Great Sitkin Island

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Great Sitkin Island is located in Alaska
Great Sitkin Island
Location in Alaska
View of Great Sitkin Volcano from the shore of Adak Island (1990).

Great Sitkin Island (Aleut: Sitх̑naх̑[1]) is a volcanic island in the Andreanof Islands of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. The island covers a total area of 60 square miles (160 km2) and lies slightly north of a group of islands which are located between Adak Island and Atka Island.

The northern portion of the island is dominated by the complex Great Sitkin Volcano which rises to a height of 5,710 feet (1,740 m). The island is 18 kilometres (11 mi) long and 16.94 kilometres (10.53 mi) wide.


Great Sitkin was the site of a fuel depot during World War II, and the remains of the oil tanks are still on the island. On September 24, 1959, a Douglas DC-4 carrying 5 crew and 11 passengers crashed due to pilot error with no survivors.[2] On October 26, 1965, Liberty Ship Ekaterini G.(formerly Josiah G. Holland) ran aground after losing her propeller in heavy seas.[3] All crewmen were rescued. The ship was declared a constructive total loss and remains aground on the western side of the island. On December 11, 1973, a Douglas DC-6 crashed on the island, with all 10 crew and passengers as fatalities.[4]

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