Hill Grange High School

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Hill Grange High School

Coordinates18°58′19″N 72°48′37″E / 18.97194°N 72.81028°E / 18.97194; 72.81028 View Map
MottoWork is Worship
PrincipalMadame Sophy Kelly[1]
GradesPrep-10th, Junior College
Number of students800
SportsSoccer, basketball, swimming, athletics, cricket
AffiliationISC, ICSE, SSC, SSLC, Junior College

Hill Grange High School was a private school for boys and girls located on Pedder Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.


It was founded in 1939 by Madame Sophy Kelly, a prominent member of the Indian Jewish community. She was a well known personality and was referred to as the queen of Peddar Road. She contributed towards the educational ministry of Maharashtra,[2] and was the school's principal for most of its history.[3][4] The school closed in 2003.

Early timeline[edit]

  • 1939 — Founding and establishment of the Hill Grange Nursery and Kindergarten School
  • 1942 — The establishment of the Hill Grange primary section.
  • 1943 — The establishment of the lower secondary of the school.
  • 1956 — Final and complete establishment of the two sections of the Hill Grange High School

Notable alumni[edit]


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