Parc1 Tower

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Parc1 Tower
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General information
StatusUnder construction
AddressYeoui Island, Seoul, South Korea
Town or citySeoul
CountrySouth Korea
Coordinates37°31′33.94″N 126°55′41.51″E / 37.5260944°N 126.9281972°E / 37.5260944; 126.9281972Coordinates: 37°31′33.94″N 126°55′41.51″E / 37.5260944°N 126.9281972°E / 37.5260944; 126.9281972
Construction started2008
Estimated completion2020
Architectural333 m (1,093 ft)
Roof330 m (1,080 ft)
Technical details
Floor count69

The Parc 1 Tower is a supertall skyscraper under construction in Seoul, South Korea.[1] It will stand 334 metres (1,095 ft) and contain 72 floors.[2] Construction stopped in 2011 but resumed in early 2017.

Parc1 will be a US$1.5-billion shopping/hotel/office complex to be realized by Skylan Properties Korea Ltd., a foreign-invested property development and management services group with offices in Seoul, Beijing and Kuala Lumpur. Completion is slated for 2012. Morgan Stanley, a global investment bank, has been engaged as the financial advisor to arrange financing for the project.

Parc1 is now being built on the current Tongil Parking Lot site, a 46,465 square metre plot set between financial and residential districts and bordering Yeouido Park.

Designed by architect Lord Richard Rogers, chief architectural advisor to the mayor of London, the central structure will be a six-story glass mall, offering space for 400 stores.