Mount Clemenceau

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Mount Clemenceau
Mount Clemenceau is located in Alberta
Mount Clemenceau
Mount Clemenceau
British Columbia, Canada
Elevation 3,658 m (12,001 ft)
Prominence 1,499 m (4,918 ft)
Range Canadian Rockies
Coordinates 52°14′50″N 117°57′29″W / 52.24722°N 117.95806°W / 52.24722; -117.95806Coordinates: 52°14′50″N 117°57′29″W / 52.24722°N 117.95806°W / 52.24722; -117.95806
Topo map NTS 83C/04
First ascent 1923 H. DeVillier-Schwab; W. Harris; H.Hall; D. Durand
Easiest route glacier/snow climb

Mount Clemenceau is the fourth highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies. The peak was originally named "Pyramid" in 1892 by Arthur Coleman. The mountain was renamed by the Interprovincial Boundary Survey in 1919 to its present name, which is for Georges Clemenceau, premier of France during World War I.

Mt. Clemenceau was first climbed in 1923 by D.B. Durand, H.S. Hall, W.D. Harris and H.B. De V. Schwab.


  • West Face II
    • This is the normal route, similar to the north glacier route (normal) on Mount Athabasca but considered more interesting. The route avoids the steepest parts of the face.
  • North-East Ridge IV
  • North Face IV

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