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The OpenDocument Foundation, Inc. was an organization set up in 2002 by[1] Sam Hiser and Paul "Buck" Martin (real name Paul E. Merrell) to promote the use of open standards-based XML/RDF document formats for desktop computer use. Many members of the foundation were involved in the development of OpenDocument, first in the OASIS Office XML Format TC (Technical Committee) and later in the OASIS Open Document Format TC with up to four members of the TC representing the OpenDocument foundation in the TC.[2]

In October 2007, the OpenDocument Foundation controversially switched its support from OpenDocument to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)'s Compound Document Format (CDF).[3] The case was unfortunate since the name of the Foundation suggested for the uninvolved reader that they were deeply connected to the format, or originated it, and the change meant an important supporter to get dissatisfied with the results; while in reality it only meant that the remaining few persons behind the Foundation had changed their minds.[4]

However, Chris Lilley of the W3C later explained to Andy Updegrove that CDF is not intended as an office format and is not a suitable replacement for the OpenDocument format. None of the three remaining members of the foundation are members of the W3C or the CDF working group. Andy Updegrove theorised that the foundation had "decided to turn out the lights" and were simply attacking those that had rejected their proposals to the OASIS TC.[5]

As of November 11, 2007, the official website has been shut down, probably marking the end of the OpenDocument Foundation.

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