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Yeongi County (Yeongi-gun) was a county in South Chungcheong Province, South Korea now part of Sejong.

Jochiwon is the main city within Yeongi. Jochiwon, as of 2011, has a large foreign community of native English speakers considering its rather small size and population. This is due to the existence of two major universities: Hong-ik University and Korea University Korea University Sejong Campus, both satellite campuses. In addition to the universities there are many public schools.

Many of the foreign teachers that work in Jochiwon live in the Chim-san-ri neighborhood where you will find numerous restaurants, mini-markets, bars, karaoke room businesses, batting cages and other games, Internet cafes, apartments, bakery, market and a park. The estimated native English foreigner contingency are 50.

Jochiwon is centrally located on Korail's Janghang line. It's a 90 minute ride on from Mugunghwa-ho to Seoul and trains run approximately every 30 minutes. Also just outside of Jochiwon city limits is the very small of city of Osong that has a new KTX station Osong Station which is a KTX bullet train that frequently travels 300 km/h.

Jochiwon is conveniently located between three major Korean cities: Daejeon, Cheonan and Cheongju. Each offers access to creature comforts (Western chain restaurants and shopping) that cannot be found in Jochiwon.

Yeongi County was abolished as this area was incorporated into Sejong City as of 1 July 2012.

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