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This is a list of Menudo members. Unlike most bands, Edgardo Díaz's Menudo had a long list of members, because the band's members had to leave after turning 16 years old. As the band reached what most consider its golden era, during the early 1980s, it became apparent to Diaz that he would have to keep constantly changing members in order to ensure continuous worldwide success.

Menudo's list of members can be divided into four distinctive eras, and one final, but failed attempt to recreate the band's former success.

Tick Tock and MDO are not continuations of Menudo, but rather spin-offs.

Past members in bold denote the ones who still perform as solo artists.

Early Years (1977–1979)[edit]

Golden Era (1980–1986)[edit]

Rock Era (1987–1991)[edit]

Last Era (1991–1997)[edit]

  • Edward Aguilera (1990–1991) (replaced by Andy Blázquez)
  • Jonathan Montenegro (1990–1991) [first and only Venezuelan Menudo member] (replaced by Abel Talamántez)
  • Alexis Grullón (1991–2002) [first Menudo member of Dominican descent] (last member before disbandment)
  • Ashley Ruiz (1991–1995) [first Menudo member of Cuban descent] (replaced by Didier Hernández)
  • Andy Blázquez (1991–1997) [replaced by Daniel René Weider]
  • Abel Talamántez (1991–2002)
  • Ricky López (1993–1995) [member until disbandment]
  • Anthony Galindo (1995–2000) [member until disbandment]
  • Didier Hernández (1995-2001) [member until disbandment]
  • Daniel René Weider (1996-1998) [last new member before disbandment]

The New Menudo (2007–2009)[edit]

  • Carlos Emmanuel Olivero
  • José "Monti" Antonio Montañez
  • Emmanuel Jose Vélez Pagán
  • Christopher Nelson Moy
  • José Bordonada Collazo
  • Dave Rowan (from Harlem)