List of bodies of the European Union

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Below is a list of bodies of the European Union.

The first are the seven institutions of the European Union as listed in Article 13 of the Treaty of European Union (TEU).

Note that the European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM) and European Space Agency (ESA) are not EU bodies.

Logo Name TEU Seat Members Chairman
Europarl logo.svg The European Parliament 1 Brussels & Strasbourg 785 MPs Martin Schulz
European Council logo.svg The European Council 2 Brussels 28 Heads of State or Government of the Member States and the President of the Commission Donald Tusk
Council of the EU logo.svg The Council of European Union 3 Brussels 28 ministers Biannual rotation
The European Commission 4 Brussels 28 commissioners Jean-Claude Juncker
The European Court of Justice 5 Luxembourg 27 judges, 8 Advocate-Generals Koen Lenaerts
Logo European Central Bank.svg The European Central Bank 6 Frankfurt am Main Mario Draghi
  The Court of Auditors 7 Brussels & Luxembourg 24 members, 1 president Vítor Manuel da Silva Caldeira
The European Investment Bank Luxembourg Owned by the EU member states Werner Hoyer
The Economic and Social Committee Brussels 222 members Georges Dassis
The European Ombudsman Strasbourg Ombudsman & Secretary Emily O'Reilly
The European Committee of the Regions Brussels 344 members Markku Markkula