Time Out (chocolate bar)

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Time Out
Time Out
Product type Confectionery
Owner Cadbury
Introduced 1992
Discontinued 2001, 2015 (selected countries)
Related brands List of Cadbury products
Tagline The wafer break with a layer of Flake
A Time Out split in half

Time Out is a brand of chocolate bar currently manufactured by Cadbury Ireland. It was introduced in the United Kingdom and Ireland in 1992, followed by Australia and New Zealand in 1995. Mainly sold in pairs, it consists of a ripple of milk chocolate between two wafers, smothered in Dairy Milk milk chocolate. The bar was originally sold under the slogan "the wafer break with a layer of Flake".


In Europe, Time Out is available for the Irish and UK markets and is produced by Cadbury Ireland. It was given a new look in 2010 with lighter blue packaging and was given a new slogan, "Everyone needs some Time Out". However the new lighter blue colour proved to be unpopular with customers and so a few months later its colour was reverted to the previously used dark blue shade.

The bar is also available in Australia, New Zealand, New York City, and Japan. It was also introduced to Canada and South Africa in 2001, but was discontinued couple years later due to lagging sales.

When Time Out was first introduced, it was a substantial snack (about 25 grams), then suddenly it was down-sized to 20.5g. The newly released single-finger bar has now shrunk down to 16g.

The current main twin finger bar has a combined weight of 32g (40g for Australia and New Zealand) and is suitable for vegetarians.

In February 2015, the company announced that production of Time Out would be transferred from Ireland to Poland. Sales of Time Out had been in decline for several years.[1]


In early 2015 Cadbury Australia discontinued the multi snack sized pack of Time Outs due to low sales.


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