No. 306 Polish Fighter Squadron

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No. 306 Polish Fighter Squadron
PSP Dywizjon 306.jpg
306 Squadron logo
CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
AllegiancePoland Polish government in exile
BranchEnsign of the Royal Air Force.svg Royal Air Force
RoleFighter Squadron
Part ofRAF Fighter Command
Douglas Scott
Tadeusz Rolski
Squadron CodesUZ (Aug 1940 – Jan 1947)

No. 306 "Toruń" Polish Fighter Squadron (Polish: 306 Dywizjon Myśliwski "Toruński") was one of several Polish squadrons in the Royal Air Force (RAF) during the Second World War. It was formed as part of an agreement between the Polish Government in Exile and the United Kingdom in 1940.


Formed on 28 August 1940 at RAF Church Fenton, the squadron inherited the traditions, along with the emblem and a large part of the initial crew, of the pre-war Polish Torunian Fighter Squadron. The bear climbing a tree (Coat of arms of Madrid) was an emblem of the No. 605 (County of Warwick) Squadron, the unit of the first (British) commander of the new squadron, F/Cdr. Douglas Scott.

Throughout its existence, the squadron claimed 68 confirmed kills, 16½ probable and an additional 26 damaged. In addition, the crews of the 306 downed 59 enemy V1 flying bombs. It was disbanded in December 1946 after the end of World War II.

Commanding officers[edit]

From To Name Remark
Aug 1940 Dec 1940 S/Ldr. Douglas R. Scott British Officer
4 September 1940 17 October 1940 Kpt. pil. Tadeusz Rolski ad interim Polish co-commander
18 October 1940 11 November 1940 Maj. pil. Jerzy Orzechowski Polish co-commander
Dec 1940 Mar 1941 S/Ldr. D.E. Gilliam, DFC, AFC British Officer
12 November 1940 30 June 1941 Kpt. pil. Tadeusz Rolski First as co-commander, from March 1941 as Squadron Leader
1 July 1941 14 August 1941 Kpt. pil. Jerzy Zaremba
15 August 1941 29 August 1941 Por. pil. Jerzy Słoński-Ostoja, VM
30 August 1941 14 April 1941 Maj. pil. Antoni Wczelik
15 April 1941 22 August 1942 Kpt. pil. Tadeusz Czerwiński, KW
23 August 1942 13 March 1943 Kpt. pil. Kazimierz Rutkowski, DFC
14 March 1943 1 January 1944 Kpt. pil Włodzimierz Karwowski
2 January 1944 7 June 1944 Kpt. pil. Stanisław Łapka
8 June 1944 23 June 1944 Kpt. pil. Janusz Marciniak
27 June 1944 25 September 1944 Kpt. pil. Paweł Niemiec
26 September 1944 24 May 1945 Kpt. pil. Józef Żulikowski
25 May 1945 May 1946 Kpt. pil. Józef Jeka, DFM
May 1946 Jan 1947 Kpt. pil. Tadeusz Andersz



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