United States presidential election in South Carolina, 2000

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United States presidential election in South Carolina, 2000
South Carolina
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  GeorgeWBush.jpg Al Gore, Vice President of the United States, official portrait 1994.jpg
Nominee George W. Bush Al Gore
Party Republican Democratic
Home state Texas Tennessee
Running mate Dick Cheney Joe Lieberman
Electoral vote 8 0
Popular vote 786,426 566,039
Percentage 56.8% 40.9%

County Results

President before election

Bill Clinton

Elected President

George W. Bush

The 2000 United States presidential election in South Carolina took place on November 7, 2000 throughout all 50 states and D.C., which was part of the 2000 United States presidential election. Voters chose 8 representatives, or electors to the Electoral College, who voted for President and Vice President.

South Carolina was won by Governor George W. Bush by a 15.92% margin of victory.


The Republican primary was held on February 19, 2000, with 37 delegates at stake.[1] South Carolina would prove to be a crucially important state for then-Gov. George W. Bush after losing to Sen. John McCain in New Hampshire by 18 points. Bush won the South Carolina primary by an 11.5% margin, and took the lion's share of the delegates at stake.




2000 South Carolina Primary county Map
Candidate Votes[2] Percentage Delegates
George W. Bush 305,998 53.39% 34
John McCain 239,964 41.87% 3
Alan Keyes 25,996 4.54% 0
Other 1,144 0.20% 0
Total 573,101 100.00% 37


The electors of each state and the District of Columbia met on December 18, 2000[3] to cast their votes for President and Vice President. The Electoral College itself never meets as one body. Instead the electors from each state and the District of Columbia met in their respective capitols.

The following were the members of the Electoral College from the state. All were pledged to and voted for George Bush and Dick Cheney:[4]

  1. Cynthia F. Costa
  2. Danny R. Faulkner
  3. Thomas H. McLean
  4. William B. Prince
  5. Dan Richardson
  6. Douglas L. Wavle
  7. Cecil F. Windham Sr.
  8. Buddy Witherspoon


United States presidential election in South Carolina, 2000[5]
Party Candidate Votes Percentage Electoral votes
Republican George W. Bush 786,426 56.83% 8
Democratic Al Gore 566,039 40.91% 0
United Citizens Ralph Nader 20,279 1.47% 0
Libertarian Harry Browne 4,888 0.35% 0
Reform Pat Buchanan 3,520 0.25% 0


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