Paniai Lakes languages

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Paniai Lakes
Wissel Lakes
Highlands of Irian Jaya
Linguistic classification Trans–New Guinea
Glottolog pani1259[1]

The Paniai Lakes languages, also known as the Wissel Lakes languages, are a small family of closely related Trans–New Guinea languages spoken in the highlands of Irian Jaya in the Paniai Lakes region of West Papua. Foley (2003) considers their Trans–New Guinea status to be established.

The languages are Wolani, Moni, Ekari, AuyeDao.

They may be most closely related to the Dani languages, but this is not yet clear. Independent pronouns and possessive prefixes are:

sg du pl
1 *ani, *na- *ina *ini, *ni-
2 *aka, *ka- *ika *iki
3 *oka, *e-


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