Textron Marine & Land Systems

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Textron Marine & Land Systems
TypePrivate (subsidiary of Textron)
PredecessorCadillac Gage/Textron Marine
Founded1994 (1994)
Area served
ProductsArmored Vehicles, Advanced Marine Craft, Surface Effects Ships, and weapons sub systems

Textron Marine & Land Systems, formerly Cadillac Gage, is an American military contractor that manufactures armored vehicles, turrets, advanced marine craft, surface effects ships, and other weapon systems. It is owned by Textron, and was formed in the merger between Cadillac Gage and Textron Marine in 1994.[1]


Today, as Textron Marine & Land Systems it produces:

The main office for Textron Marine & Land Systems is located in Slidell, Louisiana.


Cadillac Gage, located in Warren, Michigan manufactured many Vietnam-era military vehicles and artillery pieces:

On March 31, 2015, Textron signed a contract with US Navy worth $84 million to build two new Landing Craft Air Cushion vehicles, LCACs 102 and 103. The craft are part of the Ship to Shore Connector (SSC) program, developed to replace the existing fleet of LCACs.[3]

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