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Andrew Dressel

Feel free to contact me by leaving a message on my talk page.

Questions that remain unanswered[edit]


A little about me so that you might know where I'm coming from.


Raised in Cheshire, Connecticut
Lived in Troy, New York; Boca Raton, Florida; Kiev, Ukraine; Ithaca, New York
Currently reside in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA



Cheshire High School 1980
BS in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1985
MEng in Mechanics from Cornell University 2003
MS in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from Cornell University 2006
PhD in Civil Engineering and Mechanics from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 2013

Work Experience[edit]

Founder, software developer and product manager at MapInfo Corporation
General Manager of the Kiev Business Incubator at Kiev Polytechnic Institute in Kiev, Ukraine
Teaching Assistant of Statics, Dynamics, and Strength of materials at Cornell University
Substitute teacher of math and science in Connecticut public high schools
Hot air balloon pilot and chase crew at Castle View Balloons
Bicycle mechanic at Wheel & Sprocket and Crank Daddy's
Lecturer in Statics, Dynamics, Strength of materials, and Finite element analysis at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Adjunct Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering at Milwaukee School of Engineering
Director of the Bicycle and Motorcycle Engineering Research Laboratory at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Trek Soho with 8-speed hub and belt drive
Felt B2 Pro time trial bicycle with 10-speed Dura-Ace from 2010
Gary Fisher Supercaliber full suspension mountain bike from 2006
Litespeed Ultimate racing bicycle with 8-speed Dura-Ace from 1994
Burley Rumba Tandem from 1999
Burley Canto Recumbent from 2002
Cannondale Criterium with 12-speed 105 from 1988
Trek 620 with 18-speed Suntour from 1984
Bianchi steel mountain bike converted to winter commuter with slicks, lights, and fenders (retired and scrapped)
Orbea Ordu time trial bicycle from 2007 (wrecked and scrapped)
Single speed built up from old Raleigh steel road frame and Specialized Langster running gear (gifted)
Bike Friday DoubleDay recumbent tandem (sold)
Trek 710 with 12-speed Suntour from 1981 (gifted)
Torker Unicycle (cannibalized)
Moto Guzzi California Special (sold)
Kawasaki Vulcan (sold)
Yamaha FZR600 (sold)


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Contributions, an incomplete list[edit]

First edit on 14 May 2006 at 21:34

Articles I've worked on include (some may be listed in more than one section):

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Images uploaded so far 139 (132 cur, 7 old)

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Places I've visited[edit]

Flag of the United States.svg United States Flag of Canada.svg Canada

Flag of Costa Rica.svg Costa Rica Flag of Mexico.svg Mexico Flag of Nicaragua.svg Nicaragua Flag of Panama.svg Panama Flag of El Salvador.svg El Salvador

Flag of the Bahamas.svg Bahamas Flag of Cuba.svg Cuba Flag of Jamaica.svg Jamaica Flag of France.svg Martinique Flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis.svg Saint Kitts and Nevis Flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.svg Saint Vincent

Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia Flag of Ecuador.svg Ecuador Flag of Peru.svg Peru

Flag of Austria.svg Austria Flag of Belgium.svg Belgium Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark Flag of England.svg England Flag of France.svg France Flag of Germany.svg Germany Flag of Iceland.svg Iceland Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland Flag of Italy.svg Italy Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands Flag of Norway.svg Norway Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal Flag of Spain.svg Spain Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland Flag of the Vatican City.svg Vatican City

Flag of Albania.svg Albania Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech Republic Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary Flag of Montenegro.svg Montenegro Flag of Poland.svg Poland Flag of Russia.svg Russia Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine

Flag of Kenya.svg Kenya Flag of Malawi.svg Malawi Flag of Tanzania.svg Tanzania Flag of Tunisia.svg Tunisia Flag of Uganda.svg Uganda

Flag of Australia.svg Australia Flag of Cambodia.svg Cambodia Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg China Flag of Hong Kong.svg Hong Kong Flag of India.svg India Flag of Japan.svg Japan Flag of Laos.svg Laos Flag of Malaysia.svg Malaysia Flag of Mongolia.svg Mongolia Flag of Nepal.svg Nepal Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand Flag of Vietnam.svg Vietnam

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