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Webroot Internet Security Complete
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Developer(s)Webroot Software
Stable release / 12/15/2010
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows

Webroot Internet Security Complete is a computer security software program for Microsoft Windows users that combine SaaS cloud protection with traditional antivirus and antispyware desktop technologies. Built into the suite is a two-way firewall, 10GB of online backup and file sharing capabilities, a registry cleaner, email antispam, secure browsing, anti-phishing and a password management service.[1] The suite was initially released on July 26, 2010 as the 2011 version of the product.[2]


The product received many positive comments from reviewers for its intuitive easy-to-use interface.[3] Initial reviews of the product praised the program for having a solid core feature set including real-time protection Shields, a firewall that automatically filters network traffic according to pre-selected profiles, and browsing protection that provides ratings for links in your search results. Reviews also praise the extensive features set for identity and privacy protection and the updated, easy-to-use user interface.[4]

Additional reviews commended the ‘Sync and Share’ features, namely the file synchronization and sharing abilities as well as the added benefit of the integrated password management tools.[5]

The product has been said by reviewers to have a “noisy firewall” that has regular pop-ups requiring the user's action. Criticisms also include comments on the limited capacity of the antispam component only having compatibility with Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express which limits the number of consumers that can utilize this feature.[6]

The program is heavily criticized for not including parental controls in the feature set which is commonly included in security suites of this type from competitors.[7]

Product details[edit]


Webroot Internet Security Complete comes with the same feature set as Webroot Internet Security Essentials with additional personal privacy and protection features including a password management tool, 8GB of additional online storage space and credit card monitoring/ identity theft prevention service for US based customers.

The password management tool licensed from LastPass and is designed to store login information such as usernames and passwords as well as personal information used in common forms such as name, birth date, user name, address, email address, phone number, credit card details, bank account information and more in a secure encrypted online portal. A master password is used to gain access to all of the stored information. Access can be gained using the Webroot toolbar, by visiting a saved site or by logging into your Webroot account. User's who are using another password-management application can import data from that application into the Webroot software using either the Webroot Portal or from the Webroot toolbar.[8]

The additional identity features for US customers only include identity theft protection monitoring services by TrustedID.[9] This comes with fraud alerts and free annual credit reports. There is also a "$1,000,000 service warranty" that covers lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses, and legal defense fees that occur as a result of identity theft.

Malware detection and removal[edit]

PC Magazine tests of the product's malware detection rates found that it blocked 90% of undeniable spam and blocked .8% of legitimate emails.

The suite had an overall malware detection rate of 83% giving it a total score of 7.0 out of 10. It detected 100% of rootkits, 93% of keyloggers and 89% of scareware. The suite had an overall malware blocking rate of 91% with an overall score of 9.0 out of 10. It detected 100% of commercial keyloggers and rootkits and 89% blocking rate on scareware.

The secure browsing feature in the software blocked a total of 84% of harmful URLs.[10]

Webroot mistakenly flagged core Windows system files as malicious and even started temporarily removing some of the legit files, trashing user computers around the world.[11]

System impact[edit]

With the software installed tests from PC Mag found an 18% increase on total system boot time and a 19% increase in load time of web pages. With the antispam component turned on load time of email retrieval was slowed by 2.7 times.
When copying and moving a large collection of files between disks Webroot added 1% to the total task time. The task of zipping and unzipping a large group of files took 24% longer with Webroot installed than without it. Installing and uninstalling a number of large Windows Installer packages had an increased task time of adding 35% with the Webroot software installed.[12]

In another review the system impact was measured based on two components using PCMark. First, the overall system performance measured which was reported ad being less than 3% overall impact on performance as well as the time it took to perform a full system scan which was reported as taking one hour to scan a hard drive containing 140GB of data.[13]

Certifications and awards[edit]

The software has received an International Computer Security Association certification for Desktop/Server Anti-Virus Detection and Anti-Virus cleaning for both Windows 32 and 64 bit.[14] Webroot Internet Security Complete received the Virus Bulletin December 2010 AntiVirus certification for Windows 7.[15] UK review site awarded the product the “IT Reviews Recommended” award after reviewing the product's feature set and price.[16] It received a 2011 Bronze award from software review site TopTenReviews.[17] Computeractive gave it a “Buy it now” rating with a 5 out of 5 star review.[18]

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