Sila language (Laos)

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Native to Laos, Vietnam
Ethnicity Si La people
Native speakers
2,500 (1995 & 2009 censuses)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 slt
Glottolog sila1247[2]

Sila is a Loloish language spoken by 2,000 people in Laos and Vietnam (Bradley 1997). Sila speakers are an officially recognized group in Vietnam, where they are known as the Si La.


According to Edmondson (2002), the Sila number about 700 people in Vietnam and live in the following 3 villages.

According to the elderly Sila, seven Sila families had emigrated from Mường U and Mường Lá of Phongsaly Province, Laos 175 years ago. They initially arrived at a location called Mường Tùng, and relocated several times before arriving at their present locations.


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