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Fyedka (a diminutive of the Russian name Fyodor) is a character in the musical Fiddler on the Roof, set in a Russian village in 1905, where Pogroms are beginning. He is the young Christian man whom Chava falls in love with and becomes her husband by the end of the story. They meet in Motel's Tailor Shop when Fyedka intervenes in the tormenting of Chava by his friends (in the film version, this happens on a road through fields near the village). He offers to loan Chava a book, and a secret relationship begins between them.

Yente, the village matchmaker, tells Chava's sister, Tzeitel, that she saw Chava and Fyedka together and that "it wasn't the first time". Though the audience only sees them together three times, they fall in love. In defiance of the Jewish customs of the day, Chava asks her father, Tevye, for permission to marry Fyedka. Tevye wrestles with his strong belief in the Jewish tradition and with his love for his daughter. He decides he cannot allow his daughter to marry outside the Jewish religion and orders her never to see or talk to Fyedka again. The next day, Chava's mother Golde discovers that Chava and Fyedka were married by the village priest without telling any of her family.

Because of their marriage, Chava is disowned by her father. Chava and Fyedka come to say goodbye to her family after the Russian constable tells the Jews to leave the village. Fyedka says that he and Chava will also leave the village in solidarity with the Jewish inhabitants. Tevye sees them when Chava hugs her mother, Golde, but he ignores his daughter. Realizing that this may be their last meeting, Tevye prompts Tzeitel to say to them "God be with you".

Fyedka was first played by Joe Ponazecki in the original Broadway cast and by David Ayers in the 2004 Broadway revival. The character was played by Ray Lovelock in the film adaptation.