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The Public Utilities Commission of the State of Colorado (PUC) provides regulatory oversight of public utilities in the State of Colorado of the United States.[1]

The Colorado PUC consists of three commissioners appointed by the Governor of Colorado and confirmed by the Colorado State Senate. The incumbent commissioners are:

  • Joshua B. Epel, Chairman[2] 2011-2015
  • James K. Tarpey, Commissioner[3] 2008-2017
  • Pamela J. Patton, Commissioner[4] 2012-2016

Fixed utilities regulated by the Colorado PUC include electric power utilities, natural gas utilities, intrastate natural gas pipelines, district heating utilities, drinking water utilities, and telecommunications utilities.[5]

Transportation utilities regulated by the Colorado PUC include railroads, taxis, limousines, shuttles, charters, and sightseeing carriers.[5]

The Public Utilities Commission is an independent constitutional commission which operates within the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA).[5] The Commission is located at 1560 Broadway Suite 250, Denver, Colorado 80202-5143.

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