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The TAM Mild Jalapeño is a mild variety of jalapeño pepper developed at Texas A&M University (TAM). It has been superseded by TAM Mild Jalapeño II, which was released to growers in October, 2002.

According to the Texas Foundation Seed Service website:

The TAM Mild Jalapeño II possesses numerous attributes, which should be desirable to both growers and consumers. The fruit is extremely large (7-8 cm) and heavy (30-35 g) with thick, dark green flesh, little skin cracking or anthocyanin development (black color) and mild pungency. Plants are compact in size (40-50 cm), with dense foliage cover, preventing sunburn of the fruit. Additionally, fruit set is concentrated, allowing for fewer harvests. The plants are heat tolerant and will set fruit in temperatures above 30°C. Fruit matures 4-5 days before TAM Mild Jalapeño I and most hybrid varieties such as ‘Mitla’. Yields of TAM Mild Jalapeño II have been consistently superior to TAM Mild Jalapeño I and similar to the hybrid ‘Grande.’

TAMMJII is resistant to Texas strains of four common pepper viruses: TEV, PVY, PeMoV, and TMV. Resistance to multiple strains of both TEV and PeMoV is claimed by the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station in Weslaco, Texas, as potyviruses and aphids are prevalent in south Texas. TAMMJII contains genes from diverse sources, including Florida, Brazil, and California, after more than 12 generations of inbreeding. Yields have been good on the silty soils of Weslaco and better on the sandy soils near Mission, Texas. Plant size and yield have been superior when grown on plastic mulch as compared to bare soil.


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