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Crowd watching match at the Copenhagen City Hall Square.

Roligan is a nickname for a supporter of the Danish national football team. Roligans are noted for being the opposite of ultras, i.e. calm, quiet, well-mannered supporters of their team who shun unsportsmanlike behavior or violence. This behavior is the exact opposite of that exhibited by hooligans. The term roligan is a portmanteau of rolig (Danish for calm) and hooligan.


The term "Roligan" was invented by the editors of the Danish newspaper B.T. in 1985, and later included in the Danish dictionary.[1]

The movement was founded during the successful years of Danish football in the 1980s. The Danish roligans' colorful and convivial behavior in connection with international matches through the 1980s resulted in the UNESCO Fair Play Trophy in 1984 being awarded to the "Danish Supporters at the European Championship in France".[2]

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