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Jared Kushner
Jared Kushner cropped.jpg
Born Jared Corey Kushner
(1981-01-10) January 10, 1981 (age 35)
Livingston, New Jersey, United States
Education Frisch School
Harvard University (A.B., 2003)
New York University (J.D./M.B.A.)
Known for Co-owner of Kushner Companies
Owner of the New York Observer
Spouse(s) Ivanka Trump (2009–present)
Children 3
Parent(s) Charles Kushner (Father)
Relatives Joshua Kushner (Brother)
Donald Trump (Father-in-law)
Ivana Trump (Mother-in-law)

Jared Corey Kushner (born January 10, 1981) is an American businessman, investor and political operative. He is principal owner of the real estate holding and development company Kushner Properties and the newspaper publishing company the New York Observer. He is the son of American real estate developer Charles Kushner and is married to Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Donald Trump. He is among the top advisors of Donald Trump's presidential campaign.[1]

From 2007 to 2016, he spent at least $7 billion on New York real estate.[2] In 2007, at the age of 26, he made the most expensive single-building property purchase in US history.[3] In 2011, Kushner brought in Vornado Realty Trust as a 50% equity partner in the ownership of the building.[4]

Early life and education[edit]

Kushner is the eldest son of Seryl (born Stadtmauer) and real estate developer Charles Kushner.[5][6] He has a brother, Joshua, who is also a businessman, and two sisters, Nicole and Dara.

Kushner was raised in an Orthodox Jewish family in New Jersey.[7] He graduated from the Frisch School, a private, coed yeshiva high school in Paramus, New Jersey, and from Harvard College in 2003 with an A.B. in sociology. According to journalist Daniel Golden, Kushner and his brother Joshua Kushner were admitted despite modest academic credentials after their father had made a $2.5 million donation to the university,[8][9] with the director of the school's college preparatory program describing Jared Kushner's admission to be "an unusual choice for Harvard to make" given that he was "not anywhere near the top of his class."[10][11] At Harvard, Kushner was a member of the Fly Club and bought and sold buildings in Somerville, Massachusetts as a hobby.[12]

In 2007, Kushner graduated from the New York University where he earned his J.D. degree and his M.B.A. degree;[13] His father had previously made a $3 million donation to NYU in 2001.[10] He interned at Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau's office.[14]

Business career[edit]

Real estate[edit]

Kushner purchased 666 Fifth Avenue in 2007 for $1.8 billion, the most expensive single property purchase in US history at the time.[3]

Kushner is an active real estate investor and has increased the Kushner Companies presence in the New York City real estate market as a principal in his family's real estate company.[15] Kushner's father, Charles, was arrested on charges of tax evasion, illegal campaign donations and witness tampering in 2004 and was eventually convicted of the above-mentioned charges.[16] Jared assumed the role of CEO in 2008.

He is most well known for purchasing the office building at 666 Fifth Avenue in 2007, for a then-record price of $1.8 billion, most of it borrowed. At the age of 26, Kushner had made the most expensive single property purchase in US history.[3] The majority of the transaction took place in less than a week. Kushner said: “In New York, you have to act quickly, or else you get left in the dust. We were just blown away by it, and we really wanted to buy it.”[3] However, by 2008 the cash flow generated by the property was insufficient to cover its debt service, and the Kushners were forced to sell its retail space.[12]

In 2011, Kushner brought in Vornado Realty Trust as a 50% equity partner in the ownership of the building.[4]

On August 18, 2014, Kushner acquired a three-building apartment portfolio in Middle River, Maryland for $37.9 million with Aion Partners. In 2013–14, Kushner remained an active buyer of multifamily properties in New York, New Jersey and the Baltimore area, and his company acquired more than 11,000 units throughout the three states in this period.[17] In May 2015, he purchased 50.1% of the Times Square Building from Africa Israel Investments Ltd. for $295 million.[18]

Newspaper publishing[edit]

In July 2006, at age 25, Kushner purchased The New York Observer, a weekly New York City newspaper, for $10 million,[19] using money he says he earned during his college years by closing deals on residential buildings in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with family members providing the backing for his investments.[20]

Since purchasing The Observer, he has pushed for changes to increase sales and moved towards a tabloid format.[21] Kushner has been credited with increasing the Observer's online presence and expanding the Observer Media Group.[22][23] In December 2011, The New York Post reported that the Observer expected to become profitable for the first time.[24] According to Vanity Fair, under Kushner, the "Observer has lost virtually all of its cultural currency among New York’s elite, but the paper is now profitable and reporting traffic growth... [it] boasts 6 million unique visitors per month, up from 1.3 million in January 2013."[25]

Los Angeles Dodgers bid[edit]

In February 2012, he put a bid in to acquire the MLB team the Los Angeles Dodgers.[26] He later withdrew his bid in March 2012.[27]

Political activity[edit]

Between 1991-2006, Kushner was a contributor to the Democratic Party: he contributed over $100,000 to various campaigns in this time period.[28]

Donald Trump presidential campaign[edit]

For the 2016 presidential campaign of his father-in-law Donald Trump, Kushner initially helped as a speechwriter and was tasked with working to establish a plan for Trump's White House transition team should he be elected.[29] He later became more broadly involved in the campaign and was for a time seen as the de facto campaign manager, succeeding Corey Lewandowski, who was fired in part on Kushner's recommendation in June 2016,[30] and succeeded by Paul Manafort. Nonetheless, he has remained intimately involved with campaign strategy, coordinating Trump's visit in late August to Mexico.[31]

On July 5, 2016 Kushner penned an open letter for the New York Observer in response to a Tweet released by the Trump campaign containing allegedly antisemitic imagery. He was responding to his own paper's editorial by Dana Schwartz criticizing Kushner's involvements with the Trump campaign.[32] In the letter, Kushner noted, "In my opinion, accusations like “racist” and “anti-Semite” are being thrown around with a carelessness that risks rendering these words meaningless."[33] According to the Washington Post, some of Kushner's family members thought the family's 'Holocaust stories should have been off-limits',[34] with one cousin arguing that "it is our responsibility as the next generation to speak up against hate." Another cousin called him "out of touch" and decried his use of the family's holocaust history, arguing that "for the sake of the family name, which may have no meaning to you but still has meaning to others, please don't invoke our grandparents in vain just so you can sleep better at night. It is self serving and disgusting.”[35][36][37]

Personal life[edit]

Kushner married Ivanka Trump, daughter of businessman Donald Trump, in a Jewish ceremony on October 25, 2009.[38][39] Ivanka Trump converted to Modern Orthodox Judaism before marrying Kushner.[40] The couple has three children.


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