Tholo language

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Pronunciation [thólōzɑ̄]
Native to China
Region Yunnan
Native speakers
2,000 (2009)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 ytl
Glottolog tang1372[2]

Tanglang (Chinese: 堂郎语), or Tholo (autonym: tʰo˥lo˧zɑ˧), is a Loloish language spoken by 947 people in 8 villages of southern Tai'an Township 太安乡, Lijiang County, Yunnan, including in Hongmai 红麦 village.[3][4] Tanglang has been in long-term contact with Bai, and is also in contact with Naxi.[4] The speakers' name for the language is tʰo42 lo42.[4]

Tanglang is taught in local schools.


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