Ptarmigan Peak (Alberta)

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Ptarmigan Peak
Ptarmigan Peak is located in Alberta
Ptarmigan Peak
Ptarmigan Peak
Highest point
Elevation 3,035 m (9,957 ft) [1]
Prominence 209 m (686 ft) [2]
Coordinates 51°29′30″N 116°05′18″W / 51.49167°N 116.08833°W / 51.49167; -116.08833Coordinates: 51°29′30″N 116°05′18″W / 51.49167°N 116.08833°W / 51.49167; -116.08833[2]
Location Alberta, Canada
Parent range Slate Range
Topo map NTS 82N/08
First ascent 1909
Easiest route Moderate scramble

Ptarmigan Peak is a peak located beside Pika Peak in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.

The mountain was named in 1909 by J.W.A. Hickson after he found several ptarmigan in the meadows below the peak. Hickson also made the first ascent guided by Edward Feuz jr.[1]

The Lake Louise Mountain Resort is developed on the southern slopes of the Merlin Ridge, which includes Mount Richardson, Ptarmigan Peak, Pika Peak. A backcountry campground is located at the foot of the mountain, near Hidden Lake.


The scrambling route is via southern slopes starting from Hidden Lake.


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