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The Clock Towers Shopping Centre is a shopping precinct in the town centre of Rugby, Warwickshire, England, managed by EFM Facilities Ltd. The precinct includes clothes stores, game shops and thrift stores.

The precinct, known in its previous existence as "Rugby Shopping Centre", gained its name from the clock tower in the town centre, and has since adapted its name as a theme; the shopping centre features clocks and other time-related decorations – in 1995, the precinct installed two ornamental clocks, both loosely based on the traditional grandfather clock design. The first, named Chiming Clock, was designed to chime and play music on the hour and half-hour as a tortoise and hare raced around the dials, reenacting Aesop's fable.[1]

There was also recently a breast cancer awareness campaign throughout the Clock Towers, influenced by La Senza a well known Women's underwear shop, which involved many old or unused bra donations and the stringing up of these in a bunting style fashion. Unfortunately La Senza has now closed down.


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