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The following is a list of amusement parks and theme parks that have been closed, demolished, or abandoned:



Umoja Children's Park, Tanzania



  • Kigali Park, Rwanda



Mainland China[edit]

Hong Kong SAR[edit]



The castle at Nara Dreamland in Nara, Nara Prefecture, Japan


  • Mimaland (1975-1994)
  • Desa Water Park, Kuala Lumpur (2000-2016)
  • Wet World Wild Adventure Park Batu Feringgi, Penang (2013-2014)
  • Sand City Water Park Tanah Merah, Kelantan



Ho Thuy Tien water park, Vietnam (2017)


  • Encore's Garden, Dakeng (?–1999)
  • Katoli World, Dakeng (1983–1999)







The main entrance to Sofia Land, Sofia, Bulgaria




The defunct ferris wheel at Spreepark, Berlin, Germany


The Swivel House in 1923, Lunapark, Berlin, Germany


  • Budapesti Vidámpark (18??–2013)
  • Dunaújvárosi Vidám Park, Dunaújváros (1952–1993)[8]


  • Celtworld, Tramore, County Waterford (1992–1995)


  • Aquapark, Zambrone (1989–2006)





  • Tatilya (1996–2006)


The Ferris wheel at Pripyat amusement park in Ukraine, still stands abandoned
  • Pripyat amusement park, Pripyat – abandoned after the Chernobyl disaster; the park's Ferris wheel, which is currently standing but not operating,[9] serves as a poignant reminder of the massive human effect of the disaster.[10]

United Kingdom[edit]


American Adventure in 1991, Derbyshire, England
The disused entrance for the Granada Studios Tour, Manchester, England


Isle of Man[edit]



North America[edit]

Former main dock to Boblo Island Amusement Park, Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada
Sunnyside Amusement Park in 1931, Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Mexico City[edit]

  • Plaza Show, Lago de Guadalupe, Dinosaur Park is now a university, UVM Lago de Guadalupe (1980–1989)


  • Mundo de Adeveras (2005–2009)

United States of America[edit]




An abandoned billboard for Dogpatch USA, Marble Falls, Arkansas


Chutes Park, Los Angeles c. 1906







  • Shireland, Hampshire (1988–1991)
  • White City, Chicago (May 26, 1905–1950s) - most of the park was shut down in 1933 due to financial difficulties, with the property being sold off in 1946; the rink, the last vestige of the park, closed in 1958.



Playland postcard


Sign at the entrance to Joyland Amusement Park on South Hillside, Wichita, Kansas



Six Flags New Orléans, which was abandoned after being critically damaged by Hurricane Katrina



White City (Shrewsbury, Massachusetts) in 1908. The colossal figure of "King Dodo" guards the entrance to the fun house.



The Wyer House, which served as the home for park managers; Excelsior Amusement Park, Excelsior, Minnesota


  • Royal Land, Meridian - closed in the 1970s


Celebration City's gate, Branson, Missouri



New Hampshire[edit]

  • Benson's Wild Animal Farm / New England Playworld, Hudson (1924–1987) - now a public park and nature area
  • Pine Island Park, Manchester (1902–1963) - now a public playground, nature trail, and private property[37]
  • Surf Coaster USA, Weirs Beach
  • Heritage New Hampshire, Glen (1976-2006) - located next to Story Land, it was a walk-through theatrical adventure that depicted New England life and progress from its Colonial beginnings to twenty-first century innovation

New Jersey[edit]

New Mexico[edit]

Interior of Luna Park, Coney Island at night, 1905. Electric tower in the foreground. New York, United States of America.
The steeplechase ride, Steeplechase Park, Coney Island, New York, United States of America

New York[edit]

Dreamland tower and lagoon, Brooklyn, 1907

North Carolina[edit]


A picture of Euclid Beach Park taken some time between 1895 and 1910, Euclid, Ohio
Chippewa Lake Park's Ferris wheel in 2007, left standing like many rides, but overgrown with foliage; Chippewa Lake, Ohio
Lake house at Olentangy Park, Columbus, Ohio




Rhode Island[edit]

Rocky Point Amusement Park, Warwick, Rhode Island

South Carolina[edit]


View from the Skyride circa 1975. The "Tin Lizzies" old-timey car ride is visible. Opryland USA, Nashville, Tennessee.


Texas Cyclone at 4:30 p.m. on October 30, 2005, AstroWorld's last day of operation. Houston, Texas.




Luna Park Seattle, Washington, 1910. In the foreground is part of the Great Figure Eight roller coaster. At right rear is the Zeum carousel, and to its left the natatorium.

West Virginia[edit]



The SegaWorld Sydney building in 1998, Sydney
Robson's Figure Eight in 1908. Dreamland, St. Kilda, Victoria
The roller coaster at Leisureland Fair, Langwarrin, Victoria
A scene at Wobbies World, Nunawading, Victoria


Australian Capital Territory[edit]

New South Wales[edit]


South Australia[edit]

  • Dazzleland, Adelaide Myer Centre (1991-1998) - located on the top floor of Rundle Mall's Myer Centre was a roller coaster, along with many other activities including a ball crawl
  • Luna Park, Glenelg (1930-1935) - the rides for this park were sent to Luna Park in Sydney upon its closure
  • Magic Mountain, Glenelg (1982-2004) - this popular park boasted four waterslides built into an artificial mountain; has since been demolished as part of a redevelopment of the foreshore and replaced by a new park called The Beachouse
  • Puzzle Park, Murray Bridge - adjacent to the Callington exit on the South East Freeway; now closed although many items of equipment still remain on the site[75]



Western Australia[edit]

New Zealand[edit]

South America[edit]




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