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Terry's All Gold is an assorted chocolate box originally made by Terry's, now by Mondelēz International. The archives of Kraft Foods (now Mondelēz) list it as having been introduced in the United Kingdom in 1931,[1] other sources give the date as 1932[2] or 1936,[3] and it has since been a "top brand".[4] Advertising slogans used for the product include "See the face you love light up with Terry's All Gold."[3]

They are sold in boxes of 454 grams (16.0 oz) or 380 grams (13 oz). A 380 grams (13 oz) box contains 1938 calories.

Terry's All Gold was the sponsor of the Ebor Handicap at York Racecourse in 1974 and 1975.[5] Terry’s also launched a hot air balloon to promote All Gold. It had the registration G-GOLD and in May 1978 it finished second in the first Cross Channel Balloon Race.[6]

In Holy, the Christmas episode of the TV series Bottom, Terry's All Gold was one of the gifts given by the 'Three Kings'.[7]


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