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This article is about the Oregon magazine. For the political movement, see Green anarchism. For the U.K. magazine, see Green Anarchist.
Green Anarchy
An Anti-Civilization Journal of Theory and Action
Type Political philosophy
Format Biannual magazine
Owner(s) n/a
Editor John Zerzan
Founded 2000
Political alignment Anarcho-primitivism
Language English
Ceased publication 2009
Headquarters Eugene, Oregon, United States

Green Anarchy was a magazine published by a collective located in Eugene, Oregon. The magazine's focus was primitivism, post-left anarchy, radical environmentalism, African American struggles, anarchist resistance, indigenous resistance, earth and animal liberation, anti-capitalism and supporting political prisoners. It had a circulation of 8,000, partly in prisons, the prison subscribers given free copies of each issue as stated in the magazine.[1] Green Anarchy was started in 2000 and in 2009 the Green Anarchy website shut down, leaving a final, brief message about the cessation of the magazine's publication.

The subtitle of the magazine is "An Anti-Civilization Journal of Theory and Action".

Back issues are still available from their address.

Author John Zerzan was one of the publication's editors.[2]

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