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Radio Poland
Typeinternational broadcasting
OwnerPolskie Radio
Key people
Danuta Isler (English Service Editor)
Launch date
Former names
Radio Polonia, PR5
Official website
English language website

Radio Poland (until January 2007 as Radio Polonia, later "Polish Radio External Service" (Polish: Polskie Radio dla Zagranicy), in Polish legislation also named as Polskie Radio Program V) is the official international broadcasting station of Poland.

Radio Poland is a part of Poland’s public radio network - Polish Radio. Its aim is to broadcast programs on developments in Poland, Polish foreign policy, the economy, business and foreign investments. Polish Radio External Service provides objective and impartial information about Poland and its stance on international affairs. It shows Polish society, its daily life as well as scientific and cultural achievements. Polish Radio External Service ended their English language shortwave broadcasts in 2012 and announced that they would be ceasing all shortwave transmissions on 27 October 2013, from which point they will only be broadcasting over the internet and through partnerships such as the World Radio Network.[1].


  • 1936 – Polish Radio launches shortwave broadcasts of brief programmes in English and Polish
  • 1945 – after the end of World War 2, the shortwave channel Warszawa III resumes external broadcasts
  • 1959 - Polish Radio starts broadcasting in Esperanto
  • 1990 – Polish Radio starts broadcasting for Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
  • 2000 – Radio Polonia begins daily Real Audio broadcasts in several languages via the World Radio Network
  • 2007 - Radio Polonia changed name into Polish Radio External Service
  • 2012 - English language shortwave transmissions end.
  • 2013 - Remaining shortwave services close on 27 October.
  • 2014 - Polish Radio External Service changed name into Radio Poland


Radio Poland broadcast in six languages: Polish, English, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian (with various amount of programming, for example English is available 24 hours a day while German 90 minutes a day). There is a Hebrew language programming, Kol Polin,[2] which includes a weekly Yiddish-language broadcast called Naye Khvalyes ("New Waves"). [3]

Shortwave transmissions were reduced between 2007 and 2012 and by 2013 PRES was broadcasting two times a day with programmes in Polish, Belarusian and Russian. On 27 October 2013 all shortwave transmissions ceased and PRES became an online only entity.

Radio Poland brings:

  • news bulletins
  • news analysis
  • press reviews
  • correspondent’s dispatches
  • interviews and discussions
  • features

English service broadcast more various programming, including quizzes, chart shows and historical programming.


Listeners in Europe can tune in via satellite on Eutelsat 13 E, 10892 MHz, FEC 3/4, SR 27500, Horizontal, PID audio 0119

Polish Radio External Service can be heard in English on the World Radio Network (WRN) through terrestrial relays, on cable and via satellite.

On cable: PR ES in English is also available to 4.5 million homes on cable in London, Dublin, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Vienna, Strassburg, Geneva, Tokyo, Washington D.C. and many other cities. You can also hear it on hotel cable in the Netherlands and Hong Kong.


  • "Radio Poland - English Service" (English)

48 kbit/s aac+:

48 kbit/s wma10:

96 kbit/s mp3:

96 kbit/s wma9:

  • "Radio Poland DAB+" (Belarusian, English, Ukrainian, Russian)

48 kbit/s aac+:

48 kbit/s wma10:

96 kbit/s mp3:

96 kbit/s wma9:

  • "Radio Poland East" / "Радио Польша" (Belarusian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian)

48 kbit/s aac+:

96 kbit/s wma10:

96 kbit/s mp3:

96 kbit/s wma9:

WRN satellite relays[edit]

  • Europe

In English WRN Europe Eutelsat 28A 28.5°E SKY digital
In English WRN English Hot Bird 13°E, 12.597 GHz

  • North America

In English Telstar 5 97° W, 12.177 GHz, pol. V

  • Asia, Australia

In English AsiaSat 100.5° E, 4.000 GHz, European Bouquet package

  • Africa

In English PanAmSat 4 68.5° E, Multichoice package

WRN terrestrial relays[edit]


In Belarusian:
  • Poland - DAB+ network - Radio Poland DAB+ (15:30-16:00 CET)
  • Lithuania - Vilnius - Radio znad Wilii 103.8 FM (5:00-6:00, 23:30-0:00 local time)
  • Belarus, Lithuania - medium wave - Radio Baltic Waves 1386 kHz (Sitkunai, Kaunas County, Lithuania, 75 kW) (4:00-5:00 UTC - in winter & summer)
In English:
  • Poland - DAB+ network - Radio Poland DAB+
  • United Kingdom - London - Radio Spectrum DAB ONE (19:00-20:00 local time)
  • Ireland – RTE Radio 1 Extra (Sunday 19:00-20:00 local time)
In Polish:
  • Lithuania - Vilnius - Radio znad Wilii 103.8 FM (18:30-19:00, 23:00-23:30 local time)
  • Ukraine - Lviv - Radio Nezalezhnist 106.7 FM (18:30-19:00 local time)
In Russian:
  • Poland - DAB+ network - Radio Poland DAB+
  • Kaliningrad Oblast (Russia), West Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus - medium wave - Radio Baltic Waves 1386 kHz (Sitkunai, Kaunas County, Lithuania, 75 kW) (16:30-17:30 UTC - in winter & summer)
  • South Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan - medium wave - Radio Poland 1395 kHz (Noratus, Yerevan Country, Armenia, 500 kW) (18:30-19:30 UTC - in winter & summer)
  • Russia - Moscow - WRN Russian 738 kHz (Kurkino, North-Western Administrative Okrug of Moscow, 5 kW) (17.00-17:30, 20.00-20:30, 21.00-21:30, 0.30-1:00, 5.00-5:30, 9.00-9:30, 12.30-13:00 local time)
In Ukrainian:
  • Poland - DAB+ network - Radio Poland DAB+ (19:30-20:00, 21:30-22:00, 0:30-1:00 CET)
  • Poland - Radio Rzeszow (Tuesday-Friday 01:05-01:35 CET)
  • Ukraine - Era FM (19:30-20:00 local time)
  • Donbass and Crimea - medium wave - Radio Poland 1395 kHz (Noratus, Yerevan Country, Armenia, 500 kW) (19:30-20:00 UTC - in winter & summer)

North America[edit]

In English:

KEDM 90.3FM, University of Louisiana, Monroe; KORD 730AM, Concordia College, MN; KRVM 91.9 FM, Eugene, OR; KSFC 91.9FM, Spokane, WA; KTRU 91.7FM, Rice University, Houston, TX; WDWN 89.1FM, Cayuga Community Coll., Auburn, NY; WGHR 100.7FM, Atlanta, GA; WLTL 88.0FM, Le Grange, IL; WMCO 90.7FM, New Concord, OH; WQUB 90.3 FM, Quincy, IL; WRLC 91.7 FM, Lycoming College, Williamsport, PA; WUEV 91.5FM, University of Evansville, IN; WVUD 91.3FM, University of Delaware; WWHS 92.1FM, Hampden-Sydney College, VA; WXPR 97.1FM, Rhinelander, WI; WFNP 88.7 FM, New Paltz, NY; WRFU-LP 104.5 FM, Urbana, IL; KXOT 91.7 FM, Seattle, WA; WDIY 88.1 FM, Bethlehem, PA; KOHS 91.7 FM, Orem, UT. US HD radio: Tulsa Public Radio: KWGS 89.5 FM, Tulsa, OK; KRCL 90.9 FM, Salt Lake City, UT; WLNZ 89.7 FM, Lansing, MI; Service Electric Cable TV, Sussex C., NJ; SCOLA, 300 College systems throughout the USA, Channel 1.

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