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Prince de Lu(Prince) is a biscuit brand made by the enterprise Mondelez International.[1] In Indonesia, Prince Biscuit was manufactured by Danone and ABC Heinz in 1996. after that, the Prince biscuit product was discontinued in Indonesia since 2005.And Then This Biscuit Is Continue On Pakistan And Till Present.

The title “prince biscuits” has been given to various foods over time. Most are not American biscuits, but cookies (which many Europeans refer to as “biscuits”). Today, “prince biscuits” refers to a type of cookie produced by a company called LU. The cookies feature cocoa cream filling sandwiched between two Ritz cracker-like “biscuits”. They are available in eight countries.


“Prince biscuit”, or “prince bisket” first appeared in a cookbook in the early 1600s. In 1602, Sir Hugh Platt’s “Delightes of Ladies to adorn their Persons, Tables, Closets, and distillatories with Beauties, banquets, perfumes and waters. ”LU’s version of prince biscuits emerged in the 1800s, when two French bakers fell in love, creating a company with a name composed of their initials. The duo whipped up a number of treats. Today, their once-tiny company produces these treats with an image of a prince embalmed on them.


Take one pound of very fine flower, and one pound of fine sugar, and eight eggs, and two spoonfuls of Rose water, and one ounce of caraway seeds, and beat it all to a batter one whole hour. The more you beat it, the better your bread is. Then bake it in coffins, of white plate, being basted with a little butter before you put in your batter.

Prince (biscuit) in Pakistan[edit]

Incorporated in 1984, the success story of LU in Pakistan began with the initiative of Hasan Ali Khan (the founder of Continental Biscuits), who signed a joint venture agreement with Generale Biscuits, the global manufacturers of the LU range, which was subsequently acquired by the Danone Group. Expansive investments were made including the import of technology and professional expertise from abroad. The first undertaking was to set up a factory and establish distribution centers in the country with the ultimate objective of commencing operations and marketing our products in Pakistan. Prince In Pakistan is available in various flavours:

Prince Chocolate
Prince Strawberry
Prince Pineapple

Prince Biscuit (TV Series) In Pakistan

1-The Rise Of Mustachio (Release On 12th September 2018) 
2-The Face Off(Releasing In October 2018)

In popular culture[edit]

“Prince biscuit” could take on yet another new meaning soon — Prince William’s royal wedding featured a groom’s cake worthy of the title, as it consisted mostly of chocolate and biscuits. The cake spawned a number of recipes for similar “Prince William Biscuit Cakes”


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