajdhani's and duronto.The maiden journey of the train started from Saharsa, Bihar to Amritsar, Punjab (Saharsa Amritsar Garib Rath Express).[2][3]

The series of these trains will be replaced by the series of Humsafar Express trains starting by replacing the Chennai Hazrat Nizamuddin Garib Rath Express in late 2018.[4]

Current services[edit]

Bangalore-Puri Garibrath Express
Secunderabad-Yesvantpur Garibrath Express
New Delhi - Ranchi Garib Rath Express
Visakhapatnam-Secunderabad Garibrath Express

There are 26 Garib Rath Express train services active in India. These have a 3:1 carriage seating arrangement. .[5] They are as follows :-

As of 24/6/2018 only Secunderabad-Visakhapatnam Garib Rath runs daily among all other garib raths.

Name Train No. Destinations
Pune Nagpur Garib Rath Express 12113 PuneNagpur
12114 Nagpur — Pune
Jabalpur-Mumbai Garibrath Express 12187 JabalpurMumbai CST
12188 Mumbai CST — Jabalpur
Mumbai LTT - Kochuveli Garib Rath Express 12201[6] LTT/Lokmanya Tilak Terminus - Kochuveli [1]
12202[7] Kochuveli -LTT/Lokmanya Tilak Terminus [2]
Saharsa Amritsar Garib Rath Express 12203 SaharsaAmritsar
12204 Amritsar — Saharsa
Jammu Tawi Kathgodam Garib Rath Express 12207 KathgodamJammu Tawi
12208 Jammu Tawi — Kathgodam
Kathgodam Kanpur Central Garib Rath Express 12209 Kanpur CentralKathgodam
12210 Kathgodam — Kanpur Central
Muzaffarpur Anand Vihar Garib Rath Express 12211 MuzaffarpurDelhi Anand Vihar
12212 Anand Vihar — Muzaffarpur
Delhi Sarai Rohilla Bandra Terminus Garib Rath Express 12215 Delhi Sarai RohillaBandra Terminus
12216 Bandra Terminus — Sarai Rohilla
Kochuveli Yesvantpur Garib Rath Express 12257 YesvantpurKochuveli
12258 Kochuveli — Yesvantpur
Kolkata Patna Garib Rath Express 12359 KolkataPatna
12360 Patna — Kolkata
Kolkata - Guwahati Garib Rath Express 12517 KolkataGuwahati
12518 Guwahati — Kolkata
Lucknow Raipur Garib Rath Express 12535 LucknowRaipur
12536 Raipur — Lucknow
Jaynagar Anand Vihar Garib Rath Express 12569 JainagarAnand Vihar Terminal
12570 Anand Vihar — Jainagar
Lucknow Bhopal Garib Rath Express 12593 LucknowBhopal
12594 Bhopal — Lucknow
Chennai Central Hazrat Nizamuddin Garib Rath Express 12611 Chennai CentralHazrat Nizamuddin
12612 Hazrat Nizamuddin — Chennai Central
Secunderabad Yesvantpur Garib Rath Express 12735 SecunderabadYesvantpur
12736 Yesvantpur — Secunderabad
Visakhapatnam – Secunderabad Garib Rath Express 12739 VisakhapatnamSecunderabad
12740 Secunderabad - Visakhapatnam
Dhanbad Bhubaneswar Garib Rath Express 12831 DhanbadBhubaneswar
12832 Bhubaneswar — Dhanbad
Ranchi New Delhi Garib Rath Express 12877 RanchiNew Delhi
12818 New Delhi — Ranchi
Puri Howrah Garib Rath Express 12881 HowrahPuri
12882 Puri — Howrah
Bandra Terminus Hazrat Nizamuddin Garib Rath Express 12909 Bandra TerminusHazrat Nizamuddin
12910 Hazrat Nizamuddin — Bandra Terminus
Ajmer Chandigarh Garib Rath Express 12983 AjmerChandigarh
12984 Ajmer — Chandigarh
Bhagalpur – Anand Vihar Terminal Garib Rath Express 22405 BhagalpurDelhi Anand Vihar
22406 Anand Vihar — Bhagalpur
Varanasi–Anand Vihar Terminal Garib Rath Express 22407 VaranasiDelhi Anand Vihar
22408 Anand Vihar — Varanasi
Gaya Anand Vihar Garib Rath Express 22409 GayaDelhi Anand Vihar
22410 Anand Vihar — Gaya
Puri−Yesvantpur Garib Rath Express 22883 PuriYesvantpur
22884 Yesvantpur — Puri

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